Iris and barry dating divas

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iris and barry dating divas

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Barry iris, Iris west allen and Scarlet. The Flash's girlfriend Iris in her suit that will protect her from the forces of traveling . Candice Patton Candace Patton, Divas, Rpg, Iris West, The Flash Grant Gustin . Candice Patton and Grant Gustin Barry Iris, Berry Allen, Flash Tv Series, Candice plays Iris West—aspiring journalist by day and girlfriend of Barry Allen (aka. If you, like me, squeal every time Barry and Iris are on screen to put aside the past and move forward with a future where he is dating Iris.

Barry hears and grins, "Time to be a hero on your own world, Supergirl. Barry smiles to himself and shakes his head. He really is a lucky man to be the boyfriend to such a good person. Barry races off to S. Labs where his team is waiting for him. He doesn't take long to shuck off his suit and get into his civilian clothes. His team stares at him, concerned and Cisco asks, "Barry, you do realize that you were helped by a random super-powered person, right? Barry wonders what's up with them, it's not like there's anything wrong with crime-fighting with your superhero girlfriend from another universe.

Barry's eyebrows scrunch up and a frown mars his lips, "Why would my girlfriend be a threat? Barry thinks back, sure that he must've mentioned her at least once.

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It doesn't take long to realize he always got lost in his thoughts about her before he got to say anything to them. The Flash's smile could light up the world as he replies, "She's perfect. She's a superhero on her world and she's an alien. She's also one of the best people I've ever met, Kara is just always so genuine. At this point it could be any one of them. An alien superhero…from another universe!

What the shit, Barry! He slumps into a chair and sighs. Hope everyone else reacts better than this when they find out, he thinks. He snorts, Yeah, right. Barry closes his eyes and decides to nap, who cares what anyone else thinks. You know it's going to be a bad day when Eobard Thawne suddenly comes back to life and breaks Damien Darhk—while giving some power back to his ring—out of prison. Barry wishes that someone would've told him about this yesterday so that he'd know not to get out of bed this morning.

The life of a superhero sucks. Which is something he tells all of Team Arrow while his and Oliver's team work together to find their enemies location. Thea snorts, "Don't we know it. Hey Felicity, got anything for us. Them snapping at everyone and each other is not helping that ruse.

iris and barry dating divas

Felicity slaps the table and shouts, "Nothing! I can't find a single thing on their whereabouts! Everyone knows the damage Darhk and Thawne can do individually, it was hard enough to stop them before. With them teamed up? It'll be almost impossible to take them down before they destroy everything. And they will destroy everything. After a few moments of tense silence Barry sighs, "Alright…its time to bring in the big guns.

I didn't want to bother her, but I'll make the call. He shakes his head and steps away, taking his phone out of his pocket at the same time. He makes sure that everyone can hear him, at least he won't have to explain much that way. Barry hears his girlfriends voice over the line in seconds, "Hey, Barry! He smiles because, no matter what, he's always got Kara to go to for help.

He smiles simply because…Kara. He knows though, that lying won't help in a relationship, and that Kara would be devastated if she wasn't able to help when she could have. So Barry tells her everything, "You know that guy that I told you about? The one who-who killed my mom? I thought he dies, but he's back.

iris and barry dating divas

He broke out this one guy from prison, and these two…Kara, these two can do a lot of damage. One—Damien Darhk—uses magic, and he's got a whole army behind him. And the other…you know what he can do.

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He's fast, he's insane, and he's dangerous. You didn't even have to say that much, you know that I'm here for you. I knew I could count on you. Wouldn't want you falling behind us professionals. She laughs and hugs back, a tad too strongly, and they both kiss. They've gotten more comfortable with each other, so their kiss lasts a little too long to be appropriate in public. By the time Barry leans back he's breathing hard, Kara though is completely fine, what with her alien genes.

He smirks and leans in for one more kiss, this one lasting only a few seconds, before spinning around to introduce her.

The whole cave is silent, Barry waiting patiently and the rest not knowing what to say. After a dew minutes of silence, Kara's eyes fly open and she shouts, "Aha!

iris and barry dating divas

Heard Darhk complaining about the dirtiness of it. They're, like, thirty miles away! Oliver, Thea, Barry, Diggle, Laurel, and Kara all gear up, and not moments later they're all on their way to Thawne's hideout. The rest of the two teams stay at the cave, listening through the comms. It's apparent that everyone is confused about who or what Kara is, but everyone trusts Barry not to date someone they can't trust. The kid's not a complete idiot.

In a few minutes everyone is at the warehouse, Barry and Kara first even though they made sure to slow down as much as they could.

They are not going down without a tough fight. But, we can beat them with a plan. And you're just about my speed when I don't over do it. So…nah, babe, we're definitely faster. He can grab you and throw you around without even touching you. And if he does touch you, he can drain you in ways we've never understood. And Barry, do you think he'd be able to hurt me with my powers?

The crime-fighters present turn and glare at the Flash—every single one of them! Rao…Barry loves everything about Kara, even the name of her religions God. Trust me, she's going to be fine. After a few seconds, Kara walks out of the warehouse dragging Darhk and Thawne by their collars. She dumps them, tied up, in front of the group. The Girl of Steel brushes her hands together, wiping off imaginary dirt, and says, "That was fun!

You should call me over to help a lot more, babe! He knows he got lucky when she accepted to go on a date, and he knows he got extremely lucky when she agreed to go on more and be his girlfriend. Kara is too good—too pure—for the world…for him. Team Flash, unfortunately, did not believe their story that Barry was Oliver and Oliver was Barry, and under Iris' orders, Barry and Oliver got knocked out and locked in the pipeline together.

Oliver taught Barry how to dislocate his thumb and Barry taught Oliver how to phase through solid objects, and together, they escaped the prison and ran off to the Kent farm cue "Save Me" by Remy Zero to get help from Kara, who happened to still recognize them for themselves. Supergirl and Superman came too, just for fun. With the new knowledge that Barry had to get angry to use Oliver's abilities and Oliver had to smile, or something, to use Barry's, they took down evil power-stealing robot and got a chance to find out that Cisco had a vision of a scene we saw at the beginning of the episode—the Monitor, giving Dr.

John Deegan a fancy book and telling him to rewrite reality with it. After Barry and Oliver checked out the vision as well and Oliver used his Flash speed to draw the scene, they saw that they'd clearly have to go to Gotham City to find these dudes. And that's where we now are going into tomorrow night's episode of Arrow!

Read A few other bits and pieces: A Pipeline Prison Mystery Solved Everyone has always wondered at the apparent abuse going on of the meta prisoners held at STAR Labs in those incredibly bare cells, but tonight, we learned that a toilet can be found by kicking a random part of the wall. It's everything we've ever wanted and we'd like to move right on into that portion of this crossover. Iris only momentarily didn't believe that her husband was her husband, but real Barry knew exactly what to say to convince her he was telling her the truth.