I got ip banned from roblox for dating

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i got ip banned from roblox for dating

Nov 12, Different people have different perspectives on issues. Being unable to understand However, this is not the place to look for dating partners. Certain minor violations will result in a warning or temporary ban. More serious. Don't excessively use bad words. Most Robloxians use cuss words, but remember that Roblox is for people of the ages +. There are little kids playing, too. So today we saw that many games got reviewed, especially ones with It isn't like he has a public fucking IP, just don't use the website, the world such as " Take your date to prom" or some dumb shit that probably lurks But knowing ROBLOX it's probably going to be just one wave of banning games.

Of course you won't be able to ask for 'forgiveness' or plead or anything.

i got ip banned from roblox for dating

I'm sorry, but the only option is to create a new account and be careful hereafter. A "ban" is when a user is locked out of their own game account for a certain amount of time. Usually, bans are placed because of foul language or actions, but rarely are bans placed for the more offensive terms the ROBLOX staff has defined such as cheating.

Many users would usually receive three strikes before becoming banned. Sometimes, the player's actions are so bad they don't get three strikes, but are immediately banned. An in-game ban, however, only restricts the user's access to that specific server, via a script. In-game bans do NOT affect the user's website ban status at all. Ban Levels There are 9 main ban levels.

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This ban reminds the user not to be bad in the community. This will be given a few times for breaking the smaller rules. This one is a more serious reminder, usually given out if the user break a more severe rule or have been given too many reminders. The user gets banned for 1 day. The user gets banned for 3 days.


The user gets banned for 7 days, or one week. You get banned for 14 days two weeks. The user should be advised that breaking any more rules might delete the user's access to their account. This ban disables the user's account from being logged into permenantly. If the user creates a new account and get in trouble after this ban is given once, a poison could occur. A player who is blocked from a game may also be immediately kicked from the server.

This can also happen to any player if a server is locked by an in-game admin or moderator.


Robloxians are unable to view the profiles of deleted accounts. A bug on January 15,gave users access to terminated account profiles. Moderators initially claimed that the bug was a new update. However, Arbolito, a Roblox user, confirmed that this was an error with Roblox's programming and was later nullified. These bans mostly do not interfere with account moderation actions.

There are small chances the actions in the game before the ban may determine if the game moderator or creator will report the user to ROBLOX.

i got ip banned from roblox for dating

These bans restrict an account to access a certain game. In-game ban the old in-game ban using the red banner Forum Purge If a user is subjected to a Forum Purge, all the player's forum posts will be replaced by [ Content Deleted ]. This happens if a user tries to spam on the forums while a moderator is online.

This ban is no longer given as of the December closure of the forum.

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Error 0x1 A user tries playing a game but they get an error saying "Roblox cannot startup. This type of moderation action is no longer given, it might have been replaced with ID Error Code: No account suspension occurs. Reminders typically occur for new users and minor violations of Roblox's Terms of Service. This particular level of "ban" is known to disconnect users from a game they're currently in, This type of ban is no longer given and has been replaced with Warnings.

Warning This moderation action is similar to a reminder. It warns users to follow the Roblox Terms of Service. Warnings occur for slightly more serious violations of the Terms of Service or for repeated reminders.

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As of orthis has replaced reminders, so the reminder offenses merged to the warning offenses. A warning due to unreadable text A warning for copyright The player's account is banned from using Roblox for one day 24 hours.