Jake updegraff and scott ho ying dating

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Scott Hoying is the under-appreciated assistant to Mx Mitch Grassi. When it didn't work, Scott rushed back out and walked up to Jake, the. #ALEXANDER KIRK I CANNOT HANDLE YOU#JAKE UPDEGRAFF IMMA if that is not boyfriend goals for you then you seriously need reevaluate what you want I'll say at least 5: Beyonce Knowles, Kirstin Maldonado, Scott Hoying, Esther. Jake updegraff and scott ho ying dating. Category. jake · updegraff · scott · ying · dating. Jake updegraff and scott ho ying dating. Jake updegraff and scott ho.

It really was a gorgeous room.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Floor-to-ceiling windows spanned one wall, bathing the room in sunlight. There was a massive King-sized bed in the middle of the room, covered in a mountain of pillows.

A fireplace sat just to the side of the bed, and there were two adjoining bathrooms; one for the bath and shower, and the other for the toilet and sink. Between the two bathroom doors, sat a huge armoire. Scott will stay in here with you. It's been a long day; even longer for you guys, what with the travelling. Mitchell slipped out of the bathroom and darted for the bed, dodging around Scott and his makeshift bed on the floor. Since he'd been counting on the hotel room, he hadn't packed pyjamas, and therefore was left to sleep in his boxers and an old shirt he'd brought for contingency matters.

But I can't do that here. So, I made do. It took him a second to realize it was his phone. On the floor, Scott groaned. Mitchell located the bag in question and fell out of the bed to grab it.

Jenny, hey, sorry, I can't hear you! No, I'm in Alaska! He wrapped a dressing gown around himself, and left the room. Scott gratefully slumped back onto his makeshift 'bed' and went back to sleep. By the time Scott had woken up again and actually left his room, Mitchell was standing out on the lawn, looking very distraught.

Is Mitchell allergic to anything? I wanna take her for lunch today. Nonna and I are making pancakes for the happy couple. Where is Mitchell anyway? I think he might still be outside. I'll be right back. He looked out of the large bay window by the door first and sure enough, he could see Mitchell's slight silhouette over by the lakeside.

He walked across the lawn toward his boss, surprised to hear a soft humming getting louder as he walked closer. Mitchell spun on her heel rapidly, and the humming stopped. Her eyes were red and glossy, and Scott found himself feeling worried.

She won't do it. What, did you think there was some family emergency or whatever? Forget I don't have a family? I've seen you without internet access.

I'm not exactly eager to repeat the experience. I'll sort it out anyway. Oh, and you're going out with Mom and the girls today. I have work to do! All your manuscripts are up to date - except mine, thanks - and everything else has been diverted to the other editors while we're here, remember? They're taking you to lunch, and then shopping-" "I hate shopping-" "-And sightseeing-" "I hate sightseeing-" "And I know Lauren will want you to meet Landon before the day's out.

They're bringing him here later this afternoon, so you're probably going to help go pick him up. Trust me, you'll love him. They're not used to your 'humour' like I am. Take it easy on her, okay? She's had a rough time. Not everybody has the hide of an elephant, you know. Once, in a drunk spelling bee. Oh, and Mom's making pancakes for breakfast, by the way. Scott rolled his eyes behind Mitchell's back before following him back up the lawn.

It was really awkward. Mom's convinced that's why Scooter was so into music as a kid. It seemed an odd nickname. Guess Mom and Dad mixed our presents up, because the roller-blades were my size, not Scott's, and I've always hated scooters. So, we swapped, and I started calling Scott 'Scooter' because he would ride the damn thing everywhere. He never went anywhere without it. We've all got a different name for him.

When I was little, he used to do this really good Scooby-Doo impression whenever I was sick or sad. But sometimes she calls him Scottie-Bear. Only ever to embarrass him, though. It was true; he really did. Especially in the first year that Scott worked for the company.

Mitchell had a hard time believing anybody could be that tall. Scott was a good head taller than everyone else at the offices.

This was where Scooter--" Mitchell zoned out, not all too interested anymore.

jake updegraff and scott ho ying dating

He was sucked back into his thoughts, thinking about Scott, though he'd be loath to admit it. He thought back to the previous night, when he'd met Rick. The tension between Scott and his father had been thick enough to cut with a blade. Mitchell could feel a sense of disapproval radiating from the older Hoying as they had stood there talking. And when Scott had followed Rick into the kitchen Sorry to interrupt, but Scott won't tell me What's the deal with him and his dad?

It's his business, not mine. Mitchell made up his mind; he'd ask Scott when they got back to the house. They dissolve in water, or something. Scott thought, with a roll of his eyes. I owe you an apology. But of course, Rick had other ideas. I've been going over my retirement plans. Scott put down his club, already knowing what his father was going to say. But it doesn't mean anything unless-" "Unless you have someone to leave it to, Dad, I know, we've been over this.

I think I've been more than generous, letting you goof off in Los Angeles for the last few years, but it's time for you to stop playing around-" "Oh, here we go again! Look, when are you going to take me seriously?

But newsflash, you've still got Lauren and Taylor, both of whom are perfectly capable of taking over. And I'm so sorry I'm not the type to marry someone you approve of - i. It makes me happy.

Have fun out here. He only went inside to grab his headphones from his bag, and then he was off to the shed, finding the pickaxe with ease, despite the years. Once he'd found and sharpened the old tool, he walked out again, putting his headphones in and blaring his music as loud as possible as he walked toward the old canoe he'd started carving in his teen years.

He hauled the old tarpaulin off the thing, and began hollowing it out again with heavy swings. The routine calmed him, and he eventually lost track of time as he worked out his anger. Is there a way I could try some things on, see what I'm more comfortable in? Nonna owns the biggest wedding supply shop in town, and she's the best seamstress. If anybody could find you something comfortable, it'll be her.

You're gonna take that boy's breath away when we're done. The shade of the blazer matched the straight-leg pants he wore, and instead of tying the dark grey tie, Mitchell simply draped it over his shoulders. He slipped his feet into a pair of black dress shoes and stepped out of the dressing room, to face Connie and Nonna's judgment.

But, I must say, grey fits best. But if you're comfortable enough in the suit, it doesn't matter. The sleeves were made of lace and sat off-shoulder, ending just above the wrist. The neckline sat an inch or two below Mitchell's prominent collarbones, and he once again cursed his year-old self for getting such a large, dark tattoo in such an obvious place. Looking down at his arms, he also muttered a curse to his year-old self for the smattering of ink he'd gotten along his forearms.

They're part of you. Show them off proudly. The bodice of the dress pulled in slightly, giving the illusion of curves on Mitchell's small frame. The skirt billowed out, a cone of lace and satin. Mitchell now stood facing the mirror, while Nonna and Connie fussed about, fixing hems and straightening the neckline repeatedly. Just one final touch, and you're done.

She came back quickly, holding something in her hands. Since then, it's been passed down to every Hoying woman before their wedding. The colour reminded him of Scott's eyes, but Mitchell shoved that thought away hurriedly.

I know, in my heart of hearts, that you and my grandson were meant to fall in love. Can be so stubborn. I'll take care of him, I promise. A twinge of guilt sprung up in her gut at the lie, knowing all of this was a sham.

Jake updegraff and scott ho ying dating

God, this was all fake, just so Mitchell could stay in the U. Spend the holidays with you, you know? I'd like that a whole lot. Without warning, Mitchell felt her own eyes fill with tears.

I, uh, I don't have much of a family left anymore, so it's been a while since I've had a family Christmas. So if I tap back into the detail view controller you'll see we get a really nice transition and we have the detail view controller showing a large title as well.

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