Ruthie and martin dating pam

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ruthie and martin dating pam

TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show 7th Heaven anytime, anywhere. Martin tells Mac to give the girlfriend thing a few weeks, since Pam(pers) just dumped him. But Mac doesn't want to wait, because the quicker. Matt then volunteers to do it, but his dating habits get him into trouble with the .. Simon is obsessed with getting his first girlfriend, while Ruthie learns the do's and Martin's aunt (guest star Keri Lynn Pratt) asks Eric to step in and talk Martin Lastly, Jimmy (guest-star Glen Poehlman) and Pat (guest-star Pam Rawuka).

He speaks at Eric's church, where his entire congregation attends the week after the church was burnt. He is sad and angry, but is relieved when the Glenoak Community Church gives him funding to rebuild. He later appears in "America's Most Wanted", where he rounds up all of the athletes who had stole items from the Varsity Cafe and brings them to the courthouse.

This causes the manager of the restaurant to drop the charges. He later appears in "Happy's Valentine", where he goes camping with his wife, Eric and Annie.

He and Eric secretly call Sgt.

ruthie and martin dating pam

Michaels to check the house and make sure everything is okay. He first appears in "The Color of God. At first, the two are not very fond of each other, but this later changes. He later appears in the episode "America's Most Wanted" where he is an eyewitness to Mary stealing a glass from a restaurant as part of a team ritual.

He appears in "Happy's Valentine", where he brings a date to the Camdens' while his parents and Eric and Annie are out of town, joining the wild party that Mary and Keesha's friends are throwing. He later becomes Matt's roommate.

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He later married to a woman named Priscilla Carter at the end of season five, his last appearance on the show. Patricia is Morgan's wife, and she is in her second marriage. When her church is burnt down she feels scared until she finds out that the church would have a new security system with volunteer cops.

They later have some marital problems, but it is quickly solved. She appears in "Happy's Valentine" where she goes camping with her husband, Eric, and Annie. During the camping trip, her ex-husband calls like usual, which drives Morgan crazy. Keesha Hamilton Gabrielle Union is the second oldest Hamilton child. She later appears in "America's Most Wanted", where she is an eye-witness of Mary stealing a glass from a restaurant as part of a team ritual.

She appears in "Happy's Valentine", where she attends a party that she is partially responsible for. She is a friend of Mary and Lucy's in a few episodes. Nigel Hamilton David Netter is the third Hamilton child. He appears in "What Will People Say?

He and Simon get in trouble for throwing popcorn. She and Ruthie fall asleep while the movie is going on. Chandler Hampton[ edit ] Chandler Hampton Jeremy London is the minister who fills in for Eric Camden while he is away having his heart bypass and recovering.

He is later asked to stay on as an associate to assist Eric in his busy schedule. Eric meets Chandler's twin brother in one episode and mistakes him for Chandler. He starts dating with Roxanne Richardson Rachel Blanchard for season 7 and was briefly engaged. They broke up in the beginning of season 8, they are still friends.

ruthie and martin dating pam

He later takes in a young boy, with the intention of adopting and moved to Pennsylvania with his adopted son and his new girlfriend. The resulting long-distance relationship between Matt and Shana fails. Shana and Matt eventually break up because Shana meets somebody else named Brett and Matt admits that he is in love with Heather.

He had been with some friends who were drinking underage and they were all arrested. Being a first time offender, he is able to avoid serious punishment by doing community service. While doing community service, he meets Mary. The coffee shop turns out to be a motel. Mary punches him and leaves.

Ruthie love Martin

He comes back a few months later to try to win back Mary. The two get back together, get engaged, and plan to move in together. She tells Mary and Mary breaks up with him because she needs to figure out her life. Eric invites Robbie to stay in the Camden house, which does not go over very well with the rest of the family. But in time, everyone came to treat Robbie like a member of the family. He and Mary started dating again and she planned to come home from New York for the summer to be with him.

She chooses to be with Wilson, and leaves Robbie heartbroken. They date only a short time before they realize that being together is awkward. Robbie then begins to date Joy Reyes. Mary and Lucy become jealous of Joy and each try to win him back. Joy breaks up with Robbie, and again, he is left heartbroken.

