Pros and cons of dating a white girl

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pros and cons of dating a white girl

Pros and cons of dating a white girl. Money chatting with a counsellor who will offer a visit to the website. Christian free dating online for single. White Women: Pros & Cons - Message Board Basketball Forum - InsideHoops. Cons of dating a white girl. White men dating Asian women choose to because of her culture, language, and Overall, Russian girls are always open for dating. A while back I wrote a column about the pros and cons of practicing the I don't game or date black women anymore, then I must only approach white girls.

Less likely to have had a slutty past. Parents likely actively discouraged her from having a 'wild phase.

pros and cons of dating a white girl

Tend to stay thin and youthful looking for much longer. Tend not to have piercings, tattooes or other 'slut tells'.

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More likely to drink in moderation and be non-smokers. Tend to have more muted, tasteful, classically feminine personalities. Tend to lean more towards being submissive, traditional, and supportive rather than being aggressive, domineering, shit-test-spewing harridans.

pros and cons of dating a white girl

Less likely to be overweight. This is just personal observation, of course, but it gels with other posts I've read on the subject. To dudes here who have dated women from multiple races, did you notice anything special white chicks seem to have over women from other races? Or am I pretty much spot on about asian women being the way to go. The advantage we have in the dating market is pretty sick, despite all the SJW rabble rabble about us being all privileged and patriarchal and what all.

In fact, those stats also seem to agree with my assessment about asian women being preferable to white chicks, although latinas and black chicks are still ranked lower.

These Are the Unspoken Pros & Cons of Being in an Interracial Relationship

I have nothing to really say about those latter two categories of female though since I've never dated any - i'll leave that to someone even more culturally enriched than I. So over time you develop more of a desire to connect with different people, especially when you're different from your own.

pros and cons of dating a white girl

There is a beautiful contrast of light and dark in relationships between black men and white women, it does have a very nice look, even if neither of them may be very special-looking.

It also has the beauty of the fact that these two people of different races can't get enough of each other and that race won't keep them apart. I have known some white women who honestly say they're not really into black men though, and it really doesn't bother me. Some black men think it's racist, but it is what it is. Some of them just aren't interested, and I'm not offended by that. I must admit that I do like the way a lot of white girls are either obsessed with us or turned on by our blackness.

But we black men feel the same way. Even as a little boy meeting white girls in school and in predominantly white communities gave me a spark and made me want to impress them. Neither one of us can get enough of each other. I do like that. We're both so damn curious. We want to see what sex with each other looks like or feels like both mentally and physically. We both want to show our passion and vulnerabilities admitting themselves to each other in the sheets.

We can't help it. And I don't know about you, but there is something particularly sexy about a white girl on her knees being subservient and giving a black man a blowjob.

White girls can look good too I do like those beige beauties, but not because I think white skin is superior to dark. In truth I think black women are actually some of the most physically beautiful women in the world with some of the best bodies, and the big-breast factor in our women is always appealing.

But I also like beige girls because of their own beauty, especially when they have dark hair. And, yeah, it is always nice to see a white girl with big, heavy breasts, which the appeal in that probably does come from the fact that I've grown up in a black community.

However, the really thin ones who are crazy about being health conscious and are vegetarians or vegans are not so special-looking, lol.

Some of them have pretty faces, but they tend to look somewhat ill. A white girl with a normal body is fine to me. And I do like redheads, who doesn't? I also notice redheads tend to be busty ;- Character and personality Although every person, even of the same race, has a different personality, there is a kind of character and personality that can be stronger in different races. One of the things I like about white girls is their bright expressiveness and enthusiasm.

Sure, some are blahzay and not very colorful, but in a lot of my experience there is a difference.


Some women of other races tend not to be very surprised about anything, or don't express much surprise, but with white women they can be quite expressive. I love the way they just burst into major thrills when they see my artwork and 3D origami models that I make. They really enjoy it and get really animated about it, to the point where I can be shy about it in public, lol.

Some of them will buy it from me right on the spot, and they like it so much that they will even pay more than the price I set for it. I do notice that white females tend to have an appreciation for stuff like that.

pros and cons of dating a white girl

Even in conversations, white girls tend to be more enthusiastic, which I do like. Though sometimes depending on the topic and the mood, I just want to close my ears, lol.

But overall their enthusiasm keeps me sprung and can even make my day. Even their voices can be sexy - not the ones that talk super proper or Clueless-like lol - just the basic sound of the white female voice. Although you have many white females today all about independence and giving up feminine values, you also still have many others who don't mind cooking, being a feminine, loving mom, being into traditional feminine activities, and being ladylike. Some black people who oppose white women and think black women are better call this being "docile," and even say it about Latinas and Asian women.

It does still seem to be that white women still care more about feminine values in many ways, and I do appreciate that. Even in Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, they are very traditional and feminine, and their men seem to take it for granted, especially in Russia where domestic violence against women is high.

No wonder they want to be taken care of by men in the west who are more liberal. American women try to say European women are gold-diggers and only want us for the money, yet American women marry and divorce at much higher rates, and also for the money, so they're not in any position to accuse anybody. Russian men have low life expectancies, terrible alcohol problems, and take their problems out on their women.

So they really have no right getting so angry when Russian women want to leave, or would rather want to be with black men who come into the country. The things I hate If it's one thing I absolutely cannot stand, it's the white girls who feel like they need to be black in order to be with black men.

They start talking black and acting black, and will try to put on that pinched, stern face when they're with their kids in public, because they see the ghetto black mothers doing it so they try to imitate it too, and say the same kinds of things, "Get ova here 'fore I whoop your ass! It's like I always say: Some try to justify it and say "It's just who I am," just because they like black people or grew up around black people.