Quiz on dating violence

Teen Dating Violence Prevention Quiz

quiz on dating violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem, and it's not just an adult problem. Teens experience abuse in their relationships, too. In fact, teens and young adults are. National Teen Dating Violence Prevention Month!! As the Sexual Violence Prevention Program, we wanted to try something different this year. We have created. Dating violence quiz. This is a True/False quiz for Sexual Assault and a Dating Violence Quiz. (Original Source: Erin O'Hanlon, Atlantic County Women's Center).

Their partners tend to control their lives to a great extent as well as verbally degrade them. This isolation is intended to make the abuser the center of the victim's universe, as well as to purposefully limit the victim's access to others who might attempt to help the victim escape.

You might notice that someone: State whether you think the following 12 statement is a myth or if you think it is a fact. After taking the quiz, check the correct answers below. Domestic violence usually only happens in married adult couples.

Boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes push each other around when they get angry, but it rarely results in anyone getting seriously hurt.

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While females can be abusive and abuse happens in same-sex couples too, it is much more common for males to abuse their female partners. If a mother is abused by her children's father; the children are also likely to be abused. Most people will end a relationship if their boyfriend or girlfriend hits them.

People abuse their partners because they can't control their anger.

quiz on dating violence

Most men who abuse their partners grew up in violent homes. If a person is really being abused, it's easy to just leave. Most rapes are committed by strangers who attack women at night on the streets.

quiz on dating violence

A pregnant woman is at an even greater risk of physical abuse. Relationship abuse happens most often among Blacks and Hispanics. People who are abused often blame themselves for their abuse. MYTH - The fact is that a many as one-third of all high school and college-age young people experience violence in an intimate or dating relationship. Physical abuse is as common among high school and college-age couples as married couples.

MYTH - The fact is that Domestic violence is the number one cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 - 44 in the U.

dating violence quiz

Of the women murdered each year in the U. Estimates from the Redesigned Survey, U. A child who lives in a family where there is violence between parents is 15 times more likely to be abused. Bergman, "Dating violence among high school students," Social Work 37 1 MYTH - The fact is that People who abuse are usually not out of control, they do it to gain power and control over the other person.

They often use a series of tactics besides violence including threats, intimidation, psychological abuse and isolation to control their partners. FACT - Men who have witnessed violence between parents are three times more likely to abuse their own wives and children than children of non-violent parents. The sons of the most violent parents are times more likely to become batterers. MYTH - There are many very complicated reasons why it's difficult for a person to leave an abusive partner.

quiz on dating violence

FACT - Pregnant women are especially at risk for abuse. It is estimated that more than one-third of pregnant women are abused.

It is common for physical abuse to begin or escalate during pregnancy.

quiz on dating violence

MYTH - Women of all races are equally likely to be abused by a partner. FACT - Most people who are abused blame themselves for causing the violence. Take the Abuse Quiz and see. What is a Healthy Relationship? Trust and Honesty Element 3: Emotional and Physical Safety Respect For most couples, respect seems to be the hardest to define, and the trickiest to keep in the relationship.

There is a subtle difference between showing respect to someone, and having respect for someone.

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Displaying good manners, or "being polite to elders or people in authority", are examples of showing respect. But in order to truly have respect for someone, you also need to admire them a little and how they live their life.

Both partners can be counted on to be honest and reliable. It is far wiser to choose a partner who is trustworthy in the first place, than to find someone dishonest, and hope to change them. Each of you can have outside friends and interests, without constant accusations of cheating, etc. Trust is earned over time. You do not have to automatically trust just anyone.