Pokemon dating sim x and y

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pokemon dating sim x and y

Pokémon Bank is an application and service for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y that will allow you to deposit, Pokémon Sun, and Pokémon Moon—including the downloadable versions—to a single game. Release Date: February 5, I can see if Game Freak implements romance and dating sim into the game, it will work Some are even more expensive than Pokemon X/Y!. For Pokemon X on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "can you date in pokemon x I just got the game and am attracted to one of the characters , is there a way I could date them Pokemon Y Name: Benjamin.

Additionally, thanks to Pokecommunity users MightyBirdy and buley, these versions can be used to play online.

No account? No worries.

Viola nerf built in: If you opt to add the wild Pokemon changes from the other versions, breeding the Pokemon you catch will result in legal offspring. This change speeds up that process significantly. Mart and trainer changes from the legal version of the hacks are retained; you'll still be able to get most TMs and Mega Stones before defeating the Pokemon League Access to online features allows you to browse the wasteland that is the XY GTS, receive countless Zigzagoons from wonder trade, and battle your friends while retaining most of EXWY's changes Screenshots: If there are problems with the images below, screenshots can also be found here.

Game files and documents can be found here.

pokemon dating sim x and y

Downloading from Drive can be a bit slower than other options, but it has the benefit of allowing you to skim through the documentation to see if you like the changes first. Because the hacks don't support title updates, the Lumiose save glitch is still in the games; do NOT save in the North or South Boulevard.

Saving inside a building is perfectly safe, however.

pokemon dating sim x and y

Download the game files from the link above, then follow one of the included installation guides. If you have Luma custom firmware, I highly recommend using the Quick Install guide; this is a simple drag-and-drop process, and doesn't require you to build anything.

If you don't have custom firmware, you can either head over to https: Note that your firmware version may be unable to run homebrew if you've kept it up-to-date.

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If they're too expensive, you can sell the Stones held by the wild Pansage, Pansear and Panpour found in Santalune Forest. The two on one battle vs Celosia and Bryony in Lysandre Labs is completely optional; it's also pretty ridiculous in all versions, so you might want to save before taking them on.

The two on one battle vs Shauna and Tierno on Route 19 is not optional; they can't use Mega Evolution, though, so use this to your advantage. Entering a triple battle with less than three Pokemon will cause your game to crash. The earliest triple battle is the first battle against Professor Sycamore on Insanity Mode, so it is recommended that you have at least three Pokemon in your party before then even if you don't intend to use two of them.

There are more triple and rotation battles later in the game, so it would be a good idea to keep a party of at least three Pokemon from that point on.

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The wild Pokemon and mart changes aren't showing up for me, but everything else is - what gives? You can fix this by uninstalling the update. How do I uninstall a title update?

pokemon dating sim x and y

Are Pokemon from the Legal Version safe for use online? In most cases, no. Like this… Mega Mewtwo Y. Yeah damn badass in both looks and destructive power. Another feature they have in game is called the Friend Safari.

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The Friend Safari is small room with a large patch of long grass. For each friend you have on the list; it will contribute to the types of pokemon that appear in that room. Pokemons you normally cant get from the usual story mode can be acquired with the friend safari. Each friend will have 2 3 if your friend have defeated the Elite 4 random pokemon of the same type assign to them.

If that is not enough, the pokemon from the friend safari is stronger than usual as they can have hidden abilities and will have at least 2 31 IVs on 2 random stats.

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So there are actually A LOT of things to do post game. Also certain legendaries are only unlocked post game. You can check THIS out for more info on it. Also includes pokemon available from the safari.

Talking about friend safari. Feel free to add me.