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I'm dating Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Prince. Yes, I'm dating Harry Potter's twin. I look back to Aj and grab her hand, just as Neville and Luna show up. [Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator x Reader Collection] The move wasn't that huge . The name is Sim, the age is nineteen, and the location is unfortunately the Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood meet again, after a long time out of touch. epic final battle, Neville Longbottom has never had a second date with anybody. In the world of Harry Potter, we kinda wished and hoped that all our favorite characters would couple off in the end. While the first two couples did — and have so far, save a few bumps — and have made their relationships work, Luna Lovegood knows deep down in her heart, she.

Rowling shut this theory down in a tweet containing only two words: On the very same day, JKR tweeted: Like Harry himself, the prequel theory somehow survived. Months after the announcement of the play, J. Rowling was still trying to reject that Cursed Child was a prequel.

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In an October tweet, she replied to a fan who asked the same freaking prequel question and even called her ambiguous! Please sobsplease tell me this is a joke. On that note, there is an add-on theory that also claims that Snape is probably at least partially a vampire, and the entire reasoning behind it is because the professor tells his students during Prisoner of Azkaban to turn in essays on how to recognize and kill a werewolf. Because, you know, vampires and werewolves are longstanding rivals, so that has to be the logical conclusion, right?

As a matter of fact, J. Rowling tweeted out that she had never even heard of this theory beforeand that Draco was definitely not a werewolf nor was Snape a vampire.

Rowling and screenwriter Steve Kloves talked about being careful in their own writings for people to not jump to the conclusion that Harry was imagining things. Rowling agreed with Steve Kloves that it was important to drive that point in the script, especially since she had heard more than once that fans theorized about Harry imagining the entire series up. Essentially, this theory is just not true. Forbidden, in which quirky Luna and clumsy Neville would find their way to one another and begin an unlikely yet fitting romantic partnership.

However, there is one more thing the general public tends to forget about: The building still looked old, dingy and intimidating, but rather than having blown out windows it had bars on the windows. The man chuckled, 'Wait until you meet the folk who will be training you up,' he said, 'front doors just up that path. He felt relieved when he got closer and saw others making their way through the front doors into the building which was a little more inviting on the inside, but that wasn't saying much.

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The only thing in the room was a large wooden desk with a grumpy looking old woman sitting behind it. Following the other 3 people Harry walked up to the desk and waited until he was first in line. He found a dark, dingy stairwell and like the woman had instructed he followed it up onto the third floor and entered through the first door he saw.

The room he emerged into was fairly small, but almost full. There was a circle of chairs arranged in the room and a blackboard at the front. It was fairly dark with small, thin windows. In the circle there were 11 seats, 8 of which were filled. Most of the people here looked about his age, a couple maybe one or two years older, yet he didn't recognise anyone and he felt as though he should have.

People stared when they saw him, realising he was Harry Potter, it irritated him but he ignored the staring and whispering and sat down in one of the vacant chairs next to a blonde-haired boy. As he looked around the room properly Harry did actually recognise a few people, he was surprised to see Seamus on the other side of the room, he grinned at Harry when he saw him and Harry couldn't help but wonder how long Seamus would last here.

He also recognised Susan Bones, a Hufflepuff who had been in his year at Hogwarts and who he knew had been part of the DA, as he recalled she had also fought rather well in the final battle. However he didn't recognise the other 5 people in the room, but they all looked slightly older than him. As Harry contemplated if this was everyone a man walked in, dressed in an Aurors uniform with a buzz cut and a lot of scars covering his face. He was grimacing at them all, probably not a good sign.

He took one of the two remaining seats, leaving an empty chair between himself and Harry. He didn't say anything as he surveyed the group of recruits, Harry was beginning to feel incredibly uncomfortable until someone he knew well walked into the room. I've never seen a more sorry group of kids in my bloody career, and believe me I've been doing this a long time.

By the time you emerge from this programme as fully-fledged Aurors there will be four of you left. One of you will probably die, two of you will be asked to leave, two of you will crack under the pressure and one of you will transfer to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement before the year is up.

You will have two allies in this building during your time here, your training partner and me. My name is Senior Auror Sumner, and those of you who learn to do exactly as I say are going to be the ones who emerge fully qualified in three years' time.

Meal times are at 7am, 12 noon and 6pm every day, miss it and you go hungry. Like most wizarding buildings this place was much bigger on the inside than it appeared on the outside.

Next door through here,' Sumner said as he walked through a door into another sizeable room, 'is the fitness centre where you will spend your afternoons on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It was raining outside so instead of taking them out to the outdoor area Sumner showed them through one of the cleaner windows in the duelling room. This hallway was long and thin with several doors leading off of it, the doors had plaques on them but none of them had names yet.

There were 6 doors in total. Each room has its individual bathroom and at the end of the hall you have a common room which tends to gather dust and never gets used. No of course not! You have lectures boy, they could easily fall on a Saturday or Sunday! Most Saturdays you'll be training on the broomsticks, and usually you'll be in the potions labs on Sundays.

You get time off when I say you get time off. You eat, sleep and work on this base, you leave when everyone else leaves. Everyone was silent as they followed the Senior Auror, this was a shock for all of them, not just Harry. They all had ideas and expectations of what Auror training would be like, and none of them had imagined this. They eventually ended up back on one of the lower floors in the duelling room where they were told to sit down in another circle of chairs that Sumner had conjured.

He stayed on his feet as the recruits took their seats. If you can't, you're walking out the door of this place for good, understood? First things first, you're all going to introduce yourselves. Tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to be an Auror,' Sumner said curtly, 'after that I'm going to be pairing you up randomly for doubles duelling.

Once I've seen who works well together, and who doesn't, I'll assess over lunch who your training partners are going to be. Potter, you seem to like talking about yourself to the papers, why don't we start with you?

Contrary to common belief I've only ever given one interview, and that was to the Quibbler in my 5th year,' he glanced at Sumner who seemed vaguely amused, 'and I want to be an Auror because I realised when the war was over that the only thing I'm actually any good it is kicking death eaters arses.

Longbottom, you're his sidekick, carry on. Sumner continued to go around the circle, and Harry listened carefully, getting to know the people who could theoretically be his competition. I knew I wanted to be an Auror from about 3rd year really, I guess it's just been my calling in life since pretty much all of my family have been involved in law enforcement in some way.

She had red hair, slightly lighter than Ginny's and green eyes. I helped blow up a bridge which took down tons of death eaters. I want to be an Auror because I enjoyed fighting in the war, I felt pretty good at it and I want to do it for the rest of me life. He could fight, but they doubted he'd do well in the potions lab, or on the brooms, or in the written part of the process in general.

I got the best grades I could have done in all of my subjects and I want to be an Auror because I want to do some good in this tragic post-war world,' Kevin said pompously, even Sumner snorted at this as he moved onto the next person in the circle who Harry couldn't believe he hadn't recognised until he spoke. Put away the people that hurt those I love and keep the world a safer place, so I joined the programme. I didn't stay to fight in the final battle, although I did punch Pansy Parkinson in the face and knock her unconscious after we were led away to the dungeons.

I want to be an Auror because I want to go down the career path I want, not the career path my family want for me, and I've always wanted to be an Auror since I was a pretty little kid.

I blame the sorting hat, I think I'm the only person who's been a hat stall between Gryffindor and Slytherin. When the rules were lessened I took my chances and joined up,' the man speaking looked a little wild with a dark beard and long hair, Harry knew there had been someone called 'MacDougal' in his year, a Ravenclaw, but he couldn't remember anything else about them. This person might have been an older brother after all they were both very broadly Scottish.

He's in his last year so thankfully I won't see him much around here since he'll be out on placement a lot. My story is pretty similar to Regina's, I've wanted to be an Auror ever since my brother came home the Christmas of his first year of training and told me about it.

It was larger than the one they had used in the duelling club at Hogwarts, higher and wider, with steps leading up to it. You know how to duel in doubles? For the next little while the 4 girls duelled, switching around so they all had a short chance to duel with all of the other girls. Harry and Neville watched with the other 4 boys and realised quickly the strongest of the group was Susan, but Daphne was fairly good too.

Regina and Olivia were fairly standard to them, but then they expected a high standard considering what they had just witnessed only months earlier. When Sumner had taken enough notes and seemed satisfied he called them down and handed them each a bottle of water. Only Regina and Olivia really needed it though, Susan and Daphne barely touched theirs.

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Longbottom and Entwhistle, you two up first against…' Sumner contemplated this, eventually deciding, 'MacDougal and Finnigan. Neville tended to use defensive spells, but he was clever with them, deflecting them, sending them back, shooting his own in between putting up shield charms. Harry realised once more how much he had underestimated Neville Longbottom, he really had transformed in recent years.

It was more even, but Lee and Neville both used defensive spells so it didn't work out great and Harry wasn't very compatible with Hamish since he kept running in front of Harry's spells accidentally. It worked out alright for Seamus and Lee who had a good rapport and worked well together, but Harry was trying with all his might not to curse Kevin who was doing his head in.