He dates Roxanne Richardson, whom he had known since grade seven, for a short while before leaving the Camden house to live in Florida and take care of his sick mother. Robbie has an older brother, Ronald, and a younger brother, Rick. Peter is Ruthie's boyfriend in middle school. His father, Vic, was an alcoholic who left his mother when he was young.

In the episode "Smoking" it is revealed that Peter smokes. He decides to stop smoking later in the episode because he knows Ruthie doesn't like that he smokes.

His father returns sober in the episode "The Prodigal Father" and both Peter and his mother forgive him. When Peter is caught drinking, Vic is very upset with him and gives him a lecture on how he doesn't want Peter to make the same mistakes that he himself made. Eventually Peter's mother and father get back together, despite the fact that Peter had previously hoped that his mother would marry Chandler, who she had been dating before the return of her ex-husband.

It is revealed in the season nine premiere that Peter moves away with his parents the summer before Ruthie starts high school. Ruthie isn't greatly upset about it as she was more upset with Martin for not driving her to school on her first day. He is not seen again until the episode "Leaps of Faith" when Peter's parents, who are having another baby, ask Reverend Camden to marry them. They communicate for a short while through cellphone and even planned to study in Scotland together, but Peter failed a class so his parents didn't allow him to.

They once again drift apart. Roxanne Richardson[ edit ] Roxanne Richardson — Rachel Blanchard is Kevin's partner, the object of much of Lucy's jealousy but later become close friends with Lucy and they set up girls nights out where Lucy tells Roxanne what's going on in her life with her husband. She was an old crush of Robbie, and Chandler's girlfriend. Later on, Roxanne reveals that she will be going to Iraq. She later dumps Martin, who loved her but she was not sure she felt the same.

Another reason which is not very clearly shown might be that she thought Simon was returning—whereas he only came for vacations—and they might get back together because it would no longer be a long-distance relationship. When Simon comes home at the end of season eightit was vaguely revealed that their relationship did not work out, because over the summer Cecilia went away to college, and it was only when Simon begins dating and having sex with Georgia in season nine that it is revealed that they had broken up.

Cecilia becomes very close to the Camdens while dating Simon, and even when he leaves to go to college she still spends a lot of time with his family, babysitting the twins, helping out around the house and often being there for meals, this escalates when Annie is away looking after her sick father, she is there so often that Annie becomes jealous of her role in the family, with the twins loving her and saying she is "more fun than Mommy".

Annie and Cecilia discuss this and Annie resolves her jealousy when she realizes Cecilia is just trying to help, and she continues to be part of the 'extended Camden family' until she leaves for college.

His mother died when he was young and, until he was 16, he lived with his Aunt Betsy, when his dad was deployed. During his sophomore year in high school, the Brewers moved to Glenoak. Martin walks into the Camdens' life by chance and joins the already-growing over-glut of teen boys there. He follows Ruthie and her then-boyfriend Peter to the Camden house and everyone assumes that he is a friend of Simon's, except Simon thinks that he is there to see his dad.

While Martin's aunt, an aspiring fashion designer, wants the two of them to move to New York, Eric manages to convince her to let Martin stay with them so as not to uproot him again. Martin's favorite sport is baseball and has been scouted by both colleges and professional baseball teams.

One team even offers him a contract during his sophomore year in high school which he eventually turns down to complete his education. Martin lives with the Camdens for two years before his father's tour in Iraq finally ends and he returns home. He also has fixed, rigid beliefs about sexuality and is staunchly conservative, which pleases most of the Camdens, except Simon. When Martin snoops into Simon's private affairs, Martin harps at Simon about the evils of non-marital sex when he finds out that Simon is sexually active.

Prior to his senior year in high school, while visiting Simon, Martin is not practicing what he preached about pre-marital sex, and has sex one time with a girl named Sandy Jameson.

The event results in Sandy getting pregnant. Martin graduates a semester early and, with the assistance of Eric and his high school baseball coach, starts college. He now lives near Sandy and their son. While Martin is not in the season ten finale, Sandy makes an appearance after the failed wedding of Simon and Rose. It ends with Sandy telling Simon she needs to speak with him Much speculation surrounded this, that it was in fact Simon's baby.

Ruthie falls in love with Martin in the meantime. Finally, near the end of the series, Martin declares his love for Ruthie, but then Ruthie had to choose between Martin and T-Bone.

