Crossfit games 2016 rules for dating

Rulebook Released

crossfit games 2016 rules for dating

The Rulebook and Drug Testing Policy for the Reebok CrossFit Games season have been released. It's time to learn the rules of CrossFit. Dates, July 19–24, Champions. Men, Mathew Fraser. Women, Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir. Team, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. ← · →. The CrossFit Games were held on July 19–24, at the StubHub Center in Carson . The Dubai CrossFit Championship is the first CrossFit®, Inc. – sanctioned event and team competitors with a qualification to the Rebook CrossFit Games.

Some would need medical care, including Kara Webb and Annie Thorisdottir. After that thorough beatdown, athletes were asked to quickly recover and take on the Snatch Speed Ladder, which was a variation of the Clean Speed Ladder that had appeared in the Games the year prior.

For each round of the event, the athletes would face a ladder of five progressively heavier barbells. At the call of go, the athletes would race through the bars with only the fastest athletes earning an invite to the next round. Mat Fraser during the Snatch Speed Ladder. For the first time, Castro put an event up for a vote on Twitter.

The classic CrossFit workout of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 push jerks for 5 rounds, would jump in weight from lb. Foreshadowing the future rivalries in the overall competition, Sigmundsdottir and Davidsdottir went 1, 2, on Heavy DT as did Smith and Fraser. Incredibly, even after all of the work that had preceded the event Smith was able to push sub-8 7: Fraser and Sigmundsdottir, the athletes who entered Friday in third, would end the day in the lead.

Smith and Davidsdottir each made enormous leaps on Friday from the high teens to second overall. Kara Webb and Jonne Koski dropped from the lead to third. Sara Sigmundsdottir pts, up from third 2T. Katrin Davidsdottir pts, up from 15th 2T. Kara Webb pts, down from first Tia-Clair Toomey pts, down from seventh Men 1. Mat Fraser pts, up from third 2. Ben Smith pts, up from 18th 3. Jonne Koski pts, down from first 4. Bjorgvin Guomundsson pts, up from sixth Saturday Saturday morning was all about speed.

In Sprint Course 1, athletes would race through the pylons that made their debut in the ZigZag Sprint at the Games, and then over four hurdles.

crossfit games 2016 rules for dating

For Sprint Course 2, they would race back starting first with the hurdles. Denae Brown during the sprint event. As expected, former collegiate meter runner Dan Bailey excelled, winning both events and even catching his sunglasses as they fell midway through.

Fraser maintained the white jersey throughout the Sprint Course events but with 24th and 37th place event finishes he was bleeding points as Smith gained on him with solid 11th and sixth place finishes. That is, if you wanted to watch the fastest athlete. The leader, Sigmundsdottir, dropped to 37th and 38th in the sprint events, and watched as her lead over Davidsdottir went from 40 to a mere 7 points. Later that day, another piece of equipment from the Games returned.

Designed to be flipped like a tire, the Pig is a rectangular hunk of metal that can be loaded to almost any weight. Inthe guts of the Pig were exposed. This time, all lb. Athletes had to flip that incredibly heavy Pig feet before climbing a high-hung rope without the use of their legs four times, and then kick up into a handstand and walk feet for the Soccer Chipper.

Longtime strongwoman Elisabeth Akinwale won the event, while Sigmundsdottir took fourth and Davidsdottir 15th. In one event, Sigmundsdottir regained her point lead over Davidsdottir. Even more concerning for Davidsdottir, she was also losing ground to third-ranked Kara Webb. After the Soccer Chipper, only 8 points separated second from third overall.

History of the Games | CrossFit Games

Next up was the clean and jerk, in which rookie competitors Brooke Ence and Aaron Hanna topped the charts with and lb. Smith and Fraser, both strong lifters, stayed close together on this event with Smith lifting for second and Fraser for fourth. Similarly, Sigmundsdottir took sixth lb. The Triangle Couplet allowed Fraser to close in on Smith by 24 points, such that only 30 points separated them heading into the final day of competition. Cole Sager had a great Saturday, jumping from 11th to third overall.

