Emotionally unstable guy and dating

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emotionally unstable guy and dating

The signs of an emotionally unstable person can vary. They may show signs of depression and anxiety, while also exhibiting a number of behaviors that can. There's a difference between dating a guy who's a bit eccentric or spontaneous and one who's emotionally unstable. If you notice any of the following signs in. you may ask—because in being with emotionally unstable men, any pain and hurt, and walking on egg-shells with the guys I was dating.

Hate to break it to you… 5. Does he help you in your times of need? Did he join you at IKEA to get that new bed you needed? Does he offer advice about your career? How about when you fought with your best friend? Did he have words of comfort for you?

He was absent for every single one or most of those things? He is not pulling his own weight in this relationship.

emotionally unstable guy and dating

He is not there for you at all, for anything you need, big or small. You may want to sit down and spend some time thinking about this.

There are unavailable men and then there are men who make time for you. Can you talk to him about anything, including your feelings?

9 Typical Signs of an Emotionally Unstable Person

Generally, men are not all that eager to talk at all, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. But there is an enormous difference between being reluctant to open up and straight-up shutting down any attempt at conversation.

Top 15 Signs You're Dating Someone Emotionally Unstable

If the two of you are in a relationship or, at least, you think you arehe should be able and willing to discuss some things. Is he open to plans for the future? Now, this depends largely on the amount of time the two of you have been together.

No talk of marriage, after several years of a relationship? Marriage and kids are off the table, but vacations, weekends away and trips to your hometown should not be deal breakers. This may of course depend on your personal views as well.

For some, spending time together in the same room is off the table until the situation is permanent. Does he always find excuses? But you do forgive him.

You have forgiven unavailable men before.

emotionally unstable guy and dating

That is a pattern of behavior. He is simply unavailable, in every way possible. Is he okay with showing PDA? Holding hands while you take a walk, kisses in the street, hugs in the restaurant, caresses, etc. That is for two reasons: Therefore, if you have doubts about if the man you are dealing with is emotionally unstable, here are 8 warning signs you should pay attention to. His mood changes frequently One of the traits of an emotionally unstable person is their moodiness. If you are dealing with an emotionally unstable man, his mood will change frequently without any apparent reason.

All of a sudden, he will act nervously and it will make you wonder what it was that you did wrong.

Top 15 Signs You're Dating Someone Emotionally Unstable

These mood changes involve intense emotions, such as sadness, panic attacks, despair, depression and anxiety, that seem to be without any cause. Besides, these mood swings are extreme and rapid. They can be minor daily mood changes or significant changes, associated with different mood disorders.

emotionally unstable guy and dating

He is too needy Emotionally unstable people are often insecure and have serious abandonment issues, which results in their neediness. But actually, this guy sees you as a savior and someone who will resolve all of his emotional problems. He will rarely let the relationship go its own course. That increases his stress levels and makes him cling even harder to you and to your relationship. Even though you are just at the start of the relationship, this man will show you that he is overly emotionally needy, extremely clingy and demanding, which will start to annoy you in no time.

He simply needs your approval and your emotional guidance and assistance through life, due to his emotional instability, together with an anxiety disorder he probably fights with as well.

Before you know it, this guy will get overly attached to you because he sees your relationship as an opportunity to fill his emotional gaps. Everything he feels is intense and extreme and it consumes him completely.

In the beginning, you may think that this is a good thing and this guy is just highly sensitive and overly emotional and you think he is definitely different from everyone else. But as time goes by, you see that this is not such a good thing. His emotions are usually the only things that affect his ability to make decisions, which often causes him to make poor and unrealistic judgments.

He plays the victim Reality is something that emotionally unstable people find hard to handle. Therefore, they usually play the victimbecause it is easier for them to handle life this way. They usually blame some higher force, the universe or fate for everything wrong that is going on in their life.

They think that everyone around them is treating them unfairly and that their problems are the biggest. If you are dating an emotionally unstable person, nothing will ever be his fault.

emotionally unstable guy and dating

This man will probably try to blame you for everything bad in your relationship. He enjoys being the victim and subconsciously he wants you to feel sorry for him. By doing this, he also emotionally manipulates and blackmails you to stay by his side.