Who is larry birkhead dating 2012

Anna Nicole Smith's ex Larry Birkhead appears on Millionaire Matchmaker | Daily Mail Online

who is larry birkhead dating 2012

But one of the most unforgettable moments came when Larry Birkhead reunited with ex-girlfriend Anna Nicole Smith who tragically died almost. Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, Dannielynn. The whole time we dated, if you look at all the video, I'm in the back Speaking on Good Morning America in , he said, “Dannielynn has always. Larry Birkhead said that daughter Dannielynn 'wanted to go to the mall' after watching a YouTube video that incorrectly named her 'one of the.

She, her then-teenage son Daniel and her longtime friend and personal attorney Howard K.

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  • Anna Nicole Smith's ex Larry Birkhead appears on Millionaire Matchmaker
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While many saw Smith as a trainwreck, Birkhead said he saw something very different. It was her whole attitude. It was as if she was back at her Guess days.

who is larry birkhead dating 2012

She was back on top of her game again. Birkhead was soon hired to take photos of Smith at a camp for children living with HIV, all of which was captured for her reality show. The two eventually started a romantic relationship and Birkhead moved to Los Angeles to live with her, but he said they kept their relationship private.

who is larry birkhead dating 2012

But five months into her pregnancy with a baby girl, Birkhead said they had another fight and Smith took off for the Bahamas, leaving him behind. Then, two months later, Smith shared her pregnancy with the world in a video she posted on her website.

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Birkhead was left wondering about his unborn child. It was later determined that Daniel died accidentally from a lethal combination of two antidepressants and methadone.

who is larry birkhead dating 2012

When Birkhead spoke to Smith on the phone, he said she was inconsolable. Birkhead ended up going to court in an epic custody battle for Dannielynn until a paternity test proved Birkhead was the father. Stern and several other men had also claimed to be the baby's father, and the case made international headlines.

The single dad said he has tried to give his daughter a stable life away from the spotlight. The two live just outside of Louisville, Kentucky, and he still has some of the baby girl clothes Smith had purchased hanging up in a closet.

Three days after her birth, Dannielynn's half brother Daniel also passed away suddenly. She knows they're angels in heaven, I try not to make it too heavy. Dannielynn blocks her ears when Adrianna lays down her house rules 'Shocking': Adrianna is disgusted by how chaotic and dirty Larry's house is Just like her mom!

Larry Birkhead reflects on relationship with Anna Nicole Smith, what she was really like in private

Dannielynn has the same beautiful blonde hair and smile as Anna Nicole Mother figure: Despite Adrianna's strictness, she does dress up and have fun with Dannielynn and her cousin During the episode of Celebrity Wife Swap, Adrianna runs a tight ship at Larry and Dannielynn's home. At one point, Adrianna asks Dannielynn how she would feel if her father had a girlfriend, to which Dannielynn gives the thumbs-up and replies, 'Awesome. Adrianna doesn't approved of the family's unhealthy fast food dinners Changing things up: Adrianna forces the family to eat a healthy meal around the dinner table This place needs some order!

Larry, his daughter and niece lie back while 'drill sergeant' Adrianna tries to get the house in better shape During Adrianna's first dinner with Larry, Dannielynn, his niece Chloe and nephew Justin, Adrianna is shocked when they eat heated up cheesburgers from a fast food restaurant, which causes Larry to view Adrianna as a snob.