Difference between otaku and anime lover dating

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difference between otaku and anime lover dating

What do you think is the difference between an Otaku and an Anime lover? types of otaku basically otaku means geek i mean u can love anime . their money on anime merchandises and are completely up to date with. Otaku, for one, is a negatively connotated word. That means it's an insult. An otaku and an anime fan have key differences, here's a short list. Essentially, nothing — but understanding the difference between the There's no question about it: The anime fan industry makes money, and.

It was actually quite fun, too! Last time Suncoast did it, they ended brnuakpt in less than half a year. Not that I personally begrudge it, I got to hear Yoko Ishida live. But as far as store is concerned it means that they are either desperate or want to exist anime market.

October 12, at 8: I have read more than 20 manga thomes and compleated over 30 animes in my life, so I'm pretty hardcore on the subject. It was used frequently back then for what its original purpose was — it literally meant "your house" and was used as a way to refer to the person you're speaking to without directly confronting them.

The concept is still in use for other words "omae", "kimi", etc. Do they fit the "otaku" category? I say the correct terms would be 'Want-a-be Sugar daddy' or 'petophile' It's called "Guys awkwardly trying to speak with a woman".

If they were white, good-looking men, would you make the same assumption? In the case I'm describing, there's a weird mixture of fetishistic orientalist fantasy and middle-age crisis gone wrong.

Azusa-chan is a beautiful youngwoman who I want to spend my life with. Is that so wrong? Is it so weird? Only to those with closed minds. I understand the concept of love more than any of you normals when it comes right down to it, because unlike you I don't try to find taboo or sickness in something so sweet. You aren't special to her, at least a dozen people share the same waifu. Drooling over some animation or cartoon girlie with huge hooters I'll take my dog anyday! That was super boring.

September 12, at I seriously don't like being lumped into the same catagory. It's like the diffrence between castual history buff who reads alittle more then normal and the people that feel the need to go out each weekend and reinact the battles and complain about not being allowed to use live amo There's a difference between a person who enjoys the occasional history book, a history buff, a person who reenacts famous battles in costume, and a person who is convinced that they're actually from or a part of the time period or event.

I cosplay, as do many of my friends, because we enjoy sewing and doing improv our love of the anime or manga that we're cosplaying is icing on the cake. We enjoy a good challenge — cosplay is like model making or doing a puzzle, combined with an acting hobby. Some people who cosplay do take their characterization much too seriously; just as you don't want to be lumped together with "undesirable" manga and anime fans, please don't lump all cosplayers together.

There are maladjusted people and healthy people in every hobby or field of interest. Also, conventions are just places to meet people with similar interests. Saying "don't lump me with fans who go to conventions" is like saying "I enjoy business on occasion, but please don't lump me with those crazy people who go to business expos to network and hand out business cards". Most con-goers also only go once a year.

Perhaps you should try to understand people before you decide they're shameful? To take a few days now and again to attend a convention is one thing. To lose your job because you're too busy attending conventions is quite another. In a similar fashion, there's the guy who supports the 2nd amendment, has a gun or two, and visits the shooting range occasionally. Then there's the guy with the collection of guns who heads to the range twice a week.

And finally there's the guy who sleep on a cot at the range, cuddled up to his rifle. Any hobby can be taken further, and can then be taken too far. These people haven't even scratched the surface of anime in its diversity and culture. There are anime fans now who have never heard of the greats like Akira and Cowboy Bebop. To truly understand anime and japanese culture you need to delve a little deeper into the anime world with series like Serial Experiments Lain, Gundam Wing and Boogie Pop Phantom.

An otaku need to know more than the famous series to be taken seriously by old schoolers like me. Similar to ninja scroll. Ninjas and katanas are just too cool. Ninjas were common, lower caste fighters, Samurai were noble warriors. At their height of power in 12th century Japan, Samurai were somewhat analogous to European knights: They were considered nobility, worked for noble higher-ups, and were renowned for their great bravery and code of honor. Ninja, on the other hand, were well-disguised mercenary assassins governed by no code save secrecy.

