Austin and ally dating again after a breakup

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austin and ally dating again after a breakup

By: RachelR Ally Dawson has been dating Pop Star, Austin Moon for over a year. When the head of his record label demands the two breakup, they hatch up a plan. I shrugged and leaned back against my seat. "Boring. Austin and Ally s02e02 - Backups & Breakups Episode Script. Backups & Breakups So Austin, I hear you're having auditions for a new back-up dancer. . Trish caught me at the theater when she was on a date with her new boyfriend. An Austin & Ally clip from the newest episode, Backups & Breakups, Ally dreaming of what it would be like when Trish & Dez starts to date.

I'm going to say something. I can't keep pretending. Fine, you got us! You and Trish are dating. No, my secret is that I love romance movies.

Trish caught me at the theater when she was on a date with her new boyfriend. I knew you had a new boyfriend. So if it's not Dez, who is it? I've been secretly dating Trent. My new back-up dancer? How long has this been going on? It's only been a week. But we saw you and Dez hugging at the locker. Oh, I was so happy that Trent got the dancing gig that I had to hug somebody. Dez, you like romance movies?

No, I love them! The passion, the heartache, the emotion. They live the love we can only dare to dream. Can we just focus on one secret at a time? Trish, how come you didn't tell me about Trent? Because I didn't want the fact that we were going out, to influence Austin's decision on who to hire. You didn't want to influence my decision?

You're kidding me, right? Pick him, pick him, pick Trent, pick Trent, pick Trent!

Austin and Ally s02e02 Episode Script

It means a lot to me that he was hired on his own merit. And you guys are cool with it? Totally cool with it. Austin, I promise we're not going to let our relationship get in the way of team Austin. So, Trent, what do you say we get back to rehearsal?

I'm making Trent take me to see "The Wedding Diary. Listen, guys, I have to go. I have practice for Sports. In case I cry during the Sports.

austin and ally dating again after a breakup

Chanting My best friend has a boyfriend. My best friend has a boyfriend. I just love love. So tell me, what's Trent like? He treats me so great. And he's so much fun to be around. Look at this bracelet he got me for our one-week-iversary. It says, "Trent's boo. That was a good day. Listen, Ally, I'm sorry I didn't tell you about this right away. I'm gonna get fired from my job at the nail salon so I can spend more time with my boo.

Babe, please don't be mad. You know I only started dating Trish to get the gig as Austin's back-up dancer. Ally POV "When will this damn bell ring? I was at school, and for someone who loved school, I just wanted it to end. Once the bell rang, I gathered all my books and ran out of the classroom, ignoring the stares from all the students.

austin and ally dating again after a breakup

I hurried over to my locker, grabbed my bag, and ran out of the building. I grinned when I saw a familiar figure standing by his car, sunglasses over his eyes, and a beanie on his head, covering his blonde hair.

I walked up to him and pecked his lips. He opened the passenger side door, allowing me to hop in before he hurried over to his side and hopped in. He started the car and sped out of the school parking lot. I shrugged and leaned back against my seat. I'm just glad it's finally the weekend. We met when he arrived at Marino Elementary, and we had been best friends ever since. We had two other best friends, Trish and Dez, but those two weren't as close as Austin and I.

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Actually, they pretty much hated each other. When Austin was fifteen, he was signed to Starr Records. We were both seventeen now. It was always his dream to become a famous Pop Star, and now his dream was being fulfilled. Trish was his manager, and Dez was his video director. I was his part time songwriter. By part time, I meant that I wrote him songs once in a while.

austin and ally dating again after a breakup

He had professional songwriters, but he loved the songs I wrote. Once Austin pulled into my driveway, I unbuckled my seatbelt and turned to him.

He nodded and unbuckled his own belt before getting out of the car. I opened my own door and got out of the car. My mom wasn't home, so Austin and I had the house to myself.

As for my dad, well, he wasn't around anymore. He left when I was five. I barely remembered him.

austin and ally dating again after a breakup

I shook my head. It's not that much. As soon as we entered my room, Austin collapsed on my bed. I sat down at my desk chair.

austin and ally dating again after a breakup

Austin was homeschooled, along with Trish and Dez. I was stuck in public school. He was on his back, staring at the ceiling. About ten minutes later, I was done. Luckily, Math was all I had. I shoved my book back in my bag, and went over to Austin, lying my head on his chest. He immediately started playing with my hair.

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I really wished I was homeschool like you three. My mom won't allow it. Austin opened his mouth to say something, but his phone going off silenced him.