Spencer and alex alphabet dating b

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spencer and alex alphabet dating b

I googled classes in annbsp Airbnb B and we went to receive a mean brunch and If thats where to so please like it, our first date ideas, alphabet for something is . amp ALEX Spencer vs Alex HASHTAG UNITED PENALTY CHALLENGE!. Alphabet Dating is where Spencer & Alex go on 26 different dates - each date relating to a letter of the alphabet! Alphabet dating b - smena.info After Aria and this person start dating, he leaves Rosewood High for the . The birth of Spencer and Alex occurs after a one night stand with The TV show was an adaption of the novels and made its debut on June 8, , on ABC Family. .. In season 4, B is seen as a password for a cabin as well.

He does this to annoy his own mother. This character is similar to his sibling as he does not want to be a part of his family. The character that plays Alison on the show is Sasha Pieterse. Alison was the "queen bee" or leader of the group at Rosewood High with Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily before she disappeared in She was assumed to be the most manipulative and vindictive character on the show.

She did not have a great relationship with her brother, Jason DiLaurentis, who she often fought with on the show. What is that item? Shoes Sunglasses Earphones Hanna was one of the nicest girls in the social circle headed by Alison. Alison would often make fun of her weight and call her Hefty Hanna.

After Alison disappeared on the show, Hanna became popular after losing a significant amount of weight and wins Homecoming Queen. Hanna, on the show, ends up trusting people easily, but she is known to be one of the most generous and boldest people on the show.

spencer and alex alphabet dating b

She is open about how she feels about a person. Question 8 Which of the following characters goes for a trip to Iceland with their family? Aria Montgomery Emily Fields Jenna This character sported pink streaks and loved the arts on the show.


This character resented Alison for this very reason because Alison would use this secret against her on the show. This character even ends up hooking up with a future teacher. This character is a fan of photography, art and writing and is shown to have a unique style.

Question 9 Who plays the character of Peter Hastings in the show?

spencer and alex alphabet dating b

On the show, this character has an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis which leads to her pregnancy and the subsequent birth of Jason DiLaurentis. The birth of Spencer and Alex occurs after a one night stand with Mary Duke. Some of his secrets revealed on the show include that he doctored the will of Alison's grandmother, was Jason's real father, threatened Jessica DiLaurentis, had an affair with Mary Drake and even set up a plan to kill Mary Drake.

Who is the author of these novels? Stephenie Meyer Sara Shepherd J. Rowling Pretty Little Liars is a hit television series but before it all began, it was a young adult novel series by this author.

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The franchise was licensed by Kindle Worlds, which works on various ebooks and is a service offered by Amazon. Question 11 Mona Vanderwall and Spencer Hastings were admitted to which of the following mental institution?

It is part of the series when we see Mona is admitted to this mental institution on the show. It was first spoken of during the episode "The First Secret" when the Pretty Little Liars gang walks across the street to see who is inside an assumed haunted house. They find a taxi in the front of this house with the title of this institution on it.

Question 12 Who is the younger sibling of Ezra Fitz? His maternal grandparents are Lyle and Francis Springer. Dianne Fitzgerald is his mother. Some of his romantic encounters on PLL include his kiss with Aria Montgomery and secrets include telling Aria about Maggie, flirting with his physics teacher to annoy his mother, disliking his own family like Ezra Fitz and kissing Aria. Jenna Marshall Maya St. This incidence led to her blindness and she developed a severe hatred towards the Pretty Little Liars gang especially towards Alison.

Question 14 Whose paper does Spencer Hastings steal and submit as her own for Russian history? The character is depicted as the paternal half-sister of Jason DiLaurentis. She is shown as someone who dislikes Spencer Hastings and the PLL gang but was later revealed as someone protecting Spencer.

The real-life portrayal of this character is by Torrey DeVitto.

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Charles is the son of Mary Drake and was born at Radley Sanitarium. He is a cousin of Alison on the show and also the half-brother of Jason. When Charles was a child, he was admitted to Radley Sanitarium due to what was described on the show as behavioural episodes. Name the PLL character who said the words mentioned in the question to Charles. Germain is shown as Emily's first girlfriend on the show Pretty Little Liars.

In one of the episodes, she moves into the DiLaurentis' old house where the two start to have feelings for each other after which they kiss.

spencer and alex alphabet dating b

Emily was not ready to come out to her family and friends and pushed Maya away at the party after they kiss. Eventually, when Emily comes out, they begin a relationship together. This is cut short when Maya was sent to a rehabilitation program after she is caught with drugs. Question 17 What was the alter ego of Alison Dilaurentis? In later episodes, Charlotte DiLaurentis used this character as an alter ego as well. Alison DiLaurentis used to dress up as this character to see what "A" was up to on the show.

Charlotte DiLaurentis used the same to run away from police after killing Darren Wilden. The discovery was made after Caleb hacked into A's phone and finds that Alison was victimized by "A" on the show. Question 18 Meredith Sorenson, who was a substitute teacher at Rosewood High, has an affair with?


Aria and Alison come to know of this when they find Meredith in his car. This character then asked Aria to keep the entire encounter a complete secret from the family which caused Aria grief when Alison would use the dark secret against her.

On their return from a foreign trip, Aria suspects that her father is seeing Meredith again. Ella finds out about the secret through a letter sent by "A" on the show. Question 19 What was the place of internship of Spencer Hastings? The town is based on a real town called Rosemont in Pennsylvania.

Rosewood, which is around 20 miles away from Philadelphia, is also not far from Brookhaven and Ravenswood.

Outside the town lies Darkette County where Radley Sanitarium is located on the show. You enjoy this year Tinders new life at WordPress. If youd like your chance, as possible.

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spencer and alex alphabet dating b

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