I became an anime fan when Candidate for Goddess was on Cartoon Network. Now all any of the new anme fan know is Naruto and Bleach. I get that these series are ok but these people are treating it like that is everything that anime is about. It's like an anime version of Signfield September 12, at Get off my lawn.

September 20, at Big eyes, small mouth, high squeeky voice. Astro Boy, the orginal, not the new CGI thing. You want old school, go Old School.

You want Otaku cred, watch it raw. No dubb, no subtitle, raw. Bonus points, watch it in a tiny apartment in Japan. Calling it old school is like being a forty year old who thinks he can fit in with all the cool guys at the retirement home.

Can't wait to see your comedy routine, your material is GOLD. I was sadly disappointed. It was thousands of dorks drooling over young girls serving cookies and tea, seriously. I felt like a big time creeper just being there.

A bunch of hot girls or a bunch of fat guys on top of each other. Are you into that kind of thing? You pedo September 12, at When I was there, I definitely had the feeling there was a deviant component to it — but I didn't try to find out what that was!

People have it on their shirts, girls say the way they do now "I'm an otaku!! But if you read enough manga and watch enough anime, you'll hear the word spat eventually.

The Japanese are less accepting of the individual. Some people say it is why they got through the recent disaster so well. So it is good and bad. But their dislike of the deviant is an important part of their culture. Otaku, as common as they are, don't always appear the model student or adult Even if they pretty much are. They aren't always just into anime, either. There are train otaku, doll otaku, idol otaku. Anything you can be unusually obsessed with can make you otaku.

When going to an arranged marriage meeting, if you let something spill about your otaku-ness, it will probably stain you a little and make your mom nervous.

difference between otaku and anime lover dating

That is the kind of word it is. It really is what nerd was until Bill Gates somehow made it sexy.

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So when I see it on shirts here in the U. Some of the implications get lost in translation. Local anime club for a while fell out of the habit of useing the term 'otaku' because, as has been mentioned, it carries a negative conotation. Then someone made some T-shirt for 'otaku army' that were popular, and the word is back in vogue.

Language is always changing. We currently choose to accept the word 'otaku' as a lable to take pride in. Give it a century or two, who knows what the word will mean then? Calling someone that means the person is so involved with gaming or watching anime, that they never leave their home. You would know that if you did actual research before reporting. I hate to say it, but kind of like someone with severe Asperger's, and before you jump on me for that, I married a man with Asperger's, and have two wonderful children with it to one degree or another.

I love them dearly even if they are all otaku to some extent. You look stupid right now September 12, at Being called otaku in Japan is not a complement. How many times have I broken up with my boyfriend One Piece's Sanji "I love 2D female characters. My addiction is said to make me like an old man. Fate's Rin Tohsaka, Sailor Moon's Minako Aino, among many others "I earn my own money and prefer to spend it on things for myself like fashion and health goods.

difference between otaku and anime lover dating

I have no room to spend money on 'other' things like love. Even if I go to karaoke, all I can sing are anime songs, so I'll only sing famous ones like "Sobakasu" by Judy and Mary. Then one time my secret was leaked when a guy came to my home. My friends ask why I just don't date an otaku, but I don't want to let them into my hobby 'territory.

difference between otaku and anime lover dating

I don't want to hear any complaints or have my hobby disturbed. Sometimes humans have to compromise for 'love. Others preferred to spend their money on their hobbies than others or felt that their hobbies are regarded negatively by men. Like the previous poll, other respondents said love is not difficult. A high school student said most of her class are otaku and about half seem satisfied with their real offline lives. Another woman, age 24, mentioned she makes accommodations when she's out with her partner, like discussing normal things instead of centering the conversation around her hobbies.

She added, "I think that hobbies aren't the problem, and in the case of the number of people who withdraw, it's a problem with communication abilities.