Kenyan culture and dating

8 things Kenyan men do that annoy their women - Entertainment News

kenyan culture and dating

See What Kenyan Men Were Doing To This White Lady (see Photos) health ( 55 per cent), age (51 per cent) and cultural background (48 per cent). the first date than any other age group polled, with a significant number. Alexandros, on the other hand, admits that dating in Kenya can be a challenge, especially when it comes to cultural habits, even if it does open. There is a difference in dating practices between those in urban areas and those in rural areas. In the urban parts of Kenya, dating usually begins at around the.

The skin tone of a Kenyan woman matches well with different make-ups making them look good always. Her dark to light skin tone, lips and hair make her the most attractive creation to look at.

Different Colors of make-up on her face coupled with various inventive things she does to her hair makes her nothing short of breathtaking.

8 things Kenyan men do that annoy their women

Many people know them as very violent when someone disrespects the person they love. I guess they got this trait from seeing their loved one treated as slaves by the colonialists. When it comes to love, they love hard.

kenyan culture and dating

She stimulates discussions She does not just give you whatever you like, but you have to hunt for what you want. This makes you appreciate her better and respects her opinions and intelligence. With a Kenyan woman, you can be assured of a lasting relationship because she knows how to rouse the hunter in you.

She is physically fit With many people lamenting about rising obesity of the blacks, a Kenyan woman know how to take care of her body through regular exercise. Again, 50 per cent of the men polled preferred a woman who works part-time while 39 per cent were fine with women who worked full time. Just 11 per cent wanted women who did not work at all.

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Financial decisions The power struggle in relationships does not, however, spill over into money as 70 per cent of the men polled would prefer a woman who makes financial decisions jointly with them. Only 17 per cent are comfortable making all the financial decisions on their own, against four per cent who would leave financial decision-making to the woman.

A sizeable nine per cent said it did not matter. Although women like to think that men are all the same, age seems to make them as different as day and night.

Kenyan men seem better and more open-minded in the lower age brackets. Younger men, for instance, are markedly different from their middle-aged and older counterparts in their preferences. Those between 18 and 25 find strong independent Kenyan women very attractive and a good match for them while those who are over 35 see the same women as too intimidating and too much trouble. More men aged between 26 and 35 would like to have sex with their future wife on the first date than any other age group polled, with a significant number across the board keen on action after five dates.

Those between 18 and 25 would like to wait until they are married or at least after they are engaged.

kenyan culture and dating

The same group had the highest number of people who did not think it did not matter. For men who are 35 years or older, cultural background is the most important determiner of their current relationship, followed by character and health, then trailed by level of education, love and affection, financial status and age, with physical appearance as the least consideration. Men between 18 and 25 are smitten by good looks, conscious of age, interested in financial status before they figure out how much love and affection exists in their current relationships.

You sound like a broken record, anyway. You saw her across the room or street right? My friend, just like smelling nice, to stand out, you spend money.

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Her trendy clothes, make-up, hair, shoes and accessories cost money. So what makes you imagine you can just date her while keeping your wallet firmly shut? Nobody says you should take over all her responsibilities. Thing is, to get something you must give something. Even a blind man could have seen that coming.

No such thing as free lunch, fellas! Also, please tip decently.

10 Rewarding Reasons to Date Kenyan Women

When you tip poorly, you come off as a cheap guy. No woman wants to be seen with a cheap man.

kenyan culture and dating

Lack etiquette and never dress for occasions This I shall keep brief. Kenyan women really try to be fashionable.

kenyan culture and dating

Make an effort at appearance. Groom and dress nice, especially for occasions.

10 Exceptional Reasons to Date Kenyan Men

Smell nice pay special attention to oral hygiene. Take care of your bodies and health. Keep the uncouth talk to when you are hanging out with your boys. Compliment her without being overly sexual. Ladies love a man with some element of mystery, so always maintain your cool, gentlemen. No need to announce why you are going to the gents. Excuse yourself and leave. Wash those hands after you are done.

kenyan culture and dating

That makes women nervous. Team mafisi, tone it down These types of men are always ogling and simply cannot keep their zippers up.