Estructura cloroplasto yahoo dating


estructura cloroplasto yahoo dating

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In the present report, a consistent hypothesis about the nature of Ambigua is provided. International Nuclear Information System INIS This monograph deals with assessment of radiological health effects of the Chernobyl accident for emergency workers part 1 and the population of the contaminated areas in Russia part 2.

The Chernobyl emergency workers and people living in the contaminated areas of Russia received much lower doses than the population of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and it was unclear whether risks of radiation-induced cancers derived with the Japanese data could be extrapolated to the low dose range However, it was predicted as early as in that the thyroid cancer incidence might be increasing due to incorporated irradiation.

What conclusions can be drawn from regarding cancer incidence among emergency workers and residents of the contaminated areas in Russia and the role of the radiation factor on the basis of the registry data?

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Leukemia incidence is known to be one of principal indications of radiation effects. The radiation risk for leukemias is times higher that for solid cancers and its latent period is estimated to be years after exposure. Results of the radiation epidemiological studies discussed in this book show that in the worst contaminated Bryansk region the leukemia incidence rate is not higher than in the country in general.

Even though some evidence exists for the dose response relationship, the radiation risks appear to be not statistically significant.

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Since risks of leukemia are known to be higher for those who were children at exposure, long-term epidemiological studies need to be continued. The study of leukemias among emergency workers strongly suggest the existence of dose response relationship.

estructura cloroplasto yahoo dating

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estructura cloroplasto yahoo dating

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