Finchel fanfiction rachel pregnant and dating

I'm Here Chapter 12, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

finchel fanfiction rachel pregnant and dating

Puck & Rachel start dating but there are twists & turns in their relationship Disclaimer: I do not own any characters of Glee or music. Disclaimer: I don't own Glee. Rachel sighed as she woke up on Sunday morning. She found out yesterday that she was pregnant with Matt's. Summary: After Quinn becomes pregnant with Pucks baby, while dating Sam no less, fellow Glee members Rachel, Santana and Tina agree to.

We were practicing for Glee and he was being so sweet and we kissed, but it didn't stop there…" Rachel became angry as she continued, "As soon as it was over he left and told me not to tell anyone. I'm sure he and Quinn must have gotten a huge laugh at how easy I was since he obviously ran straight to her bed after he left me alone and cold in the auditorium" Puck felt the anger rise, how was it Finn was able to get everything?

Rachel turned from him, "I'm so sorry Noah. I understand if you would like to leave now" Puck suddenly saw his chance to make everything right for everyone, "Hey Rachel, I'm not mad. It was before we were together and Finn took advantage of you" Rachel felt a sob escape her throat, "What am I going to do? Abortion isn't an option and Finn has enough to deal with Quinn" Puck smiled as he grabbed her chin to make her look at him, "You are going to tell people I am the father and we can get through this together" Rachel shook her head, "No one would believe that.

We have only been together for 2 weeks and I can't ask you to do that" Puck shrugged, "We will wait a couple weeks and tell them you just found out.

They won't be able to tell a few week differences and as well I can take care of you. I have enough money from my pool business and I can expand it into a while landscaping thing. Besides do you really want to compete with Quinn for your baby daddy? Quinn knew she was pregnant like 2 weeks ago, before we started dating. So how come you are just finding out now? My periods have always been sporadic and I didn't want to admit to myself I was dumb enough to get knocked up at 16" Puck wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.

Sure he wasn't going to be raising his own kid, but it was only fair. Finn got to raise his kid and Puck got to raise Finn's kid. Sorry about all the Puckleberry, don't worry Finn comes in during the next chapter.

finchel fanfiction rachel pregnant and dating

Please remember to review, it will show me if you like the premise of this story and determines whether I keep going or not. The doctor entered without even looking at Rachel spoke, "It's broken.

That's when I gave my daughters there's, it's like a rite of passage for Jewish girls.

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She's also one in a million, I've got an appointment next week, just talk to the nurse when you leave if you want to go through with it," the doctor finished off, then left the room. Rachel looked over to Quinn looking her in the eyes, "I'm going to get a nose job.

Well anything besides getting naked The diva confidently spoke up, "Quinn, I appreciate your concern but I am doing this," and with that Rachel got up to leave to speak to the nurse.

finchel fanfiction rachel pregnant and dating

Quinn drove Rachel home that afternoon, after the brunette texted her dad's telling them not to come to the doctor's. They drove in silence not knowing what to say to one another, because this was the first time that Rachel was in Quinn's car Well the second as Quinn drove Rachel to the doctors, but they didn't have the awkward silence because Rachel kept rambling on about how she has broken her nose and how she wanted to punch Finn in the nose to equal the score, which surprised the blonde because she knew how much the diva was against violence.

Quinn thought it was quite adorable that she was rambling; it felt like she was back in freshman year talking to Rachel for the first time.

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As they arrived at the Berry household, Rachel said her goodbyes before she stepped out of the car, "Thank you so much for helping me today, Quinn. You didn't need to and I really appreciate it. Rachel started to get out of the car, but before she could get out Quinn spoke up, "Ummm Rachel, I ummm just wanted to say Quinn laid on her bed that night thinking about what happened that day.

She had never been alone with Rachel outside of school. Since Quinn got pregnant she tried to stop being a bitch to Rachel and start being nice, but they weren't really friends, yes Quinn wanted them to be friends, but she hasn't even apologized to Rachel about all the bullying that she initiated upon her.

finchel fanfiction rachel pregnant and dating

Why in the world did I react that way today What's going to happen now What do I even want to happen now Quinn kept going through her mind. The blonde started to get tired and drifted off to sleep. Okay people this was my first go at writing a Faberry story I've had it in my mind for a couple of months to write this story so I hope you guys will like it.

I'll be uploading the next chapter shortly.