Reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating

reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating

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The aim is to characterize the digital tool and situate it in the current Communication system, identifying its tensions and cohesions with the mass Media. The following section clarifies the cross section of analysis and the methodology used for the case study. The last section will be dedicated to presenting the empirical data gathered from videos, subjecting them to statistical analysis and accompanying them with the respective qualitative analysis.

The trajectory of YouTube and the Media There are websites on the internet offering a great variety of video-graphic contents2. The choice of YouTube for this research was based on the hegemonic position this site holds at the moment in the global and national spheres alike; it is the most popular site for posting and exhibiting videos and is among the 10 most accessed sites in Brazil and the world at large3.

From the outset the website aimed at providing an opportunity for the expression of independent, individual and collective content, avoiding the barriers and filters so typical of the former audio-visual Media like television and cinema.

There are others that produce transmissions in streaming, such as Ustream. Their project gained fame rapidly with a growing volume of users posting and watching videos, creating their own channels and sharing their experiences socially. In less than a decade the website has become an important channel for video-graphic expression and interaction with a broad spectrum of users.

Because of its wide outreach and the dynamics of social networks the videos have come to reflect individual and collective reactions5 to questions with strong repercussions on the general public, especially those that lend themselves to representation in video form.

Reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating

Although it constitutes an innovation in the way video- graphic material is consumed, as compared to television for example, YouTube needs to be addressed in a manner that transcends the usual collocation of old Media versus new Media. That is the result of its gradual appropriation on the part of organizations in the corporate sector and other institutions that use this medium for marketing and advertising their products and also due to the activities of ordinary users who, on their own initiative, record, publish and share industrial productions such as TV programs, news broadcasts, cinematographic productions and others.

On the other hand, this kind of appropriation whereby the users upload mass Media videos has led to the appearance of a new kind of agent located in the space between those that watch videos on YouTube and the big Media companies: Simply put, archival work implies two jobs: In the case of YouTube, the former is largely done at no charge by the users of YouTube.

They are, essentially, the curators of storage and classification. The latter, 5 They may be in the form of individual posts, or collective interaction and sharing, or comments or other means. These are curators of display and exhibition. That would make the supposedly democratic and participative openness of YouTube and other initiatives — like the Participative Journalism in the sphere of the Web 2. If we take a closer look at the circulation of information about facts and events — with an emphasis on journalistic activity — digital tools like YouTube are neither replacing nor threatening the big Media sector.

reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating

In fact they are altering its dynamics and opening up new fronts of analysis because they have made the contemporary Communication process far more complex: Video sites like YouTube give news organizations the opportunity to reach audiences through a secondary market of mouse clicks and forwarded e-mails, and viewers of news are now part of the distribution chain. The ability to tease out the motivations for that activity can play a part in identifying opinion leaders in the social networking spaces who will be attractive for media companies to know.

reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating

In that respect, relatively traditional themes in the field of Communication like agenda setting and gatekeeper, for example, gain new facets for discussion. It means that in addition to the gatekeeper function editors, journalists, information producers etc. That is why it is so important, in the case of this system of communicative mediation, to understand the characteristics of those active users that post videos and their relation with their associated social networks.

Corpus of the analysis and methodological parameters The case study presented in this article specifically sets out to analyze the characteristics of the way its users appropriated YouTube to focus on the theme of a major event with big public repercussions. The event was scheduled to take place on November 28, and was designed to capture members of drug gangs and to break up the criminal organization that dominated the region and was held to be responsible for the recent outbreaks of violence.

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From the moment the troops gathered at the entrance to the Complexo and the police and military entered the favelas, the event became the main item on Communication Media agendas throughout the country with live broadcast coverage typical of a big Media event. It was pre-announced, took place in a big urban center, with strong almost spectacular visual appeal that was sure to keep it in the public eye; all those aspects made it capable of generating a huge volume of recorded images, video testimony, live action videos, parodies, etc.

The study was based on a corpus that consisted of videos exhibited in the period from November 28, to January 22, Thus they correspond to a representative sample of the contents broadcast on those events. To obtain the sample for analysis the following procedure was adopted; three screenings were made of the raw results obtained by the search engine.

