Rusev and lana dating real life

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rusev and lana dating real life

Guerrero played the boyfriend of Chyna making them an endearing team Do you know if Rusev and Lana has ever been a real life couple?. Fan: "I thought Lana was dating Rusev in real life" Ziggler: "He thought it up and tell me to go follow @Wrestler if I want the rest of the story. The Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, and his ravishing Russian wife, Lana, . Before they even began dating in real life, they were "married" on Raw.

The self-proclaimed hippie couple, with their love of clean eating and recycling, recently gave birth to their first daughter, Birdie. In many ways, the relationship is the sort which makes many viewers jealous, but the pairing started off as an unlikely match.

Not unusually, their love story began with a romantic storyline in the ring. In an awkward setup, the Bella Twins teamed up with Daniel Bryan after mishearing Bryan talk about being a vegan and thinking he'd never had relations. The twins aimed to see who would sleep with him first. Saved by John Cena, Eve thanked him with a kiss. The storyline ended with Eve admitting she had never loved Zack and been using him for publicity.

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It led to a pretty strong period of Eve as villainess but did not do a lot for Zack who remained at lower-tier status on the roster for some years after. She moved to the independent wrestling circle where she met Michael Bennet and the two began dating. Mike had been wrestling the independent circuit since and the pairing teamed up in the ring.

They debuted as heels, with their obnoxiously close bond acting as their brand. It certainly irked audiences sufficiently. Sadly, the push did not really get off the ground before Maria got pregnant this year. It is possible the pair will return to WWE in the future but for now, love in the ring is on hold. During an episode of Live, it was revealed that Alexander was dating Alicia Fox.

When Alexander lost to Noam Dar and Dar dedicated his victory to Fox, the pair began feuding over Alicia in a classic love triangle.

rusev and lana dating real life

After Fox lost Alexander a match, he eventually broke it off with the former Divas Champion but fans were not very invested. The love triangle angle has been done to death and this threesome was obviously scripted. Miz and Maryse had flawless chemistry that made them the perfect couple for WWE. Do you know if they legitimately dated outside of WWE storylines?

Austin and Debra were announced as being married randomly. Debra managing The Rock heading into WrestleMania 17 actually played a role in the storyline of the biggest match in WrestleMania history. Tori often took dangerous bumps helping X-Pac win his matches. This was a rare instance of a woman at the time being allowed to pull off impressive moves as part of her story.

Did Tori date X-Pac in real life?

Torrie ditched the WCW side of things to become a face by dating the popular midcarder Tajiri. The two stayed together for quite some time with a lot of comedic segments helping both get cheers from the crowd. Tajiri eventually turned heel by becoming a jealous boyfriend. Wilson got involved in a few other romantic storylines going forward.

Goldust was a character that pushed the buttons of homophobia in society and was ahead of its time in many years. They worked well together for about a year until WWE decided they would be better off apart in separate stories. Did they actually date in real life?

Question 13 Yes No Santino is remembered as a comedic character for both roles as a face and a heel. It started as a heel when he became a jerk while dating the stunning Maria Kanellis on Raw. The fans turned on his face character so Santino went heel by ripping the fans and treating Maria poorly. Santino often was the butt of the jokes going forward from here. This led to Jeff Hardy and Trish Stratus dating as well for a short time period on television. Jeff helped save Trish in the ring multiple times leading to her falling for him.

It also made sense for Jeff to have a love interest given how important Matt and Lita were to each other. Did Jeff and Trish have a real relationship?

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It later became established that they were an item staying together jumping from DX to The Corporation while remaining loyal to each other. They started dating against the wishes of their respective families. Spike had to deal with his bullying brothers Bubba Ray and D-Von. Molly was dealing with her own annoying cousins of Hardcore and Crash Holly. Fans would support the underdog couple strong leading to huge pops each week. At one point, Spike was over enough to have a mini-feud with Steve Austin.

WWE News: Rusev and Lana's wedding date revealed

Was Spike and Molly a real couple? The two even worked together later on in Lucha Underground as a couple once again. Do you know if they were ever an item outside of wrestling? The role saw her playing an exhibitionist that did a dance routine on stage attempting to strip before her boyfriend Mike Knox stopped her from showing it all.

Knox and Kelly was an item on ECW for a few months until she finally broke free from his possessive nature.

rusev and lana dating real life

Question 19 Yes No WWE had a silly idea on how to make Test relevant by not only pairing him with Stacy Keibler but giving him a new branding opportunity. Stacy started referring to the Test fans as his testicles. Regardless, Keibler walking to the ring with Test helped get cheers out of love for her until they split up. Was Test and Stacy a real couple off camera? Question 20 Yes No The career of Vickie Guerrero was way more successful than anyone could have predicted.

Lana and Rusev get married in Bulgaria: Total Divas, April 26, 2017

The angle was expected to see her used for a short time period but she remained with WWE for many years. Sable witnessed her career rise during her time as the love interest and manager of Marc Mero. Unfortunately for Marc, the fans stopped paying attention to his matches and only cared about Sable once his music hit. They eventually split leading to a feud where Sable defeated Mero in multiple matches.

Question 22 Yes No WWE hoped the on-screen couple of Carlito and Torrie Wilson would give them both something to do at a time when they were struggling.

rusev and lana dating real life

Carlito was fading away in the midcard picture after WWE believed he could mature into a main eventer. Carlito and Torrie was an item for a few months on WWE television to little success.

rusev and lana dating real life

Did they date outside of the ring? Question 23 Yes No Tyson Kidd and Natalya had an entertaining act going during their time together on screen.