Gina rodriguez and justin baldoni dating

Gina Rodriguez's Reaction To ‘Jane The Virgin' Co-Star's Baby News Is Priceless | HuffPost

gina rodriguez and justin baldoni dating

Gina Rodriguez received some exciting baby news, and it has The star was just surprised recently by co-star Justin Baldoni, who plays. Actor Justin Baldoni (pictured) opens up about his chemistry with co-star Gina Rodriguez (not pictured). Here, he arrives at the Teen. In a post on Instagram, Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni expressed his love and admiration for Gina Rodriguez, whom he affectionately.

In a world that's so vain, I have to deal with the disease that makes you not keep weight off?

gina rodriguez and justin baldoni dating

On hit TV show Jane the Virgin Justin Baldoni plays the soon-to-be father of the lead character's accidentally inseminated baby. However, the year-old recently revealed that he was also expecting a child in real life, with his wife of almost two years, Emily. And on Wednesday he shared a comical snap showing the two leading ladies in his life - Emily and co-star Gina Rodriguez - comparing baby bumps.

Gina Rodriguez's Reaction To ‘Jane The Virgin' Co-Star's Baby News Is Priceless

Scroll down for video 'Life imitates art' Justin Baldoni shared this photo of his Jane the Virgin co-star Gina Rodriguez comparing her fake belly to his wife Emily's real baby bump on Wednesday In the photo, Emily and Gina appear to be in the make-up trailer, while three women look on at the display. Emily lifts up her shirt to display her real-life baby bump, while Gina - in character for filming Jane the Virgin - shows off her fake belly.

The mom-to-be is sporting a fitted grey sweatshirt with neon yellow embellishments, along with a pair of blue and black patterned trousers.

gina rodriguez and justin baldoni dating

Gina donned a form-fitting aqua and white dress, and wore her long brunette locks pulled back into a ponytail. Both women sported mock surprised faces in the shot, which Justin jokingly captioned: Emily and Justin tied the knot in July of at an outdoor ceremony in Corona, California Justin and Emily dated for a year and a half before tying the knot in July of at an outdoor ceremony in Corona, California.

The duo announced that they were expecting their first child together via a YouTube video montage showing all of their friends, family, and loved ones reacting to the pregnancy. It's tough hiding who we really are. Thanks for your support. In the video, Justin takes up a fake accent, joking 'a lot of you think that I'm American,' while Brett sports a gold tooth.

On Jane the Virgin Justin plays Rafael, the father of Jane's Gina accidentally inseminated baby Brett shows off a talent in the second video, while the rest of the cast and crew watch from the sidelines, laughing. And so when Rodriguez told Urman she was interested in directing during the first season, Urman told us her answer was a "no-brainer.

'Jane The Virgin' star Justin Baldoni opens up about off-screen chemistry with Gina Rodriguez

It's five days a week, 14 hour-days," Rodriguez says of her Golden Globe-winning starring role. I figured it out.

You'll direct Episode You'll have Christmastime to prep so that you actually have time off to do that. And so many people have her to thank for their first directorial debut opportunities.

'Jane The Virgin' star Justin Baldoni opens up about off-screen chemistry with Gina Rodriguez

She's kind of a next-level angel and no one really talks about it or I don't think people talk about it enough. But it's because of her that I've been afforded this opportunity. Respectfully vocal," she says. And I live, eat and breathe Jane so it felt like a very comfortable move for me.

In addition to Jane and Rafael's first sex scene, Jane's rival-turned-friend Petra Yael Grobglas realizes that she's attracted to her female lawyer JR, played by guest star Rosario Dawson "It was really about studying their relationship and the episodes prior and then really picking the moments that I can have JR look at Petra in a way we haven't seen JR do before and Petra look at JR in a way that we have been accustomed to seeing her do when she's with her male counterparts," Rodriguez says.

But the emotional core of the episode lies in the arc of Jane's grandmother Alba Ivonne Collwho admits to Jane that the real reason she turned down a recent marriage proposal was because she was nervous about having sex for the first time after 30 years of celibacy.

And while many of these moments are played for comedy, the series never reduces Alba's struggles to cheap laughs, instead equally exploring how this Catholic-influenced sexual repression has tragically impacted Alba's life — an issue Rodriguez felt particularly honored to help the series explore. I mean, really next level," says Rodriguez.

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I think that's what makes her so phenomenal. So to have that tool in front of me, I was able to play with levels of embarrassment, of shame, discomfort with the comedy of all of us [having] felt this.

With her, I was able to get so many different levels that allowed me to really play with it in the editing room and decide what was going to that comfortable balance. All of Jane's Love Interests, Ranked The end result is a moment that is so quintessential Jane, with Alba using a vibrator for the first time in a scene that is as heartfelt as it is humorous.

This tricky tonal balance is what again and again sets Jane apart in an increasingly overcrowded TV landscape, but it's also what makes directing the telenovela such a challenge, and one Rodriguez was more than happy to rise to.

I felt like I was fully flying, fully using every part of me that I've been collecting on the way.