Are chris sabin and velvet sky still dating

Top 20 Real Life Wrestling Relationships That Ended Terribly

are chris sabin and velvet sky still dating

Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were once one of TNA's cutest couple. Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin were a couple that many of the WWE Universe could easily get behind since they went on to have a feud 5 WWE couples who have kids together. It looks like Chris Sabin broke up with her now that he made her believe he was going to be engaged to her. The SquaredCircle community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.

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Officially, did Chris Sabin break up with Velvet Sky or did Velvet Sky break up with Chris Sabin?

Sabin and Velvet had a troubled on-screen relationship in Total Nonstop Action, but in real-life their relationship seemed completely fine. Surprisingly, the relationship abruptly ended and details regarding the break-up point to Bubba Ray as having something to do with the split. With Maria, the split came as a shock, at least to her anyway.

Chris Sabin has a special surprise for Velvet Sky (February 6, 2014)

However, fans weren't surprised. Punk can be a jerk, and Maria has always seemed extremely down to earth.

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Coincidentally, Punk was courting AJ around the same time he and Lita had been dating or just broken up. That's karma for you. This rift eventually led to Lita dating Edge. While the break-up with Lita was surely difficult for Matt, he has moved on with Reby Sky, and now House Hardy is stronger than ever. But this was obviously a rough chapter in Hardy's life.

are chris sabin and velvet sky still dating

Alicia Fox And Wade Barrett via vbox7. Fox needed someone she could confide her deepest and darkest secrets to, and receive emotional support in return. Despite not being married, Lashley and Kristal had a son, Myles, together and life seemed to be splendid for them.

Unfortunately, the couple would split inafter Kristal announced the shocking break-up on Twitter. She informed everyone that they will remain good friends.

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At least, that was until Kristal dominated Lashley by publicly criticizing him on Twitter for not paying child support. Doane used to date Mickie James and, according to him, she cheated on and ultimately left him for John Cena.

are chris sabin and velvet sky still dating

During the early 00s, Lawler entered a relationship with the 20 years younger Stacy Carter, aka The Kat. Despite having a few memorable moments in her short run including literally flashing the crowd at one point, WWE decided to release The Kat in due to a perceived negative backstage attitude and Lawler walked out in protest.

It would be a poor decision as she left Lawler just a few months later before officially divorcing him.

are chris sabin and velvet sky still dating

Lawler would luckily get his job back in WWE after the split. The two would divorce and unfortunately today, they are no longer with us. After working together in one of the most popular entertainment companies in the world, problems would naturally grow between the two and they would divorce in Today, the two are on good terms as their mutual love for their daughter cured the bad blood.

are chris sabin and velvet sky still dating

Many remember the two for infamously having a private sex tape leaked to the public and distributed on DVD under the name of One Night in Chyna. Chyna has made many claims about Waltman sexually assaulting her but Waltman has denied all claims saying they were both on drugs but knew what they were doing. Either way, this was one of the messiest stories of a wrestling couple ending.

Luger was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery after allegedly striking Elizabeth which left her with bruised eyes and a bloody lip. Elizabeth sadly passed away just a few weeks later with acute toxicity brought on by a mix of painkillers and vodka. One move Kurt made was bringing in his wife Karen Angle as an on-screen character.

Karen would divorce Kurt and eventually marry Jeff.

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In response, Jarrett was demoted by Dixie Carter and it created a huge controversy in the company. Things are fine between the three now as everyone has moved on, but at the time, it was among the most scandalous stories in wrestling. The two would get married until a domestic dispute a couple years after the wedding.