Ben Smith during Heavy DT. Like Sager, Toomey had a great day and moved up from 13th to third. Sara Sigmundsdottir pts, maintained white jersey throughout Saturday 2.

Kara Webb pts, maintained second 3. Katrin Davidsdottir pts, down from second 4. Tia-Clair Toomey pts, up from 13th Men 1. Ben Smith pts, up from second 2. Mat Fraser pts, down from first 3. Cole Sager pts, up from 11th 4. Bjorgvin Guomundsson pts, maintained fourth Sunday Sunday began with the surprising and unfortunate news that Annie Thorisdottir had withdrawn, citing lingering effects from Murph.

The two-time champion and two-time second place finisher would not be returning to her usual place atop the podium in Three events remained before the Fittest on Earth would be named: The two European women known for their running, Sam Briggs and Kristin Holte, smashed the event going sub Tia-Clair Toomey carrying the yoke during Midline Madness.

An athlete who has long claimed to hate running, former Olympic lifter Mat Fraser, took second to Jacob Heppner. Smith took seventh, and saw his lead lessen to 8 points. Entering Pedal to the Medal 1 Women 1. Sara Sigmundsdottir pts, maintained first 2. Katrin Davidsdottir pts, up from third 3. Kara Webb pts, down from second 4. Tia-Clair Toomey pts, maintained fourth Men 1. Ben Smith pts, maintained first 2.

Mat Fraser pts, maintained second 3. Cole Sager pts, maintained third 4. Bjorgvin Guomundsson pts, maintained fourth A cloaked structure loomed at the north end of the Tennis Stadium, waiting to be revealed. Castro brought the athletes out to watch as Rogue uncovered the plexiglass peg board.

Twelve men and 25 women failed to successfully ascend the pegboard once, including Davidsdottir and Sigmundsdottir, whose point gap would remain intact heading into the final event given they both tied for 13th. The men on the pegboard. Margaux Alvarez came the closest to finishing the event with 8 reps remaining at the time cap. Six men made it through, including the two men vying for the title. That 10 points was all Fraser needed to close the 8-point gap, and give him the lead entering the last event.

With only 2 points separating them, the winner would be decided by the final. Entering Pedal to the Medal 2 Women 1. Katrin Davidsdottir pts, maintained second 3. Kara Webb pts, maintained third 4. Mat Fraser pts, up from second 2. Ben Smith pts, down from first 3. Jacob Heppner during Pedal to the Metal 2. Every year, without fail, there are critics that think the design was absolutely horrific. Every year, without fail, the athletes and HQ defend the program design stating how amazing it was and thanking them for such great events.

The main reason for this is that the athletes that are competing against one another will do whatever is required to achieve their goal. If you are constantly having to defend what you believe in the face of much criticism from various points then it may be wise to reevaluate the process in which the final product of the program layout occurs.

Unless of course you believe that those criticism do not have any merit. Just because an event itself is damn near impossible does not make it the best test of fitness. If the focus of the program design for the Games is on rewarding sustainability then the design will not always reward capability. Everyone must be aware that making tests that cause the athletes to suffer and endure is very, very easy. To me, the magic of a great program design is in its ability to select and separate individuals without having to excessively leverage their well-being in order to realize this.

The longest event in the Games for Katrin Davidsdottir lasted 38 minutes. This is not even close to a long event for the Games. Inthere was Pendleton 1 and 2, which lasted 2 hours and 6 minutes for Rich Froning and 2 hours and 18 minutes for Annie Thorrisdottir. There has to be a long event coming soon. The last time there was an event over an hour for every competitor was in for the Row 1 2,m and Row 2 Half Marathon.

