Who is deefizzy dating

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who is deefizzy dating

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Hard to believe one could "accidentally" share their location as easily as MacKenzie did. It was also noted that they claimed they ran into a "different neighborhood" but the same cars can be seen in the shot where they are assaulted as the "different neighborhood" they are in.

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Then, Mackenzie and Chris both blocked Deefizzy: Lastly, Chris O'flyng admitted to the vlog footage being faked: Chris O'flyng even made an apology video on YouNow.

While I personally feel like it is only done because he got caught, an apology is better than nothing. I will also update this post with the exact video when possible. MacKenzie had plenty to say about her accusations: Because of how many people were accusing her of faking the staged assault, Mackenzie decided to make a video of her alleging her childhood abuse: While it is certain that if her video is to be believed her mother was abused and that she grew up in a volatile household, it mentions very little of her personally being abused.

This is not to take away from the severity of such a situation, but merely to point out how the title makes it seem as if the abuse was directed at MacKenzie. The icing on the cake? MacKenzie made an "apology" video: Anyone is free to join our site.

who is deefizzy dating

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who is deefizzy dating

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who is deefizzy dating

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