The first consisted of screening out those with repeated addresses URLs. They had been pulled in by the search engine because of a coincidence in the tags7. Once the corpus of the analysis had been defined, an electronic spread sheet was used to register the information extracted from each video.

This was done in the period from February 1 to 7, Number of comments Number of videos posted sent in Most recent YouTube activity This was based on a prior empirical prospection designed to identify the most recurrent categories applicable to this case. They are as follows: To be classified in this category the video must have at least some part of it reproducing the original sound and images of the replication; d Message — when the video carries written phrases superimposed on the images; e Musical-clip — in this type of narrative the moving images are associated to a musical sound track; f Musical-slides — here a series of static images is associated to a musical sound track;8 g Eye-witness — the video was recorded at the moment the scenes it shows or other material closely related to them were unfolding so that it reproduces what the person filming them actually saw; h Parody — when the video uses already existing images and produces a parody by dubbing sound over them or a musical soundtrack; i Testimony — when someone facing the camera gives their account or opinion about something as if they were talking to the video spectator.

It must be stated that the videos were not necessarily classified in a single category as some of them could be classified in more than one. Thus the idea of the categories is not to classify the rate of occurrence of closed categories but rather to identify the most frequently occurring narrative forms in the sample.

In other words in this latter case it is merely a collage of images in a new narrative — a musical clip if the images are in movement and as musical- slides if the images are static. Graph 1 shows that the great majority of postings was concentrated in the first three days following the event, accounting for Figure 1 — Videos posted by days of the week Source: Silva and Mundim — YouTube It can be seen that the intensity of posting is clearly linked to the heat of the event unfolding.

Those percentages would be even higher if we were to take into account the musical-clip and musical-slides narratives that make use of Media contents in their production even though they are fragmentary selections edited by the YouTube user.

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Figure 2 — Narrative categories identified Source: Silva and Mundim — YouTube 9 Integral in this case means the original sound and images without any editing even though they may be just short fragments of a report, for example. Graph 3 shows that the videos with a journalistic format were exhibitedtimes during the period under analysis; a far higher number than that achieved by any other category.

In the aspect of comments, it was, once more, the journalistic category that registered the highest numbers; in second place in this aspect came the testimony category. The videos that received the smallest numbers of comments were the message, parody and didactic categories see Graph 3: Figure 3 — Total views and maximum numbers of comments Source: Silva and Mundim — YouTube Graph 4 shows that of the journalistic narrative-type videos 11 That is why N, in Graph 4, is and not On average those individuals who have most posted videos since they established their You Tube profiles are precisely the ones who most tend to post videos in the journalistic narrative category.

The growth in the number of views was accompanied by a growth in the number of comments. It was no mere coincidence that in spite of the journalistic videos being the ones that aroused the greatest numbers of comments in absolute terms or that have at least one comment registered, they are not the most commented videos in proportional terms. Apart from the number of comments, the relation of interactivity with the user profile that posted a video can be measured by the numbers of the buttons expressing approval or disapproval of the video that are clicked on.

Not everyone that watches a video necessarily comments on it or reacts and so the activation of those buttons means that the viewer was in some way affected by the content displayed. The values attributed to r range from -1 to 1.

The nearer the value obtained is to 1 the greater the degree of association in which case, when one variable increases the other accompanies it and increases too.

The nearer the value obtained in the test is to -1 the more the two variables vary in opposite directions, that is, if one increases, the other decreases.

reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating

The closer the value is to 0 the less likelihood there is of any correlation existing between the variables in question. It must be remembered that no kind of causality is implicit in such relations when they are detected. The eye-witness videos are the ones that receive the most clicks of approval clicking on the thumbs up icon because they are personalized visions of the event and not just replication of material already broadcast by other Media.

Thus the case study in question shows that any supposition that the social network attached to the profile represented by the occurrence of comments makes a difference to the interaction because of the closer links it represents can be discarded. If the result is a few thousand years, that would periodiatico evidence for an accelerated decay rate and the Biblical timescale. The most reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating scholars, scientists and philosophers dedicated their lives to defining the rules of the universe we live in.

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Genero periodistico yahoo dating

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reportaje periodistico ejemplo yahoo dating

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