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Are matt and kim from catfish dating. Published: People who feel so terrible [ Chelsea showed no remorse and says that she has. A couple that has always stood out to me from back then was Matt and Kim, and even though their relationship didn't work out when they met. His sister Gena and 'Catfish' co-star Ashley Sawyer open up about the loss of the 'gentle giant,' who died Saturday A subject of MTV's 'Catfish'.

When I was working freelance film jobs, at the beginning of this band, it would have taken me literally a year to make that much. It broke it in the good way. Broke us to the public. The money was nothing in comparison to the exposure and how many people learned about our band through that commercial. It was one of the best things that ever happened to our band. It totally changed my perspective on working with brands in advertising. Especially being [a] band that [was] not on a lot of radio stations, the exposure was incredible.

All the feedback was positive.

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Maybe, at that point, [for] the people who are so concerned about what was the newest coolest thing—we were not that anymore. We were too aboveground anyway. I don't remember any hate coming off that. For a younger artist, who's maybe a bit wary of syncs or is maybe open to the idea but doesn't know what to do, what advice do you have? It does have to fit in your brand. We've never done fast food or tobacco. There's a couple things we don't mess with.

So, I think you have to look at your brand and where it makes sense. Sorry to use the term brand too many times here. My outlook is—speaking of having the lowest ticket price—even now we still try to keep our ticket prices affordable.


We try to keep merch prices affordable. If you can kind of balance that out with income from other places, I think that's really doing your fans a service, rather than having to only make all your money from their pocket. I don't think fans should get mad about bands doing [commercial syncs]. Exposure can be so helpful.

Matt and Kim on Film & TV Syncs, Inter-band dating, and Not Having Goals

Again, I'm so thankful to all the brands who've taken chances on us. You've always just been the two of you. What's it been like working with one other person that you also live with, and spend all this time around? How do you guys manage to not kill each other? On paper, the amount of time we spend together—we should have murdered each other many years ago. But, this is an answer I've tried to give before, but I think it comes down to the two people. My thing that I might almost tell bands is that rather than finding people who are really good at their instruments and you get in the band because of that, find the people you want to spend all your time with and have them learn how to play their instruments.

Because me and Kim, we were interested in each other enough to start dating, and then we saw eye-to-eye creatively even before we made music. What advice do you have for how you can date your bandmate without the whole thing imploding?

I think it is easier when it's two people. Financial aspects have never come in to debase the band. Since we've started the band, we've had one bank account.

Any money we earn or spend goes and comes from one place.

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I think what causes a lot of problems for a lot of bands is money. How it's divided, how's it used, how it's spent. I also think there is a lot of just shitty people who cheat on their significant others and there can be temptation on the road for a lot of people.

Again, coming down to just the two people, me and Kim are very content with each other. She suggests that they talk to Matt's brother Nick, who lived with him, and texts them his phone number. Way to be mindful of Nick's privacy, Crystal.

She doesn't just text a phone number, though; she also provides a photo of herself that features Matt's entire face. This Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas-ass-looking try-hard. He's never heard of Kim either, but unlike Crystal, he doesn't know of any other current entanglements either. However, he thinks it's out of character for Matt to be "dating" Kim and not trying hard to meet up with her. Thanks for providing that promo-ready clip, Nick!

The Presentation Of Findings Kim demonstrates zero recognition of Matt's Twitter feed, so, as usual, her lack of curiosity is a crucial factor in her current predicament.

Here's her reaction to her first glimpse at Matt's weird degree-rotated sunglasses pic from Plenty Of Fish. After rocking back and forth for twenty minutes, Kim finally manages, "I'm not sure if I should even make a comment.

Nev is basically like, I don't know how to deal with you when you retreat into your hair palace, but she doesn't want to tell him and steps out of the room. He finally follows Kim out to the yard, where she's sitting in a hammock with her head on her knees. Evidence Of Airbnb The First, btw.

Kim says she suddenly started feeling "warm" and "overwhelmed" -- in a good way: Uh, maybe wait until you've seen all the evidence before you have a joy meltdown, Kim. She gets herself back up and returns to the computer, and when they tell her what Crystal told them about Matt's maybe-girlfriend, she doesn't look any different than when she was "overwhelmed" with happiness after her first glimpse of Matt.

And when they tell her that NICK said he DOESN'T think Matt has a girlfriend, she just shakes her head and hides in her hair again, and this is what makes her cry; before long, she's up and out of the room again.

