Gravity falls dipper and pacifica are dating

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gravity falls dipper and pacifica are dating

Cuddles +. Reading the journal together +. Mabel always taking pictures of you guys while your sleeping +. Going on monster hunts +. Pacifica always being. Discover ideas about Dipper And Pacifica Mostly Harmless Gravity Falls Anime , Gravity Falls Dipper, Gravity Falls Comics, 14 Shrewd Pieces Of Dating. Disclaimer: I don't own Gravity Falls, how was chapter 6? into the toilet, I will see Dipper and date him or my name isn't Pacifica Northwest!".

You're smart, funny, nice, beautiful, and one of the strongest women I've ever met. I'd like to ask you something. She covered her mouth. A million times, yes! A camera flashed across from them. They broke apart to see Mabel holding her camera with a goofy smile on her face. Now, telling Pacifica's parents, that was the hard part. It was still large, though not nearly as big as the mansion had been.

She actually seemed to like Dipper; it was Preston who seemed to hate him. When they were finished eating and talking in the living room, Dipper hoped they couldn't sense his nervousness. She replaced Chandra Jimenez, who went on to bigger things acting!

gravity falls dipper and pacifica are dating

Mabel was even more energetic than usual. She was frantically planning the most perfect wedding possible, including making a wedding dress for her future sister-in-law. Oddly enough, it was Bill who managed to keep her grounded and from going off the rails. Ever since he'd become human, he'd been more calm while still retaining a bit of his demonic insanity. On the day of the wedding, both Dipper and Pacifica became nervous wrecks.

Ford gave Dipper a talk, while Stan simply said, "Go through the formal crap, then take her back to your place as soon as possible. Pacifica was even more stressed by Mabel, who insisted that everything needed to be perfect.

By the time the actual ceremony started, Dipper was about five seconds away from running out the door in a puddle of nervous sweat. Every worry he had melted away as he laid eyes on the girl he was about to marry.

He never imagined she could be more beautiful than she already was; he was dead wrong. However, one group decides to kill Pacifica instead, requiring Mabel to save her. After they get away from the Lilliputtians, Pacifica grudgingly accepts both Mabel's apology and an offer of a ride home.

It is shown in the episode that Pacifica's life, despite being filled with riches and luxury she lives in a mansion with fountains and peacocksisn't as great as it seems; for example, she is unfamiliar with common behavior like eating in the car or even sharing. Pacifica's parents also pressure her uphold the family name and don't provide much moral support as they often put important parties and business matters before their daughter.

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Pacifica and Dipper being pursued by the ghost. In the episode, " Northwest Mansion Mystery ," as the Northwests have a practice dinner for their annual party taking place the following day, various objects around the manor start floating and attacking Pacifica and her parents. She is then told by her father to enlist Dipper Pines to get rid of the problem. Dressing up in an attire so she isn't recognized at the shack, she does as told and approaches Dipper with the request at the Mystery Shack.

Though he refuses at first, Dipper ultimately accepts, in return Pacifica has to invite Mabel and her friends to the party. Arriving at the manor, Pacifica changes Dipper's outfit into a formal one, suited for the occasion.

Pacifica then points him to the direction where the paranormal activity has been happening the most. While Dipper believes it to be a category 1 ghost, he soon corrects himself when the taxidermy animal heads on the wall start chanting "ancient sins," blood oozes out of their eyes and mouths, and the ghost appears from the fireplace.

Dealing with a category 10 ghost, they run for their lives, looking for a silver mirror to trap the ghost in. When they reach a sparkling clean white room, Pacifica prevents herself and Dipper from entering, as their shoes were dirty and she didn't want mess up her parents' most prized room. Their fighting lands them into a secret room.

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The ghost finds them and flies at Pacifica but she is saved by Dipper who traps the ghost in a silver mirror. Grateful, Pacifica hugs Dipper but not for too long as she realizes what she is doing and pays him to not talk about it.

With her parents receiving the news, she bids Dipper farewell so he could finish off the ghost although she wanted him to stay for the party. Not long after, Dipper returns, being informed by the ghost that he only attacked for revenge because of the promise the Northwests broke years ago. Pacifica begins feeling sad that Dipper is upset at her, although she knew but couldn't tell him because of her parents. Later, the ghost escapes and attacks everyone in the manor, turning them into wood.

They just came out of the stove? I looked at her confused. It was awkward but I knew that Dipper wanted this all along. Just as Mabel hugged me, Dipper came downstairs and froze at the sight of Mabel hugging me. I saw a smile appear on his face.

He stared and Mabel and said, "Mabel, you aren't eating any more of that smile dip are you?

Pacifica Northwest

He looked at the floor and said, "I wasn't sure when I was going to tell you Mabel. I was worried you were going to hate me because it was the person you hate the most. I shouldn't get angry over something so cute! You too are like the perfect couple.

Finally, I thought, now me and Dipper and can finally have some alone time. Dipper got his hat and walked out the front door. He left it open for me and said, "After you my lady. We had a very small conversation on the way.

Sounded like him saying something like me being his treasure. We eventually got to the cave and saw the x on the way was still there. Oh man I am so excited for this! I got the dynamite out of the box. It looked like one of those things from cartoon. Those red cylinder things that said TNT on it with a string like thing at the top to light it. I placed the dynamite by the x wall and realized I forgot something. I turned to Dipper and asked, "You wouldn't to have any matches do you?

I didn't want to see my Dipper sad, so I thought of a way to start my own spark. Come on Science Class, please help me from the number one time I actually need it! I thought really hard and then I got it. We did an experiment in school where we would rub a 9 volt battery on steel wool to see how certain things interacted with each other.

It ignited a spark as soon as they made contact.

gravity falls dipper and pacifica are dating

I looked at Dipper. Anyway I took the battery and thought about it for a moment.

gravity falls dipper and pacifica are dating

I need some steel wool. I looked into my bag and surprisingly, I found some steel wool. I can't believe I left this in here from last year.

gravity falls dipper and pacifica are dating

I forgot all about it. I went up to the string thing on the TNT and put the steel wool very close to the string. To the point of almost touching it. I got the battery and rubbed it against it. The string then sparked and started its way to the TNT. I ran back and grabbed Dipper, who was still shocked that I remembered a way to spark the TNT, by the coat and took cover behind a large rock.

We covered our ears and waited for the… BOOM! The x wall blew up and part of the cave with it.