Key and park hyung seop dating simulator

park hyung seop key dating after divorce

key and park hyung seop dating simulator

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Park hyung seop key dating after divorce

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key and park hyung seop dating simulator

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key and park hyung seop dating simulator

Develop A Thick Skin. Key and HyeongSeop meet for coffee.

key and park hyung seop dating simulator

Both Key and HyeongSeop uploaded pictures of them from that date. They deleted them since. Key texts HyeongSeop and they talk about having a meal together. See the picture HyeongSeop tweeted. Oh yeah January HyeongSeop tweet a picture of him with Key at karaoke. He says they are singing SHINee songs together and they went to eat after.

This happened in Kuala Lumpur. The very next day was the Golden Disk Awards where Key attended so they most likely traveled together to Malaysia. Key and HyeongSeop meet friends. HyeongSeop posts pictures of Key. Seop tweets an other part of their kakaotalk messages.

HyeongSeop says in an interview that he knows Key from their childhood in Daegu and that now they meet like friends, going shopping and get coffee.

The KeySeop thread <3 - Couples/OTPs - OneHallyu

Seop tweets a picture of them and more are publicly posted. March 26 my birthday, yay! Key goes to the second day of the Seoul Fashion Week and meet Seop again.

They both posted pictures of themselves.

key and park hyung seop dating simulator

Seop uses a picture of them from the previous day as his twitter icon. During that week, Seop deleted thousands of his tweets and all of his pictures with Key. The restaurant is called Mamamia and is located in Itaewon, close or in the Homo Hill district. April 14 and April Key and HS posted pictures of themselves in a park wearing similar clothes. Also, Seop is wearing a necklace pretty much the same as the one Key bought when he went to London a few months before.

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Key reuploads a picture of them at Mamamia restaurant from april. Lee Hyo Sup from Etude House post a picture from the Mamamia restaurant with other friends and models. Key and HyeongSeop meet with friends at Mamamia restaurant.