Carrie fisher and harrison ford dating

Harrison Ford breaks silence on Carrie Fisher - CNN

carrie fisher and harrison ford dating

Sep 14, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford were always such a fascinating pair. One, the daughter of Hollywood who became such an icon in her own. Sep 15, "Star Wars" fans may have pored over the details of Carrie Fisher's affair with Harrison Ford in her last book, but he didn't. Nov 15, Carrie Fisher dropped a major bombshell this week told People that she and Harrison Ford had a three-month affair while filming Star Wars: A.

Hide Caption 3 of 23 Photos: The galaxy's princess Debbie Reynolds makes her first appearance on Broadway in a remake of the musical "Irene" in Fisher, seated on the floor, dropped out of high school at age 15 and was featured in the musical as part of the chorus. Hide Caption 4 of 23 Photos: The galaxy's princess Warren Beatty and Fisher, then 17, take a break during filming of the movie "Shampoo" in Fisher has acted in films, plays and television shows, and has written a number of best-selling books.

carrie fisher and harrison ford dating

Hide Caption 5 of 23 Photos: The galaxy's princess Fisher on the set of "Star Wars: Hide Caption 8 of 23 Photos: On November 16,Fisher revealed to People magazine that she and co-star Ford had an affair during the filming of "Star Wars.

The galaxy's princess Fisher smiles for a photograph in The galaxy's princess Fisher stars in the film, "Star Wars: Episode VI -- Return of the Jedi" in This could be the night he smiles. I waved as I brought my warm cola to my lips. Harrison raised his hand and began making his way through the group that was every minute growing larger — a social fungus, fed by the bar.

It does so pass for a drink. It makes me stupid, sick and unconscious really fast. We sang Happy Birthday, after which Harrison began a conversation with George.

Harrison Ford breaks silence on Carrie Fisher

I was once again surrounded by musty, sweat-scented, denim-clad men. They kept pushing me to have a drink, and finally the people-pleaser in me took over. I asked for an amaretto, the only thing I drank.

carrie fisher and harrison ford dating

It tastes like cough syrup, but at least it would be familiar. I looked at the glass the crew member handed me. Instead of amaretto, it was wine.

Carrie Fisher: I had an affair with Harrison Ford during 'Star Wars' - CNN

This should do what amaretto does, better. And another swig, and another. A jovial plan to take me to wherever movie crews take young actors when they want to establish that she belongs to them, at least for the moment.

carrie fisher and harrison ford dating

Ford — now on his third marriage — went back to his wife, with whom he remained until they divorced in Carrie Fisher attending the Hollywood premiere of Star Wars in Fisher is understood to have warned her former co-star about her new revelations, although he has yet to comment on them. They have an adopted son and married in He now has three grandchildren.

Fisher has not yet revealed how she felt about the relationship ending but, given that she sank into manic depression and heavy drug use in her 20s, making Star Wars was one of the happier episodes in her difficult life.

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But my own ambition got in the way of being an attentive father and husband. And not just a journey of discovery into outer space.

Carrie Fisher: My Affair With Harrison Ford 'Was A 3-Month 1-Night Stand' - TODAY

And as the only leading female role in the cast, she thought she had a good chance of success. And they were not alone, apparently — many on set were mesmerised. So excited, she added, that the director ordered them to be taped down with gaffer tape.

They had to be looking at my breasts. The new book by the Star Wars actress lifts the lid on her Hollywood life Harrison Ford recalled one night how Idle — back from North Africa — called Carrie over to an impromptu party at the house with the other Pythons and the Rolling Stones. They consumed a lethal drink that the Pythons had learnt to make in Tunisia. Fisher said years later:

carrie fisher and harrison ford dating