Ash and may dating stories

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ash and may dating stories

Ash and May Love Story Chapter 1 Ash couldn't bear the thought of May dating Drew so he got up and sat up next to the fire as he watched. May has been feeling something for Ash ever since they met, and tonight, she finally convinced him to watch the stars with her. But when. The last chapter of this story. Ash had a go at Max stared at Ash and then turned his gaze at May with a knowing look. "You are He hadn't though about it -but it was only going to be him and May.. almost like a date! Scratch.

Ash was on his way with May to compete in the Wallace cup that was being held in Saffron city along with them was Brock, Dawn, Max, and Pikachu. Misty didn't travel along because she had matters to attend to at her gym, leaving Brock heartbroken but the next day when they meet officer Jenny Brock seemed to forget his heartbreak to Misty and sprang forth professing his love causing Max and Crogank to led him away shamelessly.

Dawn accompanied them for the same reason as May to compete in the Wallace Cup she hadn't been herself lately though she had grown more attached to Ash and a lot more flirtatious making May a little jealous, Max was also traveling with them and he was as always was eager to learn and as always eager to talk.

ash and may dating stories

Then there was Drew he hadn't accompanied the group in fact Ash hadn't seen Drew since they last fought, Ash had even went to find him to try to make amends but he was nowhere to be found making Ash a little nervous, Something else that made him even more fearful was how Shadow told him that they would meet again.

With all these thoughts going through his head Ash couldn't sleep, so as quietly as he could without disturbing anyone got out of his sleeping bag put on his black leather jacket and fedora cocking it to the right and took a walk down a small trail that led to a large meadow he looked up and saw the stars and moon shining brightly down on him.

He stood there in silence looking at the beautiful night sky but then heard a familiar voice "Can't sleep? Ash awoke to someone saying his name "Hey Ash get up.

Ash and May love begins Chapter 1, a pokémon fanfic | FanFiction

When they got back to camp Brock had just finished whipping up a large breakfast filled with eggs, hash browns, bacon, and pancakes the aroma of all these items made Ash's mouth water and for a second he forgot all his troubles "Well hey there sleepy heads. Ash was so deep in thought that it took a zap from Pikachu to bring him back to reality "Ow what was that for!?

I know how bout a battle it'd be good since I have a contest coming up.

ash and may dating stories

May let go of Ash's hand and turned to him smiling "Well tough guy let's see what your made of. Pikachu stood there looking around confused "Alright Glaceon come on up and use ice beam! Dawn's hand remained on Ash's shoulder though making Ash feel a little awkward and May a little upset "Uh Dawn do you mind taking your hand off Ash's shoulder?

ash and may dating stories

There was a sort of awkwardness between the four but luckily Brock walked over to ease it "So Saffron city is just a two days walk from here I suggest we start heading out now. As they packed Dawn constantly asked for Ash's help "Ash would you mind helping me with my sleeping bag?

ash and may dating stories

Ash always felt uncomfortable when she did this but never said anything. We were sitting together, alone, watching the stars and comets shoot past the earth.

I cuddled closer to him, feeling his warm arms pressed against my chest. He always made me feel something inside, like an electric shock, ever since I met him. And I've been keeping that feeling locked away until I just couldn't bear it anymore, and finally asked Ash out to watch the night sky.

Ash had sneaked out, away from his Pokemon, just to see me.

Ash and May- Love Story

And I thought that it was really sweet that he did so, it would be pretty awkward if his Pokemon came along with us. He sighed, and laid an arm around my shoulders, and I relished the feeling. But seriously,'' He sat up straighter. I get this really funny feeling when you're gone.

I'm always worried about you. It's like I was your father or something! He really doesn't know what love is, does he? Do you think I'm pretty? He looked like he wanted to say something so badly, but he just couldn't, maybe because he was too nervous? Make a wish, May!