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dating sim anime adaptations of american

I've been eager to play a dating sim lately, but all you ever hear about these games are the I appreciate that Umineko is good(I really liked the anime adaptation of .. maybe be excited about its upcoming American release on October 24th. If it's a popular video game series, there's probably a movie in the works. studio taking us to the abandoned-by-the-big-wigs frontier planet of .. No release date has been set for their first foray into video game adaptations. Results 1 - 15 of 16 Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Dating Sim products on Steam. New and Visual Novel, Sexual Content, Adventure, Anime.

We love heroes who have greatness thrust upon them and have to answer the call — like Spider-man.

List of anime based on video games

In regards to anime, Dragonball or Dragonball Z fits into the genre of shonen. It often stresses self-perfection, austere self-discipline, sacrifice in the cause of duty, and honorable service to society, community, family, and friends. As much as Goku or his team fighting antagonists is important or even acquiring the Dragonballs, the hear to the show is about bettering yourself, putting your strength to the test, and the relationships between the characters.

In a lot of shonen, our protagonists are already gifted, strong, handsome, or fit into their new powers effortlessly and outpower those around them.

dating sim anime adaptations of american

A young man is called to action when tragedy strikes and is put on a journey to greatness and a quest to find the Dragonballs. Although the names of the characters and their quest are the same, the adaptation focusses on visuals, antagonists, and the quest itself. The same can be said for an even darker anime like Death Note. Completely removed from the Japanese context, Netflix not only changed character names, looks, and plot but ultimately turned it into an underdog story as well.

dating sim anime adaptations of american

American anime adaptations are almost always plagued with one word: When digging into why this culture switch fails — beyond the bias of studios refusing to view Asian and Asian American actors as billable — we find that is because the story is removed from its cultural context and yet studios expect the story to still work and appeal to fans of the original material. When you look at an anime like Death Note, the horror elements of the show lend well to highlight the importance of keeping the story within its cultural setting.

Like the stories in anime, horror is extremely reliant on the culture since it must build relevancy and fear from the overarching issues and obsessions in the society it exists in.

In Death Note, high schooler Light Yagami receives a book that allows him to kill whoever he wants to by writing their name on its pages. Within the first couple of episodes you see that Light is one of the top students in Japan, extremely attractive, and at the top of his high school food chain.

Light is narcissistic and ultimately assumes the role of a god in his mind, gleefully eliminating evil in the world at a rate unseen by Ryuk, the shinigami death godwho owns a death note.

Magical Diary is a game about a girl who attends a magical school think Harry Potter's Hogwarts. It was made in the US but has an anime style. You might want to ask your daughter if that's acceptable. It allows same sex relationships, but there's nothing raunchy.

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It has a skinship feature, but it is way more innocent than it sounds. You basically have to poke a fully dressed guy with your stylus. Hatoful Boyfriend and Hakuoki are very very popular, for different reasons that have already been explained.

This article has a few other recommendations, including a couple of free to play games. Also, English Otome Games has a lot of information on the genre. If you want to see a game for yourself without playing it, there are a few communities that play the games on forums, posting screenshots.

Google "let's play" and the name of the game. That's how I know most of these games. Mystery, wacky hijinks, and a protagonist who's ready and willing to tell the other characters when they're being stupid. Hakuoki's great if you like romantic tearjerkers it's vaguely historical-ish, not exactly a spoiler that everyone dies in some of the endings.

Note that bad endings are usually worth seeking out in this genre: I'm almost done playing through Code: Realize right now and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. Protagonist is unusually badass for the genre, and while one of the characters is kinda awful to the protagonist on his route kidnapping and murder, oy it's at least for interesting reasons and he does get better, and the other characters' routes make up for it. Several games from Hanako would fit well: Royal Trap and Date Warp are both anime-styled straightforward VNs, while Magical Diary 's got some magic school-based stat-raising components.

I will play anything Hanako publishes on release day. Haven't finished it yet because I only bought it in the most recent Steam sale for cheap, but what I have played is really clever and engaging. Adventures and archaeology and all that good stuff! Lucky Rabbit Reflex is cute, set in a school, and has anime-style art.

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I liked it in spite of the weird-looking chins. Cinders and Hatoful Boyfriend are both excellent in completely different ways. English Otome Games has a fairly comprehensive directory of what's available, and is a good place to find out about new releases. I have played a crapton of these and am entirely willing to play more for vetting purposes; feel free to MeMail me.

A lot of people get their kicks from The Sims. There are some really sweet relationships in those games. If I hadn't already been married by the time I started playing I'm pretty sure that Alistair would have raised my standards so high as to ruin me for other men. And as it is, I still have fights with my husband along the lines of "Alistair DIED for me and you won't even take out the garbage!

There are a few that are about young women in high school that may be very suitable. I agree that she's also at a good age to play RPGs, and that Persona 4 would be pretty good!

RM buried the lede a bit.

List of anime based on video games - Wikipedia

Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon dating sim - that is, everybody but you in the game is a pigeon. I have only played it a few hours, but have seen nothing that that would be the slightest bit inappropriate for a 12 year old. However I have heard that there is a fairly deeply buried apocalyptic subplot about what happened to the world and why it is primarily populated by pigeons that might be a little dark.

I'm going to present these after school to her and see what she says. Best thing ever for playing games on the bus. She has been very happy with the games found and has developed a new and startling respect for my time spent on Metafilter.