Que es suposicion yahoo dating

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que es suposicion yahoo dating

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que es suposicion yahoo dating

Your job as a founder is to quickly validate whether the model is correct by seeing if customers behave as your model predicts. The Customer Development process is the way startups quickly iterate and test each element of their business model.

Agile Development is the way startups quickly iterate their product as they learn. This methodology does for startups what the Toyota Lean Production System did for cars. A business plan is useful place for you to collect your hypotheses about your business, sales, marketing, customers, market size, etc.

Your investors make you write one, but they never read it. A Business Model is how all the pieces in your business plan interconnect. The Pivot How do you know your business model is the right one? When revenue, users, traffic, etc. Most startups change their business model at least once if not several times. How do you know when reached the one to scale?

Steve Blank What’s A Startup? First Principles.

More in future posts. Lessons Learned A startup is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. The goal of your early business model can be revenue, or profits, or users, or click-throughs — whatever you and your investors have agreed upon.

Customer and Agile Development is the way for startups to quickly iterate and test their hypotheses about their business model Most startups change their business model multiple times.

Conservation measures such as monitoring of the otter population and interviewing locals should be done regularly and restrictions on sand mining, oil spills from shipping and snaring should be imposed along Tropeang Roung River.

Hairy-nosed otter Lutra sumatranaEurasian otter Lutra lutraSmooth-coated otter Lutrogale perspicillata and Asian small-clawed otter Aonyx cinerea. The smooth-coated otter is considered to be Vulnerable due to an inferred future population decline caused by habitat loss and exploitation Hussain et al.

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The current rates of decline are expected to continue and further threaten this species. In its entire range, the hairy nosed otter is under increasing pressure due to high levels of poaching Hussain et al. There is concern about what is happening in parts of its range in Asia due to increasing habitat loss and poaching Ruiz-Olmo et al.

Based on Poole's records, there were two species of otters with definite location records from Cambodia, the smooth-coated otter and the hairy-nosed otter. However, recent information show that three species of otters are now confirmed to exist in Cambodia: The hairy-nosed otter is a medium-sized otter, around 1. The paws are fully webbed with well-developed claws. The fur is dark brown above, slightly paler underneath with a contrasting pale chin and upper lip.

The whole nasal area rhinarium is covered in short, dark fur Wright et al The hairy-nosed otter has limited distribution range. In Thailand, they are found in the Toa Daeng peat swamp forests, and also near the mouth of the Bang Nara River, which is low lying and tidal. In Viet Nam, the species have been reported from low lying peat swamp forests dominated by Melaleuca cajuputi in lower Mekong.

In Cambodia, the species mainly live around the Tonle Sap Lake where the otters live mainly in the flooded forest and scrub surrounding the lake.

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Like many predators the hairy-nosed otter occurs in low density and the number and frequency of sightings are very few. In recent years, the tropical peat swamp forests have been under severe threat due to fire and other anthropogenic activities such as plantations for oil palm, production of food crops such as rice, corn and soyabean, and fish farming. In Viet Nam, the entire Mekong Delta has been converted into rice fields, reducing the habitat of otters and other wildlife species to a few parks.

This has affected the surrounding environment and its biodiversity. In Indonesia, over the last 20 years, the ecosystem has been reduced from almost 30 million hectares to only about 15 million hectares, and most of what remains has already been logged selectively.

Such levels of habitat modification have profound effects on the native biodiversity. All over its range, the hairy-nosed otter is under increasing pressure due to intensive poaching. In Cambodia, around the Tonle Sap Lake, poaching of otters and other wildlife is common practice. In Viet Nam otters are hunted for illegal wildlife trade, as well as for meat and medical use.

These problems also occur in other countries of its range Hussain et al. The smooth-coated otter is a large 7—11 kg otter characterized by a very smooth, sleek pelage. Color varies from dark to reddish brown, with the undersides slightly lighter.

The belly is noticeably paler Kanchansaka, The upper lip, cheeks, sides of neck, and throat are whitish or gray. The tail is flattened dorsoventrally, with a distinct lateral keel distally. The eyes and ears are small. The limbs are short, strong, with broad feet. All feet are fully webbed Yeen and Serge This species is considered to be vulnerable due to a projected future population decline as a response to habitat loss and exploitation. The smooth-coated otter is essentially an otter of lowlands and floodplains.

que es suposicion yahoo dating

Major threats to the population are loss of wetland habitats due to construction of large-scale hydroelectric projects, reclamation of wetlands for settlements and agriculture, reductions in prey biomass as well as, poaching and contamination of waterways by pesticides Hussain et al.

The small-clawed otter is the smallest otter in the world kg.

que es suposicion yahoo dating

The male is bigger than the female. The coat color is grayish brown. The color on the belly is lighter than on the sides of the body and on the back.

However, the coat color changes from season to season. There is a periosteum between part of the toes, as such, their toes are free for movement, which is different from the other three species of the region. The nails are very short in adults. The juvenile small-clawed otters have long and curved nails, but they fall off when they become 5 weeks old. The small-clawed otters have tactile sensitivity on the front legs, this helps them to hunt efficiently, even in murky water, which is different from the big otters who use eyesight in hunting Kanchansaka et al.