Demanding indian parents and dating

Dating Indian Men - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

demanding indian parents and dating

May 6, Why Indian parents won't let their Indian daughters or Indians sons marry We're talking high-paying, high in-demand jobs and one you'll be. Mar 11, Dating Indian Men is fraught with misconceptions and misunderstandings. Well , uncomfortable he pitifully demands to know why girls always travel in packs. He wants you to meet his parents his siblings, his friends, his. With Indian parents, you will never have bigger cheerleaders. As they berate you, they will, equally vehemently, praise you to others.

Dating Indian Men: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

And they understand that life is unforgiving. It will not be kind to you for having missed four important earning years bumming around Mexico. They understand how the world works.

And they enforce that on you until you have enough life experience to understand it yourself.

Telling your traditional Indian parents about your intercultural relationship | Madh Mama

But another thing with Indian parents is that you will never have bigger cheerleaders. As they berate you, they will, equally vehemently, praise you to others. To anyone outside the family, you can do no wrong. Usual Indian parents will always be your best public brand managers. Companies have risen and nations fallen with the support of Indian parents and gossip.

Indian Parents vs American Parents: Nor did I have to live through the horror stories of traditional expectations that many of my friends did.

American parents, especially, have always fascinated me as a direct juxtaposition. If Johnny slaps his mom and then threatens to call child services when she sends him to his room without dinner, Arun will be sent to his room for a month, while being expected to do chores and not being allowed internet access. We want to speak to you in our own language. What do you do — stay and fight for the love of your life or… Run.

Yup, here are 4 directions to run in.

demanding indian parents and dating

Run towards the alter. Follow the love of your love regardless of the consequences. Do it big and do it bold; run-away like couples in Bollywood blockbusters. Mostly, their families over-exaggerate about heart-attacks and suicides.

Rarely do parents kill themselves over the shame of their daughter marrying a non-Indian person.

demanding indian parents and dating

You can run uphill. But to try to get into their good graces, you can try to fix items above. Never too late to enroll in medical school! You can also build or buy a large house, get a fancy car and provide large gifts of gold, silver or diamonds to your in-laws.

The latter will be an instant hit and you will immediately be showered with love and acceptance from your future mother-in-law. Offering to have your family pay for the entire wedding also curry-favors with your future in-laws.

demanding indian parents and dating

And being Indian, I can attest to that. Sure, we care about education, stability and no-divorce lifestyles but we also care too much about your bank account, your house and what people think of us. Our lives constantly revolve around what others say and think about us.

demanding indian parents and dating

If you value your sanity and your life in some casesmake a run again to the nearest Latina, Greek, Italian, Thai or Chinese girl you can find. You can always slow your relationship way down and take a breath. Run to the side, run backwards or just stop running for a minutes.