Are beth riesgraf and aldis hodge dating

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are beth riesgraf and aldis hodge dating

Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge interview – StarryMag .. “This season, you'll see that Parker and Hardison have started dating, and they sort of announce that. Beth Riesgraf stars as Parker on `Leverage. the con, Hardison (Aldis Hodge) checks the tech, Parker (Beth Riesgraf) In an amusing turn, the two matter-of- factly told the team they're dating in the season five premiere. Aldis Hodge news, gossip, photos of Aldis Hodge, biography, Aldis Hodge girlfriend list Relationship history. Aldis Hodge relationship list. Aldis Hodge dating history, , , list of Aldis Hodge relationships. Beth Riesgraf. 6,

And because of the circumstances, it's bringing out different sides of the characters, which has been awesome for us to play," Riesgraf says. Perhaps nothing on "Leverage" has been more unforeseen than the relationship between Hardison and Parker.

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He is an outgoing, romantic computer whiz. She is or was when we first met her an introverted, slightly off-center master thief. As the two characters grew closer in seasons three and four, fans wondered if Parker and Hardison would actually become a legit couple. In an amusing turn, the two matter-of-factly told the team they're dating in the season five premiere. And, you know, messing with that would also mess with the feel of the group entirely. But at the same time we know it's going to be a little bit unique.

The moments you do see them together talking about dating or the fun, intimate moments that they have, they're usually private and usually they're quirky, but they're also really sweet. And some fans I've heard talk about it online are like, 'Oh, man, does it change the way that they are together?

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It doesn't, because they are who they are, and they're never going to be like every other couple. They're not going to be going to the park and having a picnic. I want to know more about his family and his background. I want to know about his fears. The best part about wanting that and not having gotten that answer is that we have plenty more seasons worth of questions to be answered, and plenty more good material that we can address.

I want to know a little bit more about him, as an individual.

are beth riesgraf and aldis hodge dating

This year is just the tip of the iceberg for it. Next year, we can go even deeper. Christian [Kane] is the most serious. Beth [Riesgraf] is probably the goofiest. She kicks our butts.

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The rest of us fall in between. Initially, it was the character. The role itself was very off what I usually do. Granted, the role changed a bit, in the middle of shooting, as most roles do, but it was still the story behind it and the grittiness of it. He knows how to do his job well and he knows how to keep honoring his character.

Beth Riesgraf: 'A lot of surprises' in fifth season of 'Leverage'

Hardison is just going to keep getting better and better. Q Beth, you guys both do a lot of hanging from things and climbing things. Beth, do you like that?

are beth riesgraf and aldis hodge dating

Is it something fun? Yes, it is really fun. But it does keep it interesting and I do like it. But at the same time I miss being in that pacing. I actually was going to say something damn near the same in that because when we work we keep our heads down and we plow through it and it does go by very fast. But to get to the point it really truly is a blessing. Every season that we did to me is a milestone.

are beth riesgraf and aldis hodge dating

However, I am not done — neither of us is done; we are ready to go for a sixth and a seventh and a eighth season. People who have given the show a chance and taken the time to watch it they fall in love with the characters.

are beth riesgraf and aldis hodge dating

I mean I think just as much as we have as artists we have so much fun playing them and I think that genuinely people like to have fun. They like being entertained and I think our show is really good at that. And like for example I know Aldis and Christian can improv together and come up with such great material when left to their own devices.

But I think some of the quirks that makes it is like little acts sometimes thrown in there have definitely become part of the show as a staple now.

are beth riesgraf and aldis hodge dating

She tears it up so expertly. The writers, the producers, and then also the actors to make these lasting characters and those substantial television figures. Q Hardison has such a brotherly rapport with Eliot; is that something that was originally written for you?

I mean you guys seem to have such great chemistry and we sort of always catch you two fighting over food. Yes, no that was not originally written; the relationship between Eliot and Hardison kind of came out of the relationship between Christian and myself really. That they have a real relationship.