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In fact, the artist writes about his personal interactions with the vast culture in which he lives. Santong Paspasan literally Saintly Rush, but figuratively to carry out an objective, especially a wrongdoing, rashlya poem of Jose Lacaba describing the rape of a beautiful woman by the scion of a public official, vividly records what the author considers to be the most debasing ills of later 20th-century Philippine society.

And since culture is recorded in history, the link between literature and history becomes obvious. Greenblatt has this position unequivocally stated in the opening line above. The subjects and themes people of one country opt to write about, and the patterns and structures they pick to package their messages are dictated by culture. And since culture changes with time, so also do the choices of people in expressing themselves through the literary arts. Thus, genres come and go not as a case of fad and popularity but as an expression of the collective thoughts, emotions and experiences of a cultural group.

In the Philippines, the development of literary forms is anchored on the major historical-cultural developments outlined in the succeeding discussions.

Historical researches in the latter part of the 20th century revealed that literary development in the Philippines dates back to pre-Spanish colonization. Interestingly, the literary types and features during this period are similar to early traditions in other cultures and regions. It is known as tigmo in Cebuano, paktakon in Ilongo, patototdon in Bicol, Godinez-Ortega 1burburtia in Ilocano, and bonikew in Pangasinan.

Similar to the bugtong, the proverb is a short verse in a rhyme, usually a couplet, which was created to teach a lesson, state a societal norm, or offer tidbits of wisdom. Monorime or Monorhyme refers to a poem which has every two lines with an identical rhyme or all the lines with the same end rhyme.

An example of a monoriming heptasyllabic quatrain, the tanaga is an extended form of the proverb expressing its message with intense emotion. The Filipino is a lover of the lyric and these verses during pre-colonial times were enjoyed in melodious tones. The words are original and unique for each singer.

Literary and Cultural Texts and Traditions

This is known as ili-ili in Ilongo and duwayya in Ilokano. This Mangyan song depicts human relationships and social entertainment and serves as a tool for teaching the young.

The rural folks being serious in their everyday chores, they had songs for practically all important occasions such as rice planting, harvesting, drying the rice on the stalk, and pounding rice grains in the husk. Documented samples include the kalusan of the Ivatans, soliranin which is a Tagalog rowing song, and mambayu or Kalinga rice-pounding song. This is a Cebuana and Waray drinking song. These are the dirges and lamentations celebrating the life and praising the deeds of the dead.

This is a type of folk narrative among the Tausug of Mindanao, focusing on the heroic feat of their legendary heroes.

This was a verbal joust or a poetical game during wakes. It is the forerunner of balagtasan.

Literary and Cultural Texts and Traditions

Interestingly, some authors classify it as a folk song. These came in four popular forms, namely: Literature under Spanish Rule Spain conquered the Philippines using the sword and the cross. Not only did the locals surrender their political sovereignty to the conqueror; in the main, they also embraced the religious beliefs, principles and values of Catholicism.

So did the content and form of their literature. It might have been inevitable that the ways of the colonizers flowed spontaneously into the societal stream.

Historia Formação das Monarquias Nacionais Finalizado

It is a fact, however, that some of our own people deliberately traded their indigenous traditions with the ways of the colonizers. This, too, is evident in the literature of the period.

Works exuded a strong patriotic tone and a deep personal feeling. Reforms in other aspects of life eventually became a recurrent theme across all genres. Like the epic, it was sung to a melody set by local tradition. Later, it became a special Lenten piece, sang or recited during the Holy Thursday and Good Friday vigil. This play in verse, which depicted European folkways and mores, had plots centered on the exploits of Christian warriors from a high social class or of the love adventures of Muslims and Christians, ending with the conversion of the non-Christian to the Christian faith and his surrender to the power of the Spanish ruler.

A march was played to mark the entrance and the exit of characters. It was presented in two or three parts on consecutive days usually coinciding with the celebration of the patronal feast. Both were orally circulated. This is how the more popular compositions reached a wide audience and got to the consciousness of the masses. This was widely used to expound on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, on the one hand, and to propel the Propaganda Movement and other nationalistic endeavors, on the other hand.