This time, Nev finds her on the bathroom floor, where she mumbles, "If he's real, why is he hiding? When Kim's recovered what passes for her composure, she states that she does still want to meet Matt, but that she's scared of flying, "so unless there's a different way to get there Nev then calls Matt, and guess what. Matt pleads "brother just got out of surgery" and "I just got a new job," while inside, Max comments to Kim that he can't figure out why Matt isn't sending photos or trying to meet Kim: Outside, Nev sweetens his offer of imposing on Matt a meeting with the woman he's been avoiding for five years by adding that if Matt wants it to happen, he's going to have to be the one to travel.

Somewhere around here is when Nev checks in with Mrs. Nev, who's even more useless than usual. Also, we briefly see Nev's mother, who I'm pretty sure is my age. The Pre-Confrontation The next day, Nev and Max call Kim to let her know they're on their way to the Airbnb to wait with her for Matt's flight to land, and she's all, sounds great, see you soon, in a very chirpy voice that doesn't betray that anything's amiss, which is why they're surprised when they arrive to see an apparently unfamiliar car in the driveway and a male butt getting out.

But it's not Matt: Kim called him the night before in a panic, because there were "some things" she hadn't told Max and Nev; Kim needs to tell them herself, but she asked Joe to be there to support her.

It may be the case that Kim fell in love or whatever with Matt while she was still dating Joe in meatspace, but she apparently wasn't so devoted that she didn't This is Norma, and Kim's never told Matt about her because he had previously made it known that he doesn't like or want to have kids.

In that case, Max would like to know what Joe thinks about Matt, his daughter's potential stepfather. I mean, I imagine he probably doesn't think Matt IS his daughter's potential stepfather, given his stated views on the matter?

Before Joe can answer that, though, Nev jumps in to guess that Joe probably doesn't want Kim to move to Florida with their child, and Joe agrees that he doesn't. I'll give her some benefit of the doubt and guess that this stupid smile is an involuntary reaction to her embarrassment and not an indication that she thinks this gap in her reports to Joe is cute, but that doesn't excuse the fact that this is the kind of decision you KIND OF have to run by your child's co-parent before you start giving it serious consideration.

Max recaps leave it to the professionals"Just add that to the list: Joe takes Norma from her arms so that Kim can have her big summit with Matt and the crew.

I'm at least glad that Joe and Kim are no longer together because she clearly doesn't deserve him. Nev, Kim, and Max sit down so that she can tell them the rest of the shit she conveniently skipped the day before. Evidence Of Airbnb The Second: Anyway, Kim says that although she was "talking to him" while pregnant, she "didn't get big until the very end," and though the obvious next question is what sorts of photos was she sending him at that time if this is a salient detail, no one asks.

She goes on to say that one of their scheduled meetings was scuttled not by Matt but by Kim -- or, rather, by Norma, because Kim went into labour. Max reiterates that Matt is on the record as not wanting kids, so does Kim think he could be a good father to Norma?

She should know -- and if she doesn't have at least as much doubt as we all now do, she is really being reckless about her child's happiness. And yet here she is in the car on the way to meet Matt. I really hate Kim, you guys. The Confrontation In a park, where nothing good ever happens Matt turns out to be Matt, and Kim is psyched but still extremely awkward.

She can barely look at him as she talks, and Matt kind of looks like he regrets everything he's done to keep a relationship with this freak going as long as he has.

Kim is too flustered to continue, so Nev asks why Matt never sent just one little video to let Kim know he was legit. Matt calls himself "a secretive person, for the most part" -- a response of which Nev and Max seem suspicious.

But Max says that the bigger question is whether Matt cares for Kim; he says he does. Plus she hasn't even told him about Norma yet, so that's already more than she deserves anyway. He reminds her of times they were there for one another in times of bereavement.

Kim then seems to realize the conversation has come to the point where she has to come clean about her motherhood and asks if she can take off for a second, but Max and Nev refuse to play along, and Matt cracks, "The hysterics are nice. What he actually says: Kim takes years to say she has a daughter who's almost two, and apparently this is something Kim has gotten very good at concealing, because Matt doesn't seem like he's had the slightest suspicion about Norma's existence.

He says nothing, which for some reason emboldens Kim to barrel forward: Also, does she know that "godfather" and "stepfather" are not the same thing? Also, this child is almost two and doesn't already have a godfather? I'm just now finding out about her! Max also makes Kim admit that she'd skipped one of their planned in-person meetings due to labour. And then I guess because he figures things can't get any worse, Max suggests that Kim tell Matt how she feels about him. She feels awkward about doing so in front of the entire Catfish crew, so Matt points to a bench nearby and heads over there with Kim, and then has to sit there as she not only fails to make eye contact but hides inside her fucking hair again to say that she "can't say [she] didn't fall in love" with him.

Which I guess is her typically weird way of saying she DID fall in love with him -- but, you know, she's the worst.