Lawson bates and jana duggar dating

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lawson bates and jana duggar dating

Rumors are swirling Jana Duggar has entered into a courtship with is dating one of her good friends, Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates. Jana Duggar's failed romances revisited. After rumors she had once considered dating “Bringing Up Bates” star Zach Bates, a report surfaced in April that Jana was seen his younger brother, Lawson Bates. Lawson's. William Lawson Bates is the son of Gil and Kelly Bates. Date of Birth . bates/.

Jessa just welcomed a second child and Jill is pregnant again. Even the family pariah Josh Duggar and wife are expecting. Folks are wondering how Jana really feels always being a bridesmaid and surrogate mom and never the bride and mother.

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And why is bachelorette Jana a bigger deal than her bachelor twin brother John David? Advertisement It would be the ultimate reality TV couple to join up one from each of the two supersized shows. It would be Romeo and Juliet only without the family feud!

But as cute a couple as the reality television stars might make, Jana and Lawson are not an item. They are friends and happy to remain that, but will Jana ever find love?

lawson bates and jana duggar dating

Jana Duggar alone but not lonely? With one son courting and ten kids under the age of 20, Papa Duggar has lots of hope for his large brood. His kids who have kids have made no mention of slowing down anytime soon.

The only dark spot might be twins Jana and John David, both single at age 28, which is practically geriatric in the Duggar household, and Jinger, who is only just getting started on her family. Jeremy and Jinger actually practice a different faith from the one that Jinger was raised within the Duggar household.

lawson bates and jana duggar dating

Jeremy and Jinger do not follow the strict Baptist faith that is practiced in the Duggar house. Jeremy follows and preaches a different form of fundamentalist Christianity in his work as a pastor.

lawson bates and jana duggar dating

And as his wife, Jinger is expected to follow suit. This is apparently a cause of a lot of the tension between Jeremy and Jim Bob.

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The two clash on a number of different values and beliefs - like their stance on women in pants. But luckily, insiders say the Duggars actually support Jeremy and Jinger's decision. The two faiths aren't in contradiction to one another generally speaking.

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Jeremy and Jinger have never bashed the family's faith and so all is still well. In fact, they exclusively listened to Christian music. And in one season of Counting On, Jessa's husband Ben actually forms a friendship with a Christian rapper.

lawson bates and jana duggar dating

Ben is able to visit him on tour, record with him in the studio and join him on stage. While trying to prove that Christian music can be cool, Ben may have gone a bit far. But it turns out that Jinger has been filling her iPod with something else. Jinger first made it clear that she listens to non-Godly music when she endorsed her mother in law's charity, Swan4Kids, which uses music to connect with children of incarcerated parents.

The charity uses both Christian and secular music. It may seem trivial but this is a big step to a Duggar. Unfortunately, their legal battles are not over yet. In the midst of the scandal, some of the eldest Duggar sisters, including Jinger, were named as the victims of Josh's exploits.

Jana Duggar’s Complete Dating History, 4 Men She’s Been Rumored To Court

The girls argued that because they were underage at the time of the incidents and investigation, their names should not have been made public. Spending time with us is like hanging out with friends who keeps the conversation clever, quick, and classy. We dish out the good stuff on all your favorite celebs, add expert analysis, then move on to the next hot topic, all without breaking a sweat.

Radar Online has exclusively learned that the new mom broke family tradition by insisting on delivering her daughter in a hospital instead of at home. The mother of two returned to work as a midwife earlier this year. But a source close to the Duggars told Radar that Jinger insisted on going to the hospital from the beginning. Joy-Anna also had to switch up her delivery routine at the last minute due to a crisis.

Jinger is known for being one of the most rebellious Duggars.

Jana Duggar’s Complete Dating History, 4 Men She’s Been Rumored To Court

However, one of their adult children still remains unmarried in their Arkansas abode: Still, a years-old, Jana remains unattached. Waiting is not always easy. However, she does have some competition if she wants to be the subject of the next big announcement. Currently, there are three Duggar boys who are off-age, with twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah being 19 and Jason being Joy-Anna Duggar and Kendra Caldwell just gave fans their first good look at the homemade bridesmaid dresses that they walked down the aisle in when Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson tied the knot.

JANA ALREADY COURTING?!! Lawson Bates SHARES Jana Duggar Photo And Quickly Deletes It!!! WHY??!

The two girls both gave birth to their first children this year, and fans think that motherhood looks good on them. The members of the family who made appearances in them included the two Counting On couples who most recently became parents. Their son, Garrett, was born on June 8. As previously reported, Josiah and Lauren tied the knot on June 30, so Kendra only had three weeks to recover from giving birth before she had to slip on her bridesmaid dress.

After seeing her in the video, some fans were seriously impressed at how fast she bounced back from having a baby.