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yu gi oh 33 latino dating

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He finds Rafael, who confesses to dueling Mai and challenges Yami to a duel. Yami merges Timaeus and Dark Magician to form Amulet Dragon, which gains more attack points from the Spell cards in his graveyard. He successfully destroys Eatos, only for Rafael to summon Guardian Dreadscythe in its place.

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Realizing that Rafael is in the same position he was after playing the Seal of Orichalcos, Yami plays Underworld Circle to help him witness the darkness he unleashed on his Guardian monsters. Back at their duel, Rafael revives a nearly invincible Guardian Dreadscythe.

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Yami finally defeats it using Eatos and Goddess Bow. With the last of his Life Points, Rafael revives all his sacrificed Guardians. Even though he lost, Rafael's soul is spared from being taken by the Orichalcos, as he recovers the light inside his soul.

yu gi oh 33 latino dating

Dartz challenges Yami and Kaiba to duel. During the duel, Yami, Kaiba and Dartz are shown the events of the past, detailing how Dartz came into contact with the Orichalcos. In an attempt to save his people, Dartz made a contract with the Great Leviathan to use the Orichalcos to purge mankind, in order to restore "paradise.

However, if the Knights are destroyed, their souls may be lost forever. Yugi talks to the Pharaoh and tells him to attack, saying that they would be alright. All the while, the second seal increases Dartz's Life Points, making him harder to beat.

yu gi oh 33 latino dating

The Pharaoh plays weak moves and passes altogether. Rafael arrives and Dartz reveals that he made the boat crash on the day Rafael survived. Dartz plays on the darkness in Rafael's heart to make him lose control of Guardian Eatos, causing it to self-destruct, which allows the Seal of Orichalcos to take Rafael's soul. Yugi and the others are determined to find Joey and soon reunites with him in due time.

Despite the odds stacked against him, Joey manages to win the duel against Bonz.

yu gi oh 33 latino dating

Lost in the caves, Bakura's Millennium Ring begins glowing again. While searching for a way out of the caves, they come across a room guarded by the scheming Paradox Brothers.

Before the gang can progress, Yugi and Joey must face the Paradox Brothers in a two-on-two duel where their Monsters must negotiate a trap-filled maze. Meanwhile, Kaiba is making his own way to Pegasus' castle, determined to find and save Mokuba.

Gate Guardian" "Mikami Gattai!

yu gi oh 33 latino dating

From there, the brothers start assembling the pieces they need to form the powerful Gate Guardian in an attempt to defeat both Yugi and Joey. Meanwhile, Kaiba is able to get into Pegasus' castle and wastes no time in searching for Mokuba, but unknown to Kaiba, Pegasus is watching him with a sinister eye and decides to initiate a plan of his own in order to stop Kaiba.

Through the combined effort of their unified teamwork, Yugi and Joey defeat the Paradox Brothers, winning enough star chips to allow them inside Pegasus' castle. Also, Yugi and his friends manage to escape the caves after solving a riddle posed to them by the Paradox Brothers. Meanwhile, Kaiba is able to find Mokuba from within his search, but Pegasus suddenly appears and uses his Millennium Eye to steal Mokuba's soul.

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After doing this, Pegasus then gives Kaiba an ultimatum: Kaiba must first defeat Yugi in a duel so that the former can gain the right to face Pegasus himself in an attempt to win back his brother's soul. Kaiba" "Shukumei no Dyueru! Kaiba tricks Yugi into releasing the Crush Card virus, rendering every Monster in Yugi's deck with more than Attack points unplayable.

yu gi oh 33 latino dating

This causes the Ultimate Dragon to decay and lose Attack points until it is weak enough for Yugi to attack. Refusing to lose from within a desperate state, Kaiba unexpectedly stands on a turret and warns Yugi that if he attacks, the impact force of the monsters battling will knock Kaiba off the castle and kill him.

An internal conflict soon takes place between Yugi and Yami Yugi which causes the real Yugi to quickly stop his Celtic Guardian from attacking the Ultimate Dragon, enabling Kaiba to swiftly counterattack and win the duel so that he can gain the right to face Pegasus. Friendship" "Namida no Dyueru! He is also worried by the fact that Yami had wanted him to win the duel, even though it meant killing Kaiba. Pegasus" "Mokuba o Sukue! As the duel gets underway, it becomes clear that Pegasus is using his Millennium Eye to anticipate Kaiba's moves and see every card in his hand.

When Kaiba tries to counter with one of his other Blue-Eyes, it emerges that Toon Monsters have the ability to dodge any attack. Faced with a card so powerful that it was never put into circulation, Kaiba loses the duel and ends up having his own soul stolen by Pegasus.

Pegasus's Secret" "Kessen Senya! Mai will battle Yugi in the first match while Joey faces off against Bandit Keith in the second match. They are soon trapped by Pegasus in an underground chamber and he is about to claim their souls when Yami Bakura unexpectedly emerges and blasts Pegasus with the power of his Millennium Ring. He takes interest in Yugi's friend Ryo Bakura, whom he believes is responsible for the death of his father-like mentor, Shadi. Using his Quantum Cube, he transports Bakura and Joey to another dimension.

Bakura apologizes and explains that the evil spirit of the Millennium Ring had been responsible. The two are interrupted by Mani, who has become warped by the evil energies of the Millennium Ring. As Diva almost disintegrates the three of them into another dimension, Joey unknowingly returns to the real world, with help of Atem's spirit. Kaiba has a computer rebuild the Millennium Puzzle and discovers the last two pieces are missing.

He abducts Diva and approaches Yugi, so he can have the two take part in the showcasing of his updated Duel Disk virtual reality technology.

He intends to duel both Diva and Yugi, while gambling their pieces of the puzzle.