Reno 911 clementine and garcia are dating sites

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reno 911 clementine and garcia are dating sites

This is a list of episodes for the television series Reno !. It premiered on July 23, , and season, Title, Original air date, Prod. code Clementine is pregnant and Garcia proposes to her. . Kimball tries arresting a magician performing without a permit, who can get out of whatever restraint she places on him. Dangle. A guide listing the titles and air dates for episodes of the TV series Reno !. James Garcia; Wendy McLendon-Covey as Deputy Clementine Johnson Original Episode # Prod # Air Date Titles _____ ______ ______ ______ . The home sites for this guide are for show info and. Reno ! is an American comedy television series on Comedy Central that ran from to .. DVD Name, Release date, Additional information. Reno !.

It is revealed that it is a surprise party, but a startled Garcia accidentally shoots a fellow officer. Garcia is known to be very rough when arresting suspects, perhaps as a result of his inferiority complex. His personal life is often the subject of ridicule by his contemporaries, who mock his frequent bowel movements Dangle once said that in the men's room, Garcia sounded like the Battle of Normandyhis excessive masturbation and his habit of drinking alone while watching Hill Street Blues reruns.

He has a daughter whom he did not see for several years, which once prompted the other deputies to hire a stripper to pretend to be his daughter in order to elate him. The film Reno ! Garcia is usually partnered with Deputy Jones, leading to situational humor involving Garcia's racism and general ignorance of African American culture; despite this, the two are friends.

He has had brief relationships with Deps. Johnson and Williams, and on more than one occasion, it is implied that he harbored a homoerotic attraction to Kenny Rogers.

In the Season 4 cliffhanger, he elopes with Dangle's husband-to-be Leslie during their civil commitment ceremonyrevealed in the Season 5 premiere to be a bizarre practical joke, as Garcia arrests Dangle and his boyfriend on the grounds that gay marriage is illegal in Nevada. Garcia is killed in the explosion at "Tacos! In the Season 6 episode The Midnight Swingers, his ashes are fired from a cannon, as per his will; however, the deputies' attempt misfires and a squad car is destroyed in the process, for which Garcia is subsequently and posthumously blamed.

Garcia is the second in command below Lt. Alazraqui returned as Garcia on the November 13, episode of midnight where it was revealed he transferred to Carson City, and his death was a prank to mess with Wiegel.

Deputy Johnson[ edit ] Deputy Sergeant Class I Clementine "Clemmy" Johnson Season 1-Season 5; played by Wendi McLendon-Covey is a promiscuous, trashy, drug-friendly blonde who always wears her uniform partially unbuttoned, exposing her ample cleavage.

Johnson is absent in Season 6 as she was killed in the explosion at the end of the fifth-season finale. Her comment at a wedding about performing the night before for the bachelor party clarified that she had an off-duty job. She has a tattoo on her back which once said "Steed" a one-time boyfriendlater changed to "Steely Dan" after the relationship ended. Early in the first season, she had a relationship with Jones, but she also enjoyed a brief relationship with Garcia in Season 2, a relationship she compared to "getting a flu shot " "You do it once, and you never have to do it again!

Despite this claim, she was shown silently mourning the end of the relationship with Garcia. She had Garcia's face tattooed on her breast after a drunken incident when the sheriffs went to Miami, Florida. On one occasion, she married Steed and later discovered the marriage was unofficial because the couple had forgotten to obtain a marriage license.

When she mistakenly believed herself to be pregnant, she approached first Jones and then Dangle about marrying her and acting as a father to her unborn child. She had a troubled relationship with her mother because they sometimes argued over men.

In one episode her mother was shown to be working as a prostitute. When the officers were fired following an investigation by District Attorney Mike Powers Mather ZickelJohnson returned to touring with Steely Dan whom she called "The Dan" for a short time before returning to the Reno Sheriff's Department with the others.

Johnson was later promoted in Episode when she confronted the Captain of the sheriff's department regarding objectification through the use of the new "Kevlar for Her" vests.

