Tenten and neji dating stories

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tenten and neji dating stories

Love the story, and now I must scream at my/Tenten's boy, Neji. Me:NEJI I Dating tips from THE BEAUTIFUL GREEN BEAST?! Run away Neji. Tenten and Neji were comrades. But maybe a little more. It says in the databooks that Tenten is clearly annoyed with lee and Guy, but she still shows love and. Neji and Tenten were training together. As the dating couple often does. Lee trained with a wooden training dummy. Lee took out a watch.

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Oh, shoot, you're right. As Neji Hyuuga sat back in his chair, he nearly groaned aloud. All he had done was gone to the blonde girl's house in search of answers; he had no idea he would come out with a date.

Well, that wasn't true. It had all started with that one phone call May I please speak to Neji?

I'm calling this early so that Sakura and Ino don't call before me—Wait, they haven't, have they! And this early, at that? When they decided you were going to go first I figured I would die from the shock! Well, now that I know they didn't call you I had to stay over at Hinata's for a while until the renovations were done. And then you walked in on me when I was taking a shower, even though Hinata said that no one used that bathroom and— " "Okay! I was going to eat cereal!

Well, speaking of that, I just wanted to tell you that I'll string up your insides after I fill you with every possible weapon at my disposal, after which I'll light you on fire and throw your remains in a ditch if you go on the date, but I guess they haven't called youso never—" "Hold on, someone's beeping in," Neji interrupted. This is Sakura Haruno calling for Neji!

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Sorry to wake you, but—" "You're kidding me. And hurry up, I've got Tenten on the other line. Pity, I didn't think Tenten cared that much! Well, you know what they say, 'Never know whatcha' got 'til it's gone! So, um, you can get back to talking with Tenten, and have a nice day. I'll talk to you later. And remember what I said. Why was he suddenly the center of so much attention? And then another thought occurred to him: Tenten and Neji have been secretly dating for the past four years.

Now Tenten has had enough, she wants everyone to know. But will Neji be willing to meet her ultimatum? Across from her sat her two bubbly friends, Ino and Sakura; beside her, sat her much quieter friend, Hinata.

The truth was, Tenten and Neji weren't okay. The two sparring partners had been dating for the past four years, but no one knew about it. Part of the reason for this was that Neji just wasn't overly emotional, and as a result he didn't really demonstrate his feelings in public.

So as far as everyone else was concerned, they were nothing more than teammates.

tenten and neji dating stories

It was because the villagers only ever saw Tenten training with Neji, that she gained the reputation of being tomboyish and completely uninterested in boys. But of course that wasn't at all the case. It just so happened that she was only interested in one boy. The best boy in the village as far as Tenten was concerned; Hyuga Neji.

Fortunately he was interested in her as well. And when they were alone, just the two of them, he never failed to tell her as much; and to show her as much. When they were alone, he was very romantic and very affectionate. But that was exactly the problem… When things first started out, Tenten was only too happy to keep it private.

tenten and neji dating stories

After all, she didn't want all his fan girls chasing after her; not that she couldn't handle them, of course. But just the same, she figured it would be best for their relationship, to keep it between just the two of them; at least in the beginning.

The problem was that it wasn't the beginning anymore, and they still hadn't told anyone. Tenten had begun to wonder if maybe it was her. Maybe he was ashamed of her. After all, she had no name, no family, no blood-limit; nothing in the least to offer him.

After a while, she began to think that maybe he was just having fun with her until someone better came along. Well she certainly wasn't going to have that. As much as she loved Neji, Tenten refused to be used; and she told him so. She told him that either he made a public declaration that they were together, or he could go train by himself.

Well, of course the prideful Hyuga would not be blackmailed. It wasn't that he didn't love Tenten, he just wasn't the "public declaration" type.

And so that's how it began. For the past three days, Tenten had been skipping training and Neji had been stuck on his own.

tenten and neji dating stories