At the end, despite all they have been through, she decides to go with T-Bone, leaving Martin heartbroken. Chief of Police Michaels[ edit ] Chief of Police Michaels Christopher Michael first appears in "Saturday" as a Sergeant who assists lost Simon, Ruthie, and Happy; he takes them home, but when they find the house empty, he escorts them to Mary's basketball game, where most of the family converge despite Mary's initial wish.

In "Happy's Valentine", Eric and Morgan call him from a camping trip to check on the kids at the house. He catches his son with beer and sends him home thereby ending the wild party.

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He also informs Eric when Simon got in the car accident. He is Kevin's boss when he is a police officer. He is later promoted to detective, then to captain. Near the series' end he is promoted to Police Chief of Glenoak.

He and Eric are friends and occasionally work together; he refers people to Eric for counseling, Eric accompanies him on death notifications, etc. Meredith Davies[ edit ] Meredith Davies — Megan Henning is Martin's ex-girlfriend, who ends their relationship after he told her about Sandy and the baby. Meredith and her siblings were taken in by Cecilia's parents, but were never legally adopted by them due to the meddling of their birth mother.

After she and Martin breakup, Meredith's younger sister tells everyone at school that Martin got Ruthie pregnant. After discovering this, Meredith quickly denies the rumor, explaining to her sister that Martin got Sandy pregnant. In the season opener, Sandy reveals she might be pregnant. This is later confirmed, and she gives birth to a baby boy named Aaron after Martin's grandfather. In the season 10 finale, she had to speak with Simon, possibly about the baby's paternity.

In season 11, she meets Jonathan, a doctor, and he proposes. Together, they decide to get married, but having gone on the RV vacation, it is unknown whether or not they get married and stay together. The two are not necessarily serious but she seems eager to engage and marry, pressuring Simon into proposing. When at first he refuses, she takes it as disinterest in her and backs away, provoking him to commit to marrying her.

By season ten they are engaged, and she makes wedding plans. The initial plan was for the two to engage at the end of their current school year and wed at the end of the following year, but she pressures him into moving the engagement date forward. During Rose's time on the show, she becomes a very disliked person by all except for Sandy Jameson, who was her one friend there. Rose is known for being selfish, rude, inconsiderate, and thoughtless, rubbing Eric and Annie the wrong way more than anyone.

BySimon and Rose change plans to marry in May, something they both wanted to be ready for, but still held insecurities and doubts. Annie, however, decides that they could not marry, and when an ex-boyfriend of Rose's surfaces in March, she sees an opportunity.

Though most had come to accept Simon dating Rose, no one knew her at all, and it was this boyfriend who convinces Rose that she is not being a good person. In the episode Invitation to Disaster, she has a sit-down confession with Annie, explaining that she has been unaware of how she was acting and that her relationship with her parents and never really being disciplined or close to them at all is part of the reason. It is her ex-boyfriend Humberto who makes her realize that she is not ready to marry and that he still has feelings for her.

So although they had gotten to the wedding day, they end up parting ways amicably. It is unknown whether they still keep in touch. Minor recurring characters[ edit ] Gladys Bink Eileen Brennan first appears in the pilot episode, where Eric pays her to pretend that she had lost a lung, breathing on an oxygen tank, and trying to still smoke cigarettes.

This trick makes Matt quit smoking. But because he does not come help her get her money down from a high shelf, she takes a hard fall and Matt and Eric visit her in the hospital.

In "Dangerous Liaisons, Part 2" she visits Mary at the hospital and persuades Annie's father to solve the problem by using her "ways" i. She has been a member of the Glenoak Community Church for many years, and has a reputation of being an excellent fundraiser.

At the end of season seven, she is diagnosed with cancer and Chandler moves into her guest house to help her out. Chandler is the minister who married Gladys to her third husband Fred, though without the blessing of Fred's mother. She is the show's most-recurring character. When he comes home for three days, he does not speak to Martin until the last day, uneasy because it might be their last conversation.

The season ten premiere discloses that he started up a landscaping business. He goes over to her house and meets her and her mother, Donna Meg Wittner. On their first date the next night, Heather runs out of the party after being teased.