Likedid not feature any specific single leg movements, such as lunges or pistols. Although, the hills involved in the Ranch Trail Run could be considered into this. If you have ever had to climb a steep hill, it is basically a lot of really fast step-ups.

crossfit games 2016 rules for dating

However, I could never pick a 3rd male. As a Canadian, I was super happy to see him and Brent Fikowski finish 3rd and 4th respectively the year. They each had a fantastic rookie year. I hope they match or surpass their performances in For a guy to win the 7k Trail Run, finish 2nd in the Suicide Sprint and then finish high on the Clean Ladder speaks to the breadth of his ability.

From Friday to Sunday, he looked like he wanted to win every event. If he is healthy going intohe is going to win again. There was many more potential winners going into the Games this year and there was way more of a race leading into the end of the competition.

To me, Katrin performed perfectly over the week. She had many clutch performances and had a little bit of luck, which is needed if you want to win a tight race. Tia is lacking in a few basic areas, but has the potential to be the complete package in and to win it all.

I was very surprised that Sara did not win this year. Sara did not look like Katrin did. Even in the seats I could see the Katrin wanted to win. Sara appeared a bit more tentative.

From what you can see from her training, she is a machine. Like Tia, Sara has it in her to be a champion in The race between these 3 women in is going to be fantastic to watch. As previously mentioned, I was fortunate enough to compete in the Games. The first event that year in Aromas was the 7k Trail Run. Dusty, hilly, dusty, slippery…did I mention it was dusty?

I was so excited to be competing I think I was numb for the first half of the run. Once that numbness wore off, I was in a LOT of discomfort. One part of that event I will never forget is that my brother, James, passed me while I was on all fours crawling up the back hill. I was thinking to myself, my god this hill is really shitty. Following this, I would proceed to slide down that same hill on my butt while other competitors were coming up the hill. Watching the Games footage of this event brought back all those memories and feelings.

I am not sure if you can compare the times from tobut they are somewhat similar. A photo posted by CrossFit crossfit on Jul 20, at The intensity and distances may vary, but the modality does not.

With running, you can assess capacity in all energy systems. Running is beautiful and I am glad that they utilize it in the Games programming every year in several events. Each year at the Games, the programming definitely tests running and places a high value on being a competent runner in all distances. Running on a track is one thing, running through terrain that you do not know, with 79 other competitors is a totally different thing.

Simply put, it is MUCH harder and way less comfortable. Add the heat of the California sun and the dusty nature of the route and you have a very challenging event, both mentally and physically.

The most impressive performance for me in this event was Mat Fraser. I knew he was a good runner for these distances based on his and performances.

However, for him to beat out Josh Bridges was incredible. Brent Fikowski finished 3rd on this event and that guy can run. For Fraser to beat him by over 2 minutes is beyond impressive. Personally, this event immediately changed my view on training. Having an Exercise Science degree myself, I also did not think it would be possible to hit a PR on this event.

I did not hit a PR, but I did tie it. Here are some of the individuals that competed in both the and Games. This is an incredible feat by these people. This sport has changed and evolved so much since then, to be able to keep pace with that advancement over the years is incredible.

Init would have given you 28th position. For Females inlbs would give you 9th. Inthat same lift would give you 34th. From the leaderboard, it appears that the female field as a whole is much better at deadlifting compared to the field. However, the same cannot be said of the male field. They are better on average, but not to the same extent as the females. A 1 rep max Deadlift is a fantastic test. There is no where to hide.

As well, being able to cycle the moderately heavy loads at Regionals for 3 rounds lbs and lbs respectively does NOT translate into having a great 1 rep max deadlift. Honestly, I would have expected the male field of competitors to have done better on this event compared to the field.

However, back intraining the deadlift on a regular basis was considered normal for everyone. Back then, training the snatch and clean and jerk on a regular basis was not. Back infor the Men, 1st place on the max Snatch event on the second day of competition was lbs. If they did that event inlast place would be more than lbs. For the Women, 1st was lbs. That would also be last place in As you can see, on average, the max deadlift amongst Games Athletes from to has not progressed to the same degree that Snatching and Clean and Jerking has.

A photo posted by CrossFit crossfit on Jul 20, at 1: Although, Tia-Claire Toomey finished 3rd on the Deadlift ladder and finished 2nd overall. Maybe she would be considered an outlier?