She returned claiming she had been promoted, in which case she would be classified as a Sergeant Class I if everyone else except Dangle and his second-in-command, Garcia, and third-in-command, Jones is a Deputy.

Johnson is an admitted drunk driver and a user of marijuanaand is usually lenient toward fellow users. Johnson is the fourth in command below Lt. Deputy Williams[ edit ] Deputy Raineesha Williams born Megan Linderman; played by Niecy Nash is a boisterous woman who enjoys abusing the power over men that her police authority affords her.

Williams' proudest possession is her enormous posterior a prosthetic that Nash wears under the uniformwhich was featured in a pornographic magazine, called "Strong Sistas". She often exclaims " She is a single motherand in one episode claimed she couldn't name the fathers of any of her 3 children, although in another episode, she says that "one of my babies' daddies, he can "read real good. Jones has described Williams as a terrible police officer "they don't even put bullets in her gun" and that she can't even read.

She often looks for ways to abuse her authority for her personal benefit; she once converted to the Nation of Islam in an attempt to take the month of September Ramadan on the Islamic calendar off from work, so she could vacation at the Atlantis resort.

She frequently uses Mace merely out of anger. As other deputies have their trademark personalizations on their uniforms, Raineesha always wears a hat.

At the beginning of Season 3, she worked as a real estate agent before returning to the Sheriff's Department. His character provides much of the physical comedy for the show, performing most of the major stunts.

reno 911 clementine and garcia are dating sites

Junior trains the police dogs for the department and is rarely seen without his trademark aviator sunglasses. He started wearing his Kevlar vest after he was shot and nearly blinded in a drug sting. Junior always wears his vest over his uniform shirt; he claimed that he forgets to put the vest under his shirt because he is always a little hung over in the morning. He wears his hair in a military " high and tight " haircut and is cross-eyedwhich is why he usually wears sunglasses.

Despite this, he claims to be the best shot in the department. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is the only heterosexual male deputy in the Reno Sheriff's Department that Deputy Johnson hasn't slept with.

Junior spends his time stealing Dangle's bicycle, and likes beating suspects. Junior is considered to be an idiot by most of his fellow officers, as one time, he ran after an invisible suspect in a robbery, upon directions by a bystander who happened to have a gun and several bundles of cash from the store, even after the bystander said he had robbed the store after being "Forced".

Junior has three brothers, who also wear sunglasses and have the same traits: Henry "Hank" Junior, Jr. Junior has been reprimanded at least twice for his pornography addiction, and is somewhat in denial about his problem.

He is revealed to be Deputy Kimball's cousin. In Episode 3x01 in which the characters are shown in jail a swastika tattoo is seen on his chest similar to the tattoo worn by Edward Norton 's character in American History Xbut in the film, he is seen shirtless and the tattoo is absent. At the beginning of season 3, Junior worked at a carnival, something he claims is his "dream job".

There are several running gags concerning Junior. The first is the "traffic stop": Junior pulls over a driver and is rendered unconscious or otherwise by an opening door or something falling off from the vehicle. Another running gag with Junior involves him stealing, or tampering with Lt.

Dangle's abandoned bicycle, much to Dangle's annoyance. The other running gags usually involve him being mauled by dogs, being electrocuted, catching on fire or falling, jumping or being thrown through or off of something, or otherwise incapacitated. Kimball is absent in Season 6, as she was killed in the explosion at the end of the fifth-season finale. Kimball is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana. She joins Reno Sheriff's Department early in Season 3, winning a competition among top police academy graduates; however, she was only chosen after the two front-runners withdrew for various reasons.

She is perpetually accused of being a lesbian, despite her denials when asked, and when asked for dates by lesbians. She spends her off-duty time with her church group composed of male, Christian virginssinging karaoke versions of old gospel songs.

In one instance, after Kimball states she would be making some major changes in her life after receiving a jet ski, Dangle asked, "You're finally coming out as a lesbian? Kimball said that she joined law enforcement because her "past is filled with sin and small time crimes and misdemeanors.