Poetry took on a patriotic slant especially during the last century of Spanish rule. That Spain bowed out of Philippine territory at the threshold of the 20th century was a victory not by and of the Filipinos but of a new power. The curtain dropped for Spain only to be raised for the United States of America. The change of hands in political domination yet again ushered in a different breath of air, politico-economic structure, societal norms and standards, and an almost entirely new cultural orientation.

The response of the Filipino masses became evident in their literary writings. Spanish remained in use but the best works during this period were written in English. This gave the viewing public a sense of pride in their own traditions and culture. Eventually, sarsuwela took the place of the komedya in the urban areas while the latter gained strong acceptance among the masses in the rural areas.

Themes ranged from politics to romance. This is the loftiest aspiration and the ultimate ambition of a people whose existence is defined by a common tradition. It was a dream doggedly pursued by the Filipino nation during the four centuries of foreign domination. When finally it was attained, it engendered unbounded exultation, fresh hopes, renewed vibrance, and an inspiration to attain further stability. But also along the way, its tenacity is being challenged in no uncertain terms.

This period may be divided into two: The search for identity marked the literary works of this period even as it witnessed the rise to fame of writers who dared to experiment with their craft and to infuse existential thoughts and American principles and ideas.

The latter years of this period were accented by a growing militancy against the Marcos dictatorship. There is a strong stimulus for reading and writing in Filipino and in the local languages [vernacular] in the last two decades.

It is gratifying to note that the strongest stimulus is coming from the national government through the mandated inclusion of the study of local literatures in higher education and the implementation of the multi-language education [MLE] policy in basic education. This literary orientation redirected writing away from classical traditions exemplified by Propaganda and Revolution literature toward a standard that placed focus on the crafting of the work and its effectiveness.

This militancy, although now markedly toned down, has continued to the present. The poet employs rimes although he tends to engage the reader in conversation.

In the hands of this poet, Tagalog poetry reached a higher plane with his skill in combining the traditional and the avant-garde. Which of the following statements are true about literature, culture, and history based on the readings above? Put a check mark before the sentence. Certain forms of literature can express emotions and ideas more meaningfully than others.

Literature, history and culture are at their best as isolated entities. Literary genres develop on their own independent of external forces. Earlier forms of literature are more expressive of cultural traditions than later genres. Understanding Philippine history is a must for the literary mind venturing into writing but is merely an option for one engaging in reading. The epic represents the remote history of Philippine culture and strictly belongs to ancient literary tradition.

Bugtong and salawikain may be classified as parallel creations except in terms of: The folk songs of old reveal the following about the typical Filipino except: Which of the following pre-colonial literary characteristics is uniquely Filipino? The oral media b. Repetition and stereotyping of characters c.

Community life as subject d. None of the above e. All of the above 6. The uniqueness of the pasyon in the 18th century literary strait lies in its: Awit and korido became popular because: The rise of the novel and the critical essay as popular genres during the U S colonial period was a response to: All of the above 27 The advent of the New Criticism was a positive turning point in Philippine literature because: Such identity as national literature is shown in: The birth of a new tradition in Tagalog poetry was a result of: Study the following excerpt [Stanzas 5 — 9] from Ibong Adarna, an example of korido.

Then, from the list of sentences after the excerpt, check every item that is supported expressly or implicitly by the excerpt. Noong mga unang araw sang-ayon sa kasaysayan, sa Berbanyang kaharian Ay may Haring hinangaan. In the olden days according to history, in the kingdom of Berbenia There was a King who was admired.

During his reign The kingdom prospered, Noble and poor Received what was due him. Every decree Was put in effect only, After he had carefully thought about it.

So every mistake, Before it is handed penalty Is judged based on the standards of on its righteousness. The name of this King is felicitous Don Fernando, who, among other kings, is regarded as a gentleman. Every stanza of the Tagalog text is a perfect monoriming octosyllabic verse.

The excerpt reveals the setting, characterization, point of view, and theme of the narrative. The literary piece has strong political undertones. Versification the making of verses based on phonetic structures and characterization development of character strongly reveal the folkloric nature of the text. Inspiration from Spanish ballads is evident in the text. The following is an excerpt from one poem written during the period [].

Antonio- [On the Death of a Newsboy] Hindi na siya maaaring ibangon Ng mga pahinang naging pananggalang Sa kahubdan at matinding gutom. He can be raised no more By the pages which have spared him From nakedness and intense hunger. Maaari lamang siyang takpan ng mga iyon, At ipagsanggalang sa mga langaw, Sa huling pagkakataon.