Alex Vigneault finished 6th on the 7k Run and 2nd on the Deadlift. That is well rounded. I like the idea of using the med ball the entire way through the event, but the med ball could have been used in a better way, as could the hill run.

If they wanted to make the 3rd event of the day a great test like the previous 2 were, they should have just done the Hill Sprint event from the Games. Many people, myself included, consider that to be one the most painful events they have ever done. That event was pure pain. It was also very exciting for the spectators. I was not at the Ranch to watch the event, so it is hard to get an accurate feeling of how the event played out.

This footage also showed some of the earlier heats, which from a viewers standpoint, did not show much hustle up that hill at the end of the event. I figured they would all be gutting it out as soon as they got off the GHD, but that was not the case for many.

Adding a med ball component does not make this situation any better, it makes it much worse. All in all, this event was pretty lack lustre. The most impressive performance for me was by Brent Fikowski as he won the event for the Men, and he attacked the hill run portion, which is what gave him the win.

You have to be confident that you can run hard from the starting line to the water, enter the water quickly, then be able to continue on without issue following the preceding high effort run. For someone like myself, who is not a good swimmer, I would not be sprinting to the water.

I would have enough trouble finishing the m Swim on its own, I would not want to risk making the situation worse due to poor strategy. I did like the fact they really tested swimming and only swimming. Even though there was a running component with entering and exiting the ocean, this was still mainly a test of swimming.

However, ocean swimming is a LOT different than swimming in a lap pool. I found this out the hard way when I went to Hermosa Beach on the Monday before the Games to do some swimming with my athlete. My first entry to the ocean was terrible as I got drilled by a wave and swallowed a lot of salt water.

A photo posted by CrossFit crossfit on Jul 21, at 9: Inthe swim was combined in a variation of Murph. Inthe swim was followed by biking, which was then followed by a run. Inthe swim was in a pool and was combined with bar muscle-ups. Inthe swim was combined with thrusters and burpees. Inthe swim was combined with a paddle board and a chin rash. I still feel that other modalities can and should be included ahead of swimming when searching for the Fittest on Earth.

I know that logistics fits into this, I am just telling you my point of view. However, those wishing to excel at the Games level should come to expect that they will need to be comfortable with swimming in the Ocean. Not to mention, the swimming events always look great. This made a huge difference in performance and recovery.

The layout of the event this year made the event faster too. The top time for the Women was about 2: The top time for the Men was about 4 minutes faster than As well, if you look through those that did Murph in andyou will see that many individuals were noticeably faster than in Regardless of how things changed fromthis event is gruelling.

The sheer number of full range of motion muscular contractions in the span of minutes for most competitors is astounding.

The 7k trail run, there are lots of people i. The Deadlift, there are also lots of people that would beat them on that too. There are probably a lot of people who can do both better than they can. However, there is probably no one outside of those on that field on Friday morning that can do the 7k Run, the Deadlift, and the Murph to that level.

The CrossFit Games - Individual Double DT

That is a huge separator for Games Athletes. They are able to work with a very high cardiac output in a very high muscular endurance environment i. Double DT is also like this. There is nobody better at this type of performance than Games Athletes. This is where you can see people walk into your gym that are both very strong i. They simply have not developed the ability to endure i. One thing that was apparent during the Murph was how much of an advantage you had by being short.

Reebok CrossFit Games Season Schedule

If you are a good runner too, then you probably finished really high i. Josh Bridges, Mat Fraser. Also of note is how much variation there is on movement standards.

Many people were placing their hands and feet what could be considered excessively wide in an effort to shorten the range of motion on the push-ups and squats. I feel there should be some effort made to standardize this for push-ups and air squats too. Otherwise, this happens…go here and watch for 20 seconds and you will see the difference between what could be considered normal width for squats and push-ups, then you can see what could be considered excessive.

