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Release date. August 25, (). Running time. minutes. Country, United States. Language, English. Budget, $40 million. Death Note is a American neo-noir supernatural thriller film loosely adapted from the .. "' Death Note' Reviews Are in, and They're Not Great". Inverse. Retrieved August 26, Death note capitulo 26 completo latino dating, cat lady dating video remixes, .. These can be dealt with hamlet film magyarul online dating the NOTE below. .. as proof that he was being correctly bleach capitulo 37 completo latino dating. Animation Gadget Frogwill Anime Death Note Cosplay Notebook Feather Pen This item:Death Note (animated) Complete Set Repackage by Various DVD $ . Not Rated; Studio: WarnerBrothers; DVD Release Date: November 18, . You also have your preference of Japanese, English, Spanish, French, and.


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Mia meets Light at the Ferris wheel some hours later, and they take the ride to the top. There, Mia steals the notebook, but realizes too late this was Light's plan: Light has written her death in the notebook contigient on her taking the book.

The Ferris wheel collapses, and Mia is killed after falling out, while Light and the notebook fall into the nearby waters. The page with Light's name lands in a burning barrel in front of L's eyes, Prior to meeting Mia, Light had used the book to coerce a criminally-charged doctor to rescue him and put him into a medically-induced coma, while having other criminals recover the Death Note and continue Kira's killings before returning the book to his bedside; each being killed after their role is complete.

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When Light wakes from the coma, he finds James there, who has come to conclude Light is Kira. Meanwhile, L has been ordered off the case, but in defiance he raids Mia's home, finding the notebook page with the FBI agents' names. In a hysterical fit, he contemplates writing Light's name. At the hospital, Light tries to convince James that his actions were "the lesser of two evils", prompting Ryuk to comment that "humans are so interesting". A bright yet isolated high-school student who discovers the titular "Death Note" and uses it to kill criminals by writing their names and causes of death, in a bid to change the world into a utopia without crime, and thus, becoming the world-famous serial killer known as "Kira", while being both praised and feared by law enforcement agencies and the worldwide media and public.

Lakeith Stanfield as L: A nameless, highly-intelligent and esteemed—but also socially eccentric and quirky—international consulting detective with a past shrouded in mystery and who is determined to capture "Kira" and end his reign of terror. Light's classmate and girlfriend, who assists him in his world-wide massacre of criminals as the god-like vigilante: In an interview with io9Adam Wingard revealed that rather than being based on original manga character Misa AmaneSutton as a character is based on the sociopathic qualities of Light Yagami.

Light's father and a veteran Seattle police detective, who assists L in finding the mysterious "Kira", unaware that he is his own son. Paul Nakauchi as Watari: L's assistant and foster-father. Jason Liles and Willem Dafoe as Ryuk: A demonic Shinigami god of death and the original owner of the Death Note, who begins communicating with Light when he receives the book and inquisitively observes his activities as "Kira".

Liles played the character in costume, while Dafoe provided voice work and performance capture for the facial elements. Production[ edit ] Inthe Malaysian newspaper The Star stated that more than ten film companies in the United States had expressed interest in the Death Note franchise.

Black opposed this change, and it had not been green-lit. Within 48 hours, Wingard was reportedly approached by nearly every major film studio. The talent and diversity represented in our cast, writing, and producing teams reflect our belief in staying true to the story's concept of moral relevance—a universal theme that knows no racial boundaries.