Sapagkat musmos siyang nawalan ng pulso, He can only be covered by these, And spared from the flies, For the last time. Because he lost his life at a young age. On the space full of advertisements-Newsboy victim of reckless driver, His head rolling like loose change a coin.

All of the above What theme is most evident in the poem above? The mass media is a potent vehicle for change. Newspaper peddling is a curse to young boys.

Poverty has resulted to juvenile employment. One strong assumption behind the poem of Antonio is: Children are not encouraged enough to attend school.

Some parents pass on their critical responsibilities to their children. Government is lax in the implementation of penalties on law violators. Newspapers are crucial in a democratic society. Read carefully the following poem written by Jose Garcia Villa. No more moves The mouth of her. Birds No more sing. Words I speak return lonely. Flowers I pick turn ghostly. Fire that I burn glows Pale.

No more blows The wind. Time tells No more truths. Bells Ring no more in me. I am all alone singly. Lonely rests my head. Deviation from the traditionally patterned and rhymed verses.

Focus on existential concerns Literature as a vehicle for personal thoughts and feelings a and b All of the above 30 III. Coined in the simple vernacular expression of the time, it dealt with human passion, with human needs expressed in the light of human experience. It breathed the tropical air of their homeland, and was filled with the aroma of the mango blossoms and blooming rice fields. It was the embodiment of their native pinipig—the land where vegetation is perennially green and where life is as easy as a song—el dolce far niente.

The certainty of this statement is borne out by studies on the prehistoric period of the Philippines appearing in the latter decades of the 20th century. These researches have likewise provided a categorical basis in determining the nature, purpose, and form of pre-colonial Philippine literature. Authorship was open to anybody who could spontaneously weave a verse, song, or story.

And since there were no restrictions or prescribed norms on themes and structures, everyone was a potential creator, and ownership of works was communal. Like its counterpart in other cultures, pre-colonial literature was mostly didactic. It was also a means for self-expression and a form of individual and social entertainment.

The songs they sang, and the riddles, sayings, and stories they wove and passed on reveal how they lived and what they treasured and feared the most-- the socio-politico-economic organization of their time, their regular chores, the safety and peril of their surroundings, the religion they practiced, and the battles they fought and won or lost.

Most importantly, these writings disclose the authentic fabric that makes up the warp and woof of the pre-colonial Filipino—hardworking, adventurous, resourceful, inventive, with a pronounced deference to an all-powerful being. These folks earned their living primarily by fishing. Those who chose to live in the interior made a living by farming and hunting.

They believed in the existence of demigods, pyxies, dryads, hobgoblins, phantoms, witches, ghosts, and sprites. He is a very tall guy, taller than twice the size of two ordinary men, who smokes a cigar and shoots smoke and light from his eyes. He is believed to go to churches late in the evening, smoke the whole night, and take his flight in departure very early the following morning.

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This monarquias nacionais yahoo dating experienec is the Kissing Game. This retable is his finest work. Init was the site of the signing of the controversial Convention of Sintra, which ended the first French invasion of Portugal.

The history of the Sintra Palace goes back to the times of Islamic domination, when Sintra had two different castles. One of them, located on top of a hill overlooking Sintra is the so-called Castle of the Moors Castelo dos Mouroswhich is now a romantic ruin.

The other, located downhill, was the residence of the Moorish rulers of the region. It first historical reference appeared in the 10th century by the Arab geographer Al-Bacr. In the 12th century, when the village was conquered by King Afonso Henriques, the King took the residence in his possession.

The mixture of Gothic, Manueline and Moorish styles in the present palace is, however, mainly the result of building campaigns in the 15th and early 16th centuries. Nothing built during Moorish rule or during the reign of the first Portuguese kings survives.

The earliest surviving part of the palace is the Royal Chapel, possibly built during the reign of King Dinis I in the early 14th century. Much of the palace dates from the times of King John I, who sponsored a major building campaign starting around The Swann's Room Sala dos Cisnes in Manueline style, named so because of the swans painted on the ceiling.

Pegas' Room Sala das Pegas ; the magpies pegas painted on the ceiling and the frieze hold the emblem por bem for honour in their beaks.