Two new wwe stars dating

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two new wwe stars dating

One of the greatest fascinations for the WWE Universe is the dating lives of Now we can question why they don't just watch Total Divas and get all of . Dana Brooke hasn't had much luck both in and outside the ring as of .. Coming To FOX: 20 Wrestlers We Hope To See On The New SmackDown Live. In the WWE, these are all of the current superstars who are in to learn that two superstars who usually never cross paths are actually dating. . Kids at the New Orleans Museum of Art on April 3, in New Orleans City. What do George Clooney, Jeremy Piven and Amy Schumer have in common? They've each fallen under the spell of a WWE Superstar or Diva. Check out the.

The pro fighter seems to be perfect for Becky, especially given that she tends to use quite a few MMA-like moves in her own arsenal.

So for those of you out there planning a spontaneous proposal at the next house show, you can stop now. Recent evidence has suggested that the two have broken up, with Carmella deleting all of their pictures together off of her social media accounts. Either way, it seems as if Carmella is back to being a single pringle. If social media is to be believed then she is currently single, which may be the best thing for her as she continues to cement herself as one of the greatest female superstars in the history of professional wrestling.

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That includes me, you, and the Bulgarian Brute also known as her husband, Rusev. Many fans know that she was previously in a relationship with Enzo Amore, which supposedly ended due to rumours of him cheating. Now, she seems to have moved on to former WWE UK champion Tyler Bate, with the two exchanging numerous flirty tweets over the last few months.

two new wwe stars dating

Yes, that is how these kinds of things begin in the 21st century. Naomi is amazing, and Naomi is the queen of the glow. She also happens to be in one of the most entertaining relationships going in WWE right now with Jimmy Uso. Say what you will about her move set, but Naomi just keeps getting better. The two have been together for as long as we can remember, and for the most part, it seems as if they make each other better in every conceivable way.

The cat is officially out of the bag, sorry guys. Unfortunately for him the main roster fans don't seem to have taken to it quite as much.

two new wwe stars dating

In all fairness it may have more to do with the poor booking of Dillinger since he arrived on SmackDown Live. Away from the ring though it would seem that the former NXT star has a pretty great life, mainly because of who is waiting for him at home.

two new wwe stars dating

Dillinger is dating one half of the Iconic Duo Peyton Royce. Presumably the two of them met while they were both in NXT. Royce must be due a main roster call up soon and judging by what WWE has done with couples in the past she will likely be on Raw while her boyfriend remains on SmackDown Live. Who knows what heights his career could have reached if he hadn't have passed away when he did. Plus while she was there she met the man who would become her future husband Matt Rehwoldt, although you probably know him better as SmackDown Live Superstar Aiden English.

The two met in NXT and got engaged in December There are still together to this day and have since married, making English an official member of the Guerrero family. For those of you unfamiliar with Shafir because she isn't a wrestler, you might have recognized her in the front row of the Mae Young Classic.

The former United States Champion is currently dating someone who still works for the enemy! Her name is Chelsea Green, although frequent viewers of Impact Wrestling we know you're out there somewhere will know her better as Laurel Van Ness.

two new wwe stars dating

The two of them have been an item for a little under a year now and who knows, perhaps their relationship could lead to one of them leaving their current employers to join their rivals. That came to what we can only assume was a messy end since Morgan posted some not so cryptic social media posts suggesting that the former Cruiserweight Champion had been cheating on her.

two new wwe stars dating

What you might not know is that now Morgan has seemingly moved on to another cruiserweight, the first ever United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate. It started with some pretty public flirting between the two on Twitter and now the Superstars have been pictured together quite a few times.

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Morgan could definitely do better than Amore and it seems as if she has done already with Bate.