Are dolce and gabbana dating quotes

Dolce & Gabbana: drama that could only be fashioned in Italy - Telegraph

are dolce and gabbana dating quotes

Stefano Gabbana - one half of Italian designer label Dolce 18 when his girlfriend - “who I really liked” - came to visit for a weekend in Milan. Time to relax: Stefano Gabbana (far left) rinses off after swimming in the Last year, the duo hit the headlines when they shocked the gay community .. Bohemian Rhapsody star Rami Malek and girlfriend Lucy Boynton wear. Fashion designer profiles Stefano Gabbana is talking about Instagram, but he could just as easily be referring to his habit of speaking his But it's this very public, inclusive relationship that sets Dolce and Gabbana apart.

For couples who sleep together and work together, the end of an affair can also mean the end of a professional relationship too. But when you've got millions of pounds at stake, tied up in both your often celebrity names, there is a great deal more incentive to keep the working partnership gelled even if your hearts are broken.

For Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce - preferred design duo of le tout Hollywood - their love split involved merely one of them taking their Philippe Starck designed toothbrush down the hall to a matching apartment in the same fashionable Milanese block.

are dolce and gabbana dating quotes

The news Dolce and Gabbana were no longer a romantic item did not inspire any noted style editors to fall off their front row fashion week seats in shock. If any fashion insiders were aghast at the announcement - as was widely reported - it was because they'd assumed the split had happened aeons ago, and that furthermore everyone in the entire world was aware of the fact. The most important thing was that they were both doing what was best for their label.

The creative partnership - neither could claim custody of a brand that includes both their names - will go on. What happens in the past is still there, it continues and will continue forever.

We have a very strong love which ties us to each other. There is no overestimating the allure of the creative-romantic crossover relationship. The fact is that both Dolce and Gabbana's A-list clientele and we, their adoring public, are greatly enamoured by the notion that our consumer opportunities are founded on more than a good business plan.

are dolce and gabbana dating quotes

Any brand that is built around a romantically entangled duo has both a creative and a sexual frisson associated with it. A romantic back-story, which in Dolce and Gabbana's case at least probably involves shambolic ateliers off Italian back streets and years surviving on pasta, love and a shared dream: But can any business partnership created on those terms survive a split?

Historically, fashion collaborations haven't. Ossie Clark's career nose-dived after he divorced his associate and textile designer Celia Birtwell in Egon and Diane Von Furstenberg divorced inwhen their label was the fashion choice of New York's most beautiful.

Their clothes fell out of favour almost instantaneously, and it's only now that Diane is enjoying a renaissance, presumably because she is no longer associated with her ex. Backstage at the runway shows, the pair are famous for offering only one direction to their models: Beyond the limitations of the fashion scene, the creative-romantic affiliation operates on a different basis. Music, for example, has a grand tradition of brands - or rather, bands - surviving creatively, when relationships fail.

Often, an act will positively thrive on the abject misery of a broken love affair. No Doubt's song Don't Speak was a desperate, furious, soft-rocky screech of pain induced by the end of singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani's seven-year relationship with bass player Tony Kanal.

are dolce and gabbana dating quotes

They used a bed sheet that Dolce had brought from home as their stage curtain. However, Dolce's family offered to help meet their costs when the two visited them in Sicily over Christmas, while incidentally, the fabric company did not receive the cancellation notice in time so the fabric was ready for them back in Milan upon their return.

Their few models changed behind a rickety screen. They called their collection of T-shirt-cotton and elastic-silk pieces, Transformation. In this collection, Dolce drew upon his Sicilian roots.

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The collection's advertising campaign was shot by photographer Ferdinando Scianna in Sicily, and featured Dutch model Marpessa Hennink in black and white pictures [9] [10] inspired by the Italian cinema of the s. They continued the use of Italian cinema as inspiration in their fifth collection, drawing on the work of filmmaker Luchino Visconti and his film The Leopard.

It is considered to be the most representative piece of this era for the brand. The dress takes its cue from a slip—but it's a slip that's adorned Anna Magnaniand it's a silhouette that has graced Anita EkbergSophia Loren[and so forth]. The straps fit tight to the body just as bra straps would; the neckline runs straight across but gets waylaid at least twice, once on each side to caress each breast and in the middle to meet an uplifting tuck that's giving a gentle push up.

Stefano Gabbana opens up about romance with Domenico Dolce

The slip doesn't just slide down, but comes in at the waist to hold the figure firmly but not too tightly and then widens to emphasise the hips, only to fall with a slight taper at the knees to guarantee that the hips will sway when the wearer walks.

Two years later, they launched their leotard line. They started to export their products to the United States, where they founded their own showroom in Inthey launched their first men's collection. In Bed with Madonna.

Stefano Gabbana opens up about romance with Domenico Dolce

The duo then partnered with Madonna in to design over costumes for the artist's Girlie Show international tour in support of her album Erotica. They appeared in more significant cameo roles in Rob Marshall 's film-adaptation of Nine. The duo had used the motif before in when photographer Steven Meisel shot an ad campaign for the house in which the models posed in "gangster chic".

This included wide-lapelled s style coats and black leather caps.

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In the men's line took its main inspiration from the world's great football stars. In dance music artist Frankie Knuckles said that the fashion house was a "great barometer" for trends in both fashion and music.

The company also ventured into cosmetics, with Scarlett Johansson as the face of the advertising campaign. A public exhibition was also held the following day that included a room in which several dozen televisions were piled haphazardly upon each other, each showing a different collection from the design house's twenty-year history.

It also offers fragrances for men and women.