With that said, those movement standards are completely within the rules, so there is nothing wrong with it. He is one of the taller athletes in the field and he put up a very impressive 13th overall on this event. For the Women, I have to go with Kara Webb. She did so much better on this event compared toboth in terms of performance and in her ability to manage it.

crossfit games 2016 rules for dating

I can imagine she was proud of her effort and the redemption she obtained. After seeing her absolutely destroy Open Given how Women are generally slightly better at working with sub maximal loading compared to Men, I also guessed that in general, the Women would put up the fastest times. Kara did end up with the fastest time overall for the Men and the Women — 17 Women finished the event under 8 minutes, while only 13 Men finished under 8 minutes.

Part of this has to do with the difference in height, but a lot of has to do with differences in muscle physiology. Contrary to my thinking, more Men did finish the event under the time cap than Women.

The loading for the Woman was maybe a touch too high compared to the Men, which lessened the effect. Squatting strength is important, but speed within that strength also plays a role. This is another type of event that no one can beat Games Athletes on. Their ability to recover between sub maximal efforts of lifting is unparalleled. The driver for this ability is the aerobic system. Training, movement efficiency, squatting strength, and squatting speed also play a large role in performing great on this event.

Easy examples of this is Josh Bridges and Mat Fraser. The main difference between the two is squatting strength and squatting speed.

Hence, Mat finished 2nd and Josh finished 24th. A video posted by CrossFit crossfit on Jul 22, at 6: This could be a much longer discussion of the value of proper aerobic training in this sport, but suffice to say that with proper training and development the athlete will be able to handle more training volume, this will allow them to train more, which will provide them with the ability to recover during certain aspects of the event i.

Lastly, the reason I selected her was because she made her final rep at lbs look light as hell. I thought that after what had taken place that day inthe Murph at mid-day, Double DT could have pushed competitors over the edge i.

The Ultimate 2016 CrossFit Games Breakdown

I was thinking that there are just simply too many reps and too much intensity for one day. When Double DT was announced this year, as a result of what was chosen last year, I was not as concerned. Placing the Murph on the early AM really made a difference. There were many different strategies and many different movement variations too.

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The main thing to see from the winner of events like this is pacing, consistency and composure. They start the event at a pace they know they can maintain, or can come pretty close to maintaining. Their reps look the same from round to round, until basically the end if they try to push it.

Their breaks per round are the same each time, with a similar rest time for each break. They allow the event to come to them, so to speak. A time of Again, part of this difference in time between the Men and Women is simply height, which means a different range of motion per repetition. But, a large part is that Women are generally better at this type of work, when the loading is arranged comparatively. If you look through the event footage you will see a very common thing amongst several competitors…rounded back deadlifting.

Amongst these particular Games Athletes, you can see this occur at basically any weight. Having a rounded back during repetitive hinging does not slow you down in the event, for many, it probably is faster that way.

However, what it can lead to over time is you having to sit in seats watching as you have been sidelined from injury. You have to think of these types of back issues likely disc related as not being an acute issue, meaning that it likely was not the time you actually got hurt that was the problem.

It was all the poor hinging movements and dysfunction that came before the event. You could wear 3 weightlifting belts if you want, it is not going to matter. This is a training and neurological issue that needs to be addressed in the most appropriate way for the individual. Inhe finished 2nd on Double DT. Inshe finished 1st. There are a lot of the same names in the top 10 in both and on the DT variation events. The most impressive performance to me was by Samuel Kwant.

To beat Mat Fraser in an event like this is incredible. She moves well, she is good at lifting heavy barbells, but apparently she was not that good with high rep, low load bars. Inshe finished 31st on the Heavy DT. In a matter of a minute, the athletes run from the grassy field of the soccer stadium to overlooking the soccer field as they run across the concrete path before coming down the other side.

The elevation gain must be around ft from the bottom to the top. That makes for some fatigued legs each trip up and down.

Every year at the Games that a berm run is included into an event, you can see who wants to win, and who is okay with finishing where they finish. The climb up the stairs, then up the rest of the incline and across the path is probably where events like this are won and lost.