Enforcing the law is my way of righting all my wrongs, cleaning up my karma. Also, they give good benefits. Deputy Junior then reveals he was not mortally wounded, and had organized the scenario in an attempt to deceive her into having sex with him. In the course of what she thinks is a conversation with a person about to die, the two exchange information on their family backgrounds; Kimball and Junior gradually realize that they share a common uncle in Louisiana.

He is the new second in command after Lt. Dangle, to whom Declan is often seen sucking up; with the exception being in Season 6 when Department office assistant and barely fluent Cindy promotes everyone on the squad to captain ignorantly, and Declan tells Dangle to "suck my dick. He appears confident of himself, when compared to most of the other deputies, but exhibits massive insecurities at other times, such as sobbing uncontrollably and talking to himself through a bathroom stall door, or exhibiting problems with anger management.

On one occasion when confronting Cindy about some misplaced clothing he asked her to wash for him, it is alluded to that he may in fact cross-dress, as Junior received the clothing by accident and found extra extra large female undergarments with Jack's initials on them, mixed in with the other clothing.

Despite his rage issues, he is still shown to be a very good cop. Declan also carries a bigger and more powerful weapon than the rest of his colleagues. While the other officers carry Beretta 92she carries a. He is from Ozone Park, Queens where Lo Truglio himself was bornwhere he has been banned from for undisclosed "reasons that [he takes] full responsibility for".

He has a long history in law enforcement, working in many cities across the country and is infatuated with Deputy Wiegel on one occasion, they engaged in sexual activities in a trailer being pulled by an unsuspecting perpetrator and were left across the Mexican border.

Deputy Junior has said that despite his history in law enforcement, Rizzo did not have a single recommendation, which Lt.

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Dangle considers "breaks even". Rizzo is also able to speak Japanese. Rizzo has two children: Frank "Frankie" Salvatore Rizzo, Jr. Like the other deputies, Rizzo has behaved unprofessionally multiple times, on one occasion soliciting prostitutes to perform oral sex on him and Jones during a narcotics sting, half-jokingly suggesting the two split the drug money impounded in the bust and even giving a classroom lecture that implied the torture of felons and criminals for information.

Guest characters[ edit ] Reno ! In addition, the principal cast members frequently play recurring roles of criminals or otherwise dysfunctional characters with pixelated or blurred faces. Agent Steve Hardcastle Ian Roberts: However, his incompetence makes him even more ineffectual than the deputies, and they eventually locate the man without his help.

Ian Roberts, who played Hardcastle, arrived several seasons later as Sgt. Unemployed Andrew claims that his job is to "mix things up", which leads to flamboyant yard displays and impromptu parades. A group of raucous young women who conduct wild bachelorette parties and attempt to lure in male cops to strip for them.

On one occasion, Dep. Garcia responds to a call and berates them, then discovers Junior and Dangle in the room clad in underwear, boots and holsters. Big Mike Toby Huss: The resident Reno meth-head and "Captain of Suspicious Behavior. It's revealed in Season 6 that Mike was the no-nonsense lieutenant in the Sheriff's Department in Junior remarked that he thought Mike was on his way to being Governor of Nevadauntil his accidental introduction to methamphetamine at a crime scene began his downward spiral to his current state.

Boozehammer of Galen Patton Oswalt: A fantasy role-playing game geek who often badly hurts his opponents while playing fantasy games. He also frequents the "Reno Renaissance Fair. Brad the Friendly Homeowner Andrew Daly: A genial householder who is always excited to visit with the Sheriffs.

When CSI comes to town and his neighbor shoots at the Sheriffs, he thinks filming has commenced. In Season 5 he tries to purchase Coconut Nut Clusters from the Sheriffs but forgets to sign the check before he commits suicide in the next room. Bunny Hernandez Natasha Leggero: Mayor Hernandez's wife, a former porn actress and exotic dancer. The deputies pull her over for drunk driving thinking she's someone else. When they see that they've got the mayor's wife, they drive her home after she drunkenly falls to the ground, defecates on someone's lawn, and masturbates in the squad car's backseat.

