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Since the refugee crisis started inthe EU Member States have received about 2 millions refugees.

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More than 1 million have arrived in and another million are expected in because of the persisiting conflicts. Responding to the unprecendented flows of migrants into Europe is urgent. A stronger cooperation among member states is the only solution to the extraordinary flows of refugees arriving in the EU, which have led some Member States to close their borders, putting at risk the Schengen acquis. Schengen is one of the most tangible achievements of the benefits of European integration for citizens and companies.

Damaging or breaking the Schengen area will seriously disrupt value chains and will ultimately destroy jobs and reduce wealth. Adequate financial means are necessary to allow Frontex to play its role, while ensuring that international protection is available to those who are in need for it, according to the EU Treaties and to international law.

Fogva tartva online dating

Integration of asylum-seekers and refugees in the labour market is essential. In a number of member states, the workforce is starting to shrink. Many unfilled vacancies, in both qualified and unqualified functions, co-exist with high unemployment throughout Europe. This undermines our overall future growth prospects. Besides necessary measures to make better use of our labour markets and to improve intra-EU mobility, legal migration from third countries is part of the answer to ensure our future prosperity and overcome demographic change challenges.

It is in our interest to ensure that people from around the world who have skills needed on our labour markets regard Europe as an attractive destination to study, live in and work legally.

Integrating people rightly staying in Europe in training, employment and society in general is crucial. The organisation of integration courses, housing, language learning classes and other education and training measures is a responsibility of public authorities and society as a whole. However, economic and social partners are taking a large number of initiatives to contribute to this. The issue of assessment, testing and screening of skills and competences is a cornerstone of a revitalised policy for labour market inclusion of asylum-seekers and refugees in Europe.

It is crucial to increase capacities of all players within the integration chain to help validation of skills and skill matching; this exercise has to be tailored to the specific conditions of people who could not plan their migration project. The different layers of integration paths language learning, civic education, social assistance, balance of competences, labour market activism are not always well integrated and do not work in synergy.

This is an impediment for smooth and right-based inclusion in the labour market.

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To foster a better integration and fair participation in the labour market is the only way to build solidarity and social cohesion and prevent further social unrest and rejection of refugees and migrant populations. European economic and social partners underline: Employer organisations in the public and private sectors, chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of skilled crafts, and trade unions, as well as other actors, have an important role to play and are committed to promote and support the inclusion of refugees into work and society.

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