Matt meets Heather there. They eventually apologize and say they want to get to know each other. In season two, she goes away to school in Philadelphia and breaks up with Matt in a "Dear John".

ruthie and martin dating pam

In season four, she transfers to Crawford College and sees that Matt is in a relationship with Shana Sullivan. In the season finale, she tells Matt she still loves him and he breaks up with Shana.

Matt and Heather decide to elope, but in the season five premiere it's revealed that she did not say "I Do" at the altar. She has Annie tell Matt it's over. She later tells Matt she has another boyfriend, but they eventually break up and she moves to New York. In season eight, Matt bumps into her on a flight to Glenoak and she says she's divorced and going back to Glenoak to move back in with her mother start over.

Matt considers going back to Heather, but he decides he loves his wife and apologizes for misleading her. This time he will not try to rescue her so he can be with her. Heather does not wish for Matt to do so either. He runs off to go fix his marriage. Cheryl Barret Swatek is Robbie's ex-girlfriend, whom he almost marries. Cheryl also dates Matt for a short while. Mary is of the few people to stand by her friend when it is revealed that she left her last school because she had a baby at Corey ended up dating Mary's longtime flame Wilson West, also a teenage single parent.

In the season nine episode "Fathers," we learn that they have married and become a blended family. He first appears in "Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line," objecting to Eric's plan to hire an ex-convict as the new organist when Mrs. At series' end he resigns as head deacon and moves away from Glenoak.

Upset, Sandy calls Eric for advice. At Mary's age, she's already married to Johnny—who verbally and physically abuses her—and raising their daughter Mercy, but still drinking, smoking, and doing other drugs. After Frankie and Johnny get busted for marijuana, Eric forbids Mary to have anything to do with them outside of work, but she is unable to comply.

Frankie eventually leaves town without her family. Season 5 Edit Ruthie learns she will have to spend another year with her teacher Ms. She discovers the manipulative fun of keeping a diary. Ruthie spreads phoney tales to draw attention away from Mary.

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Ruthie discovers Frankie and Johnny's baby, Mercy on the Camden doorstep. Annie feels slighted when Ruthie plays an unfunny joke after the twins recognize her as their mama.

Ruthie has a secret reason for skipping homeroom. Season 6 Edit Robbie gives Ruthie a playful nickname and she comes up with a less-pleasant one for Lucy. Lucy snaps at Ruthie, and teases her before bed about being called "Snookie", and it comes back to haunt her when she unwittingly ends up causing a rift in Ruthie and Robbie's relationship. Ruthie feels that Mary owes everyone an apology for the actions that led to her initial ouster from the Camden home. Ruthie is hesitant to go to a party because her friend tricked her into asking out a boy that she is already going out with.

Eric suspects that Ruthie knows a secret about Matt and Sarah, and thinks they are married already. Ruthie is corresponding by e-mail with a soldier in Afghanistan. Season 7 Edit Ruthie brings home her very first boyfriend.

When Ben picks Ruthie up from school, he sees a girl making fun of her and then she makes fun of him, which leads to the vice principal calling the police. Ruthie is in big trouble when she's caught slow dancing with her boyfriend when she's supposed to be babysitting Sam and David. Ruthie tries to figure out a way to break up with her boyfriend without making him cry. Ruthie is shocked to learn that her new upbeat friend Katelyn, suffers from cystic fibrosis. Ruthie fears that her parents may be heading for divorce court after overhearing them fight.

Ruthie's friend Peter begs her to lie and not tell his mother that he smokes. Ruthie and Peter try finding Ben a girlfriend with his training dog, but things go awry once they lose the dog. Nobody seems to understand why Ruthie is acting so irritable lately. Ruthie has gotten her period for the first time and is embarrassed to talk about it, but the family sees it as a cause for public celebration.

She also finds out a huge secret about Mary. Ruthie wonders why Peter always calls her honey or sweetie. Ruthie learns a secret about a shy, withdrawn classmate from school. Ruthie enlists Lucy's help to convince their mom that she should be allowed to attend a couples party with Peter.

Ruthie and Peter's school project lands them in trouble when they create a newspaper featuring false and derogatory stories about two former U. Ruthie is upset with Martin because she thinks he will get the garage apartment instead of her when Lucy and Kevin move out.

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ruthie and martin dating pam

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