Calvin Robin Tomlinson Rainn Wilson: A convicted serial killer who is given a deal to avoid the death penalty if he leads the deputies to the burial site of one of his victims. He makes various demands a milkshake, watching Cold Mountain on VHSusing a public bathroom for an hourthen leads them to where he hid a gun and a motor scooter, on which he escapes.

A young female with a speech impediment who calls the department "a few times a week. On one occasion, Wiegel and Dangle visit to question her about a missing vacuum-cleaner salesman; it's soon revealed that she murdered and decapitated him in her house "They come apart real easy", she says.

A comedian who trashes his hotel room, throwing the furniture out the window and into the pool several stories below. He pretends to write a check to the hotel manager, then steals Deputy Jones' gun and escapes in an idling squad car.

Chief Carl Carlos Alazraqui: A homeless Native American man who is caught selling illegal fireworks, and summons the police when he is caught at a carnival illegally selling popcorn on a stick. Apparently mentally ill, he bathes in "goat water" and makes outrageous claims, such as that he attended the " World's Fair".

Citizens' Patrolman Rick Paul Reubens: First seen in Season 4, he is a member of the "Citizens' Patrol" which seems to be inspired by the Guardian Angels and shows up at crime scenes and notices critical things that the deputies have missed.

Clementine and Garcia Are Dating

He always seems to be one step ahead of the deputies—because he's the one who committed the crimes. Inspector Martin Smiley Tom Bolster: Initially he seems to be a very proper, upright, old-fashioned Englishman and the Reno deputies adore him. Deputy Garcia sees a very different side when Smiley rides along with him.

He is shot and killed after attempting to rob a drug den in Reno, and his body is shipped back to the United Kingdom. Craig Pullin Kyle Dunnigan: Trudy Wiegel's boyfriend, then husband, in Seasons While both he and Wiegel appear to be shy, socially awkward people, their sex life includes sexual role-playing and fetishism. Pullin turned out to be the "Truckee River Killer" and was executed by lethal injection at the end of Season 3, immediately after marrying Trudy.

Dangle's ex-wife, who seems to be attracted solely to gay men. She is the heiress to a vacuum cleaner fortune; Jim married her because she was morbidly obese and he believed she would die soon. After they separated, she underwent gastric bypass surgery which turned her into "something the old Deb would have eaten", as he put it. She finally requested a divorce because she had fallen in love with Leslie Frost see belowwho was also clearly gay. Debbie appeared in Season 6 with her new husband, Gary Wormer played by Scott Thompsonwho was very effeminate but straight.

Debbie died of complications from overeating at Dangle's murder-mystery dinner. Andrew Freeman Nat Faxon: A young man who wears a large milkshake costume to promote a local restaurant. He is harassed, pursued, and beaten by Jones and Garcia in several Season-2 episodes. Finally, a chase ends with him being hit by a tractor-trailer; his death leads to the investigation, termination, and incarceration of all the deputies. She appeared during Season 5, including a visit responding to complaints from "the kettle-corn people" about explicitly-worded ad flyers she had distributed at the Farmer's Market.

According to Dangle, she is actually a transsexual who was named Jeff and was Dangle's swim-teammate in high school. A drunken airline pilot whom Deputy Johnson lets off with a warning after he flatters her. A famed drug runner and recidivist speeder who has been involved in multiple high-speed car chases with the Reno Sheriff's Department. He mocks and later commends the Deputies via CB radio. His muscle car and personality are modeled after Burt Reynolds ' character from Smokey and the Bandit.

Unlike the Reno Sheriff's Department, the members of the Reno Fire Department are competent, popular, and well-respected, inspiring tremendous envy, bitterness, inadequacy—and secret admiration—from the cops. French mime Robert Ben Garant: A man in mime costume and makeup who is reported for harassing customers outside a strip mall.

