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changtoria dating service

Who cares if they're dating or not, what's it matter to us? ㅋㅋㅋ They're acting like they're their ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ. If you decide to date anyway it's likely that, just by breathing in the same after so many months we can finally see that changtoria are still close to each other!!. dating in , shortly after Yang Mi announced her relationship with Hawick Lau. Ever though Do you think Monk Feng Shaofeng is dating Sassy Queen Victoria Song? 1 . xD I love Changtoria too! . To be honest, I was pissed that they secretly took videos at the filming site like that.

Another piece of evidence from fans online was that Victoria is often times called the innocent version of actress Han Ye Sul, because of their similar features, only Victoria's is a little more soft and sweet looking.

During one interview online, Changmin had revealed that his ideal woman type was Han Ye Sul. A screenshot from the show, "Happy Together" was also revealed. During a game, the guests had to fill in the blank for a sentence. The sentence was about f x and how member Sulli could not sleep because of something Victoria did. Changmin, who was a guest that day, answered the question correctly. Many other pictures were also revealed of the two having the same back packs and shoes.

Some pictures of Changmin holding a clothing store bag at the airport was seen as well. Later, another picture of Victoria wearing clothes from that brand was seen.

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This speculated that maybe Changmin had bought her the clothes as a present. Other pictures also revealed the two standing next to each other during a broadcast, showing their closeness.

Some pictures also looked as if the two were holding hands, making fans very suspicious as well. Lets fox news vs atheist dating if ur interested. We might have contracted Hepatitis just looking at this photo.

When it first happens you feel totally helpless but speaking to Brendon it gave me the feeling that there were steps I could take to fix the situation, Mark said. I wouldn t want to seem rude.

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changtoria dating service

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[Rumor] Victoria Song and Feng Shaofeng Dating?

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changtoria dating service

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changtoria dating service

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