Mack wilds and nyemiah dating

Sisterhood of Hip Hop episode 3 best moments

mack wilds and nyemiah dating

Nyemiah Supreme is a rising hip hop star from Jamaica Queens who reality television, “beef” with Diamond and her date with Mack Wilds. Sep 6, Tristan Paul Mack Wilds is best known for his acting roles as Michael Lee and Dixon Wilson on HBO's "The Wire" and CW's "". Aug 6, Top 5 rules to dating as a #PYNKGirl that will help you navigate the Mack Wilds has been gearing up to release his sophmore album and.

The duo talk potential future collaborations, flirt, and exchange digits. Diamond takes a break from praying and bashing Nyemiah to meet up with her manager Brian. He encourages the ATL diva to buckle down and get more focused on getting her brand moving on the East Coast. Siya finally gets up the nerve to confront Tank with her homeboy Kael coming along for back up.

mack wilds and nyemiah dating

She hits Tanks with her irritation over not being active while all of her fellow Hip-Hop sisters are making moves and his response is basically suck it up buttercup. There is no budget for Siya and no resources to put the proper team together.

Tank checks Kael quick, fast, and in a hurry; leading to Siya leaving no better off than when she came through the door. The two met during a Ludacris video and have been tight ever since. Nyemiah finally has dinner with Mack Wilds and things start off perfectly. He quickly tries to recover the situation with an apology but to no avail.

The moment is gone.

Nyemiah Supreme reveals baby bump

The pair actually look good together. Siya bites the bullet and finally goes back to her apartment to deal with Renaye. She has been gone for two days by this point and Renaye was on the war path. The two argue about their usual issues but agree to try and work things out.

Nyemiah meets up with her manager and Michelle to give up the tea about her date with Mack Wilds.

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When they find out that things took a sour turn, they accuse Nyemiah of not giving Mack a fair shake due to her past dramas. She agrees and admits that she did call Mack to apologize but only got his voice-mail.

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Through the entire show she showcases her passion to be not only an MC but also a brand. She is doing music video features, has her own cell-phone case line, and is in an all-girl band she put together. Kudos to you girl for being a girlboss and not waiting for any man or label to determine your path! Bia Landrau, a Spanish Aaliyah, gives young girls a positive role model to look up to. She is heavily involved with and supportive of her fourteen-year-old sister and best friend, ensuring she stays on the right path.

Although she dresses sexy enough to leave the guys drooling, she leaves them with a little something for the imagination and plays no games when it comes to her music, proving you can have beauty and brains even when your mentor is Pharrell Williams. Which brings me to Brianna Perry.

mack wilds and nyemiah dating

I respect this girl like no other. Not only does she show you upfront how you can be signed to a major label and still have to hustle and grind on your own dime, but she also showcases the most important value of all—family support.

In this day and age, at the end of the day without a support system, you can easily find yourself as nothing but another artist.

KiKi, believed in her daughter and took the journey to LA using her own bank account and dealt with some not-so-glamorous situations and made it work. KiKi to pay for studio time, videos, and the cost of living in LA all on their own.

No more, tight budget girl! A positive aspect of the show was when the girls were brought together by hit maker Irv Gotti of Murder Inc. The girls pulled it together and had an amazing show.