To Jones' delight, he performs a silent parody of Garcia—who becomes enraged and assaultsthen arrests him. A petty, browbeating robber who poses as the manager of a fast-food restaurant at which Jones and Garcia have gone undercover as employees to catch a robber whom they don't realize is already there. Frisbee McDaniels Zach Galifianakis: A " white trash " resident of Reno who squats with his sizable family in an abandoned school bus.

He uses it to shoot at empty cans, oranges, and UFOs. Glen the Ranger Matt Walsh: A park ranger at a fictional though often referenced to be near the Donner Party cabin National Park. Glen is very lonely and routinely places false calls in order to get some human contact from the sheriff's deputies.

A petty-criminal-turned- televangelist who, 10 years ago, was arrested by then-partners, Dangle and Garcia.

RENO 911! - Drunk Driver

Guy Gerricault Paul Rudd: Wiegel's disturbingly enthusiastic, inappropriately hands-on Lamaze teacher. Handicapped cop David Wain: A supposedly handicapped cop with whom Wiegel spends a day with as part of a public-assistance program.

A drug-addicted prostitute with herpesAIDSLupusand lung cancerwhose face is always blurred out. She is known for spitting pickle juice at the officers. In Season 1, Dep. Garcia was tasked with cleaning her up and sending her to a halfway homebut Garcia was so dismayed by her extreme burnt-out-crack-whore behavior that he dumped her at a random house that was "halfway" It has been suggested that Trudy and Jackie are similar-looking distant cousins.

Jackie died of Lupus in Season 5. Jerry Salerno Dan Castellaneta: Joe the Cameraman Joe Kessler: The usually-unseen cameraman who documents the Reno Sheriff's Department's activities. The show deals heavily in politically incorrect and racy humor, including many jokes about racesexual orientationsubstance abuserapepedophiliaand mental disorders.

Another main comedic aspect of the show is the outlandishly severe incompetence of the deputies—often resulting in their being outsmarted by the criminals they are attempting to control. Lennon and Kenney-Silver in character at Mardi Gras Only the basic plot elements of the show are scripted, while the dialogue is improvised —enhancing the illusion of reality a practice referred to as retroscripting.

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Unlike Cops, which the show parodies, Reno ! Sheriff's deputies are constantly cursing, causing much of their dialogue to be censored for broadcast. The actors often perform their own stunts. A constantly changing cast of weirdos, prostitutes, homeless persons, survivalists, political figures, celebrities, etc.

The show's characters occasionally refer to their own program. They insist that the show's producers told them the videotaped footage was going to be used for a Fox Television documentary series titled Heroes on Patrol; and, often stated in frustration, that they have no control over what is aired, and that the show only seems to capture their 'moments' of incompetence.

The many "good" incidents, they allege, are left out of the show-within-a-show's final edit. Also, some suspects in the show refer to the film crew, and the program being aired on television; occasionally, they will attempt to get arrested just to be on TV. Development history[ edit ] In Thomas Lennon's words, Reno ! It was scheduled to begin in the fall of Working quickly to take advantage of this, the initial Reno !

However, during the shooting—and especially the editing—they realized the police element was more interesting than the sketches, and the finished pilot was, according to Robert Ben Garant, "remarkably similar" to the series that eventually aired. According to Lennon, their decision not to pick the show up was influenced by a scene, preserved in the eventual Comedy Central pilot, involving Lt. Dangle passionately kissing a man. It was another two years before Comedy Central greenlit the project.

Many of the main scenes of the show were shot over the course of many hours, such as the briefing room scenes.

reno 911 clementine and garcia are dating sites

According to the DVD commentary for season three, all morning briefing scenes for a season may be filmed on one hour day with different basic plot elements to be used in different episodes. Actors would contribute their dialogue as they were inspired to do so.

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The show was continued for two additional seasons with Comedy Central running a special of the show titled Reno !: