Ncis fanfiction tony and ziva secretly dating

Tiva Date Chapter 1: Making Plans, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction

ncis fanfiction tony and ziva secretly dating

Gibbs took a closer at his team as Tony, Ziva, Abby, McGee, Palmer and Ducky stood . When that ended, Ziva and I resumed dating in secret. Tony and Ziva have been secretly dating for about 7 months. No One at NCIS knows. What happens when Ziva forgets to take something off?. Tony has been dating somebody for two years now without the teams what ( adds mystery to the story)) Ziva has left NCIS but is still in DC.

Since, um, well almost a year now. Ziva laughed a little. McGee started to stutter nervously: I was just pretty surprised.

[ NCIS ] tony and ziva - secret love

She's the love of my life. What he didn't know was that these words caused Ziva to shiver. And how is she like? Tony rolled his eyes. His co-worker was way too curious. He had to be careful with choosing his words. She has her own opinion and always says what's on her mind. Plus she's totally individual.

She's perfect for me and I love her with all my heart. Tony when will you finally learn. My girlfriend opened my eyes. I don't have a new one. Almost one year now. So, how does she look like? Ziva tried really hard not to look up or make a comment but instead pretended to be totally focused on her work. She was glad nobody realized that she was that quiet.

Tony continued to speak: Ziva looked up, staring at him, then turned her attention back to work. There was silence for a couple minutes. Then Abby started to speak again: Tony stared at Abby and McGee. He should have seen that one coming.

Tony had never been that glad to see his boss entering the bullpen before. Tony shook his head. So, you did sleep with her, right? Tony kept calm and answered: We don't want to rush anything. We're both absolutely comfortable. We're happy that we have what we have.

When he grinned even brighter, she quickly stared at her computer screen again.

ncis fanfiction tony and ziva secretly dating

What are you doing over there? She should have known. The rest of the team didn't notice but of course Gibbs did. He always noticed when she was that quiet.

Family And The Loss Chapter 1: Ziva & Tony Talk, a ncis fanfic | FanFiction

The others followed him. Let me tell you one thing. There is never the right place, time, words. When Tony nodded, he continued: Tony smiled and took a step back.

Ziva could now hear their conversation again. Is she at work? Before it's too late. I meant to ask her but I waited too long. Tony took a step towards his boss and said: Now off you go! Then he pulled out a black velvet box and took it in his left hand. He wouldn't do this. At the office and. Nah, he wouldn't do it, or would he? Tony stepped over and knelt down right in front of Ziva's desk. Ziva looked up in shock.

ncis fanfiction tony and ziva secretly dating

The doctor nodded and squeezed a bit of gel over Ziva's stomach. She moved the ultrasound wand over Ziva's very round belly. He leaned down and kissed Ziva. Tony continued rocking with his daughter, softly singing. She had been in labor for nearly eighteen hours and their daughter was finally making her way into the world.

Ziva squeezed his hand as she put her chin to her chest. A loud wail filled the room as Ziva laid back on the pillow. As Tony cut the cord, he glanced over at Ziva and watched as her head drooped down to her side and the heart monitor started flatlining.

The nurses shoved Tony out of the room and he watched from the hall in horror as the doctor and the nurses began performing CPR on Ziva. Abby and McGee had just stepped off the elevator and saw Tony crying. Katie is alive and fine," said Tony allowing a sigh of relief wash over the godparents.

DiNozzo," said the doctor as she came out. The stress must have been too much for her. She went into cardiac arrest and we could not revive her. One of the nurses took the baby from him so they could take her to the nursery and Tony sat down in the chair next to his dead wife's bed.

Ziva was clammy and pale but still somewhat warm. He took one of her hands and sobbed.

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Why didn't I have your six? What am I going to do Ziva? I can't live without you. I meant it when I said it in Somalia. And I meant it when I said it at our wedding. While her birth had been joyous, the loss of the love of his life had been horrendous. On Valentine's Day nonetheless. Tony walked into the living room and sat on his sofa.

The scrapbook that Abby had made for him laid on the coffee table. He started with the first page and turned page after page. Photos of him and Ziva from eight years of love and friendship filled the first several pages, followed by a picture of a positive pregnancy test.

Then came pictures from their ceremony at City Hall. Abby had worn her red and black dress to match McGee's tuxedo. Then there were more pictures of Ziva as her belly grew bigger. Then there was the ultrasound picture from the day they found out Katie was a girl. In bright pink letters above the ultrasound picture, the words "Caitlin Tali DiNozzo" were spelled out. Abby had taken a few pictures of Katie after her birth while Tony had been mourning Ziva.

The funeral had been the worst part of the ordeal.

ncis fanfiction tony and ziva secretly dating

Tony just couldn't say goodbye, even during his giving the eulogy. February 17th, "Hi everyone," started Tony as he stood in front of the casket in the cemetery.

So here it goes. Abby was holding Katie in one arm, while dabbing her eyes with the other. Ari had killed my first partner, Kate. Over the next few months, when Ziva joined our team, we became close. We had movie nights up until the summer ofwhen she learned that her father had been spying on us. I will admit, we had a fling at that time.

I loved her with all of my heart. Gibbs had been gone from the team and so Rule 12, his rule, wasn't in effect. But when he came back, we had to end it publicly. We still dated, but I had to see a girl undercover so we could get close to her dad, who was an arms dealer.

ncis fanfiction tony and ziva secretly dating

When that ended, Ziva and I resumed dating in secret. Jenny's death was the last straw. The team was split up, and Ziva and I ended things. I wasn't sure I was ever going to see her again. And the team was reunited. And then it turned out she was undercover dating her Mossad partner that went rogue.

And then there was Somalia. When I thought Ziva had died on the Damocles, I didn't want to live. I couldn't live without her. But then there was hope when the Dubai team said that a woman, possibly Mossad, was being held captive.

I knew that I still had hope that Ziva was alive. So we went and rescued her. For a few months Ziva stayed quiet about what happened in Somalia, but when we went to Paris, that changed. She finally opened up to me about the months of torture and abuse she endured.

My ninja was fierce and strong. Then we started dating in secrecy again. I missed her naturalization ceremony because I was sent on a mission. And then she met that CIA bastard who broke her heart a year later. After the bombing at NCIS, we started dating again and this time, we opened up more to each other.

It was only when we resigned a year later that Ziva and I took the big step. We found out we were having a baby, and then we finally said 'I Do.

My little girl was on her way. But my world came crashing down when Ziva died in her hospital bed. Ziva, her aorta burst from the stress of her labor. It was so sudden that the doctors couldn't revive her. What could I do?