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Last week on Top Chef Seattle, the cheftestants' challenges Kristen Kish – Momo / Nepal – pork and chicken liver with ginger and cumin. Micah Fields – Manti / Kazakhstan – ground lamb with dates, curry and cinnamon On the flip side, Josie, Stefan, and Micah's dumplings were the best of the bunch. Actress Kristin Scott Thomas displays her Dame Commander of the British Empire medal presented to (AP Photo/ Stefan Rousseau, Pool). Kristen Kish stole our hearts during her time on Top Chef: Seattle back in , how flawless Kristen looks in the photo) is the fact she's got a girlfriend. did have a serious flirt-off going with fellow contestant Stefan Richter.

Dana explains that she will look to see how each chef handles a wrapper, stuffing, and sauce, adding that she has eaten her weight in dumplings. No pressure, but she knows her dumplings. Stefan feels good about his choice because he grew up eating klopses.

Dana doesn't comment on Lizzie's dumpling, but it looks good. Dana simply says, "It's a pretty plate. In case you forgot: Carla sliced her hand on a knife last week. Her hand is still heavily bandaged, which hinders her use of the Kindle Fire. Given Carla's tablet typing challenges, Dana says she will put aside the "authenticity" of Carla's dumpling. Last week, she burned the key component of her team's dish because she forgot it was simmering on the stove. This week, she fails to plate her dumpling because she doesn't manage her time well.

Kristen Kish Is Queer: Top Chef Season 10 Winner Has A Girlfriend

Dana questions Josie's decision to use kimchi. Dana calls it fried hair. That can't be good. Padma tells John she looks forward to having some of his [kropp] kaka — and I giggle like an immature school girl. Despite a lack of dumplings in Hawaii, Sheldon is familiar with his ingredients and feels confident.

Dana compliments the filling. Brooke's dumpling has no wrapper because she didn't have flour, which means she works with a bunch of greedy chefs! There are, like, hundreds of different types of flour… how can there be NO flour left in the Top Chef kitchen?

Dana thinks she did well despite the missing wrapper. Micah is like, "Kazakhstand is a real place? Dana tells Brooke that her Siomay dumpling was really tasty, but a wrapper is non negotiable. Dana tells Stefan, "I felt like you had invited me into your grandmother's house.

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You had an amazing run on Last Chance Kitchen, which led to your ultimate victory. How stressful was that experience? Having to take a break from Top Chef and not knowing if I would make it back in was very stressful. But it seemed a bit more relaxed.

Kristen Kish Is Queer: Top Chef Season 10 Winner Has A Girlfriend | Autostraddle

You can look at it one of two ways: I tried to take a relaxed approach regardless of whether I got kicked off and I had a great time. Do you remember the dish that landed you in LCK? It was a combination of the Restaurant Wars challenge. The things I was in charge of I just couldn't get my concept across to people. It was taking classic French dishes and putting my spin on it. I would never open up a restaurant like that but being on the show and narrowing it down would be a good way to show my creativity.

Have you gone back to master any dish from the competition after the show? When I think of new dishes for the menu and "real life," I like to put a bit more thought into them.

Being in Massachusetts, I'm thinking seasonally and what I have available. Did you have a gaming strategy among the Chefs Oh god--I don't know how to do that.

Queen to Kristin Scott Thomas: Playing me quite a challenge

I was just trying to make it one step further and to not overthink anything. That's what got me there in the first place. When I walked in, I was a ball of nerves with my insecurities and I just tried to do my best.

What'd you think of this season's competition? Stephanie Cmar is my friend and I got the run down from her. I watched one full episode from beginning to end and I very quickly picked out the people that weren't my favorites.

I am biased [laughs]. I get this question alot. I try not to think so far down the road. Sometimes it's not a smart thing but if I put these goals in place--specific ones like opening a restaurant--I get clouded and if I don't make it happen, I'll get upset.