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In andas session producer of The Ideas Salon. She was named as a Broadcast Magazine Hotshot in Using plant extracts and bioactive compounds, the IMG evaluates their wound healing potential, bactericidal properties towards antibiotic resistant bacteria, virucidal effects against the Zika and Dengue viruses and also as novel pharmacotherapeutic targets for common neurological disorders.

With over a hundred thousand people joining him over that time, the BBC eventually found him and enlisted him as their practical astronomer to work with Professor Brian Cox on Stargazing Live. Greg has learned his stars through a life lived outdoors in the wild Kimberley region of Western Australia.

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Working as a pearl shell diver, he learned first hand how the sun, the moon and the earth interact to create the 10m tides of his hometown of Broome. This was his first astronomical step on a lifelong journey of discovery that continues to inspire, educate and entertain both himself and those who join him under the stars.

He also speaks and performs at corporate and festival events across Australia and at occasional international events. With an honours degree from the University of Sydney and PhD from La Trobe University Melbourne in the field of molecular evolutionary genetics and has worked as a molecular geneticist, in Australia and the USA before joining the Museum in She established the Museum as one of the global leaders in the field of wildlife forensics and conservation genomics through the ISO accreditation of the Australian Centre for Wildlife Genomics facilities one of only six such laboratories globally.

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She is one of 28 individuals certified as a wildlife forensic scientist globally, and is one of only two experts appointed by the Federal Environment Minister as an examiner in wildlife forensics under the Commonwealth legislation.

In Mayshe became an adjunct professor at the University of Sydney. Rebecca is passionate about conservation, reducing the illegal wildlife trade and the importance of STEM education in contributing to positive environmental outcomes. She has a diverse research background ranging from molecular biology where she was awarded a Master of Science from the University of Cambridge, UK into a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Flinders University in Australia in She has spent the last five years exploring how genital appearance concerns develop in both women and men and developing novel internet-based treatments for these body image concerns.

Dr Sharp is also a practising psychologist and she specialises in the treatment of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. His postdoctoral work at the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, California, led him to the scientific study of consciousness. Taking an evolutionary view, he developed novel paradigms to study perception in